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Morning Mist and Silver Sun by StarSpray

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Author's Chapter Notes:

written for Tolkien_Weekly's Summer Sports challenge series

Wide-Eyed and Wonder-Filled

There had been a time when he'd had absolutely no interest in archery, preferring to carve himself flutes or to work on his Runes.

Of course, no one used them anymore, unless there were still Dwarves tucked away deep in a mountain somewhere. And he had to feed himself somehow.

So "Darren" spent the bright summer afternoons at a summer camp teaching children how to hold a bow properly. And in the starlit evenings by the campfire, Daeron delighted them all with his music, songs older than the sun and moon. It was good to have a wide-eyed, wonder-filled audience again.


Keeping Him Here

Daeron lounged in the shade of a tree and watched the older campers eagerly prepare for their next activity. They called it fencing, having taken the art of swordplay and turned it into a sport.

Not that Men needed swords to defend themselves anymore, he reflected. Or bows, for that matter. Morgoth and Sauron were no more, but their influence lived still in the hundreds of ways Men found to take each other's lives.

Sometimes he wondered what kept him on these shores. But then he would see a child with Lúthien's starry eyes, and couldn't bring himself to leave.

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