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Morning Mist and Silver Sun by StarSpray

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Author's Chapter Notes:

written for the Tolkien_Weekly Let There Be Light and Faces challenges, respectively


She had danced through the stars as Varda flung them through the inky sky, delighting in their delicate diamond light. She had wandered beneath the trees of Yavanna, marveling as they thrummed with fresh green life. She had taught the nightingales to sing.

But none of them had caught her spellbound as the tall Quendi king with hair like spun starlight and eyes that burned with the enchanted light of Laurelin and Telperion. She followed him through the tree shadows and listened to hsi deep voice rise in song.

Then she sang back, and caught him in her love-struck spell.


At Long Last

They watched as she approached the gates of Mandos, her loose night-dark hair cascading over her soft grey raiment. Her eyes had held naught but grief for so long, but now tentative hope flickered in their ageless depths, drawing her away from the gardens of Lórien.

Slowly, the gates opened, and an Elf emerged, striding confidently into the sunlight. His silver hair gleamed when he turned his head to survey this new world.

Rapture transformed his stern features when he saw who awaited him; when Thingol and Melian embraced again at last, those watching cheered, and nightingales burst into song.

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