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Morning Mist and Silver Sun by StarSpray

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Written for a tumblr prompt meme, for the pairing Beren/Lúthien and the prompt: "You did what?!"

When Beren woke again beneath the beeches of Neldoreth, beside the clear waters of enchanted Esgalduin, he felt as though he had woken not from death but merely from a deep slumber; he felt utterly rested, as he had not since Morgoth's fires had streamed into Dorthonion.

And beside him was Lúthien, her smile radiant as the sun when he opened his eyes.

He remembered the Halls of the Dead only a little, in hazy, dreamy images–and like a dream, they slipped farther from his grasp with each moment. Yet he had died, and had tarried there, and Lúthien had come–he'd thought, to say one last farewell before they were sundered forever, but now…

"What happened?" he asked.

"Do you not remember?" she asked as they rose together from the soft grass. "I went to Námo Mandos and I sang to him until he yielded." She tossed her hair over her shoulder, raising her chin with the same look of defiance that she'd worn when announcing she would not leave him to face Angband alone, no matter what he did to persuade her otherwise. Beren knew he should feel surprised, astonished, even, but–well, he'd seen her do so many other impossible things, after all. But when Lúthien described the choice with which Mandos had presented her–

"You did what?" he yelped.

"I chose you," she repeated. "After all we have done, all we have been through, I will not be parted from you again, Beren!"

"But you'll die–a mortal–"

"I know."

"But Tinúviel–"

"It is done," she said firmly, taking his hand in both of hers. "I cannot change my mind now–and I would not, even if I could. Now come. I know not how many years yet remain to us, but I would not waste even a single moment!"

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