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Morning Mist and Silver Sun by StarSpray

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Author's Chapter Notes:

for the Femslash Week Bingo prompts:

Four Words B8: Thunder, Fragment, Apple, Arch
Lyrics/Poetry N21: “But the rain is full of ghosts tonight.” Edna St Vincent Millay

Thunder shook the forest as Nellas darted between the trees, rain streaming through her hair and over her face. The only light came from the occasional burst of lightning as it cast everything into sharp relief, just brief enough to trick the eye into seeing monstrous things in the shapes of branches and brambles.

Usually, Nellas would not be afraid—she had run laughing through many a summer storm in Doriath, and even here too in the forest by the Withywindle. But this storm was not of the natural world, and to the east mountains were breaking, the earth crumbling in against itself as the Powers of the West waged war against the Enemy in Angband, and even here it seemed like she could hear the screaming of Elves and Men as they fought and died.

She ducked beneath the arching branches of a willow tree, and there found Goldberry, who held out her arms wordlessly—for even the merry River-daughter could find no cheerful song in this. Nellas sank into her arms gratefully, and pressed her face into Goldberry’s shoulder, shuddering with each crash of lightning. Goldberry hummed softly.

Just that afternoon they had picnicked together by the sun-spangled water, exchanging apple-flavored kisses and singing together. It seemed a thousand years ago now. Something far away exploded, and Nellas flinched, imagining molten rock fragments screaming through the air to carve deep craters into the land. Goldberry hummed and rubbed her back.

“It will be over soon,” she whispered. “Ohh, can you feel it? The ghosts of Angband are rising to heed the Doomsman’s call.”

Nellas shuddered again. Goldberry’s arms around her tightened. “And then what will happen?”

“Then, my star-child, a new song will begin. And we shall sing its first notes together.”

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