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A Love Song to Middle-Earth in Spring by Himring

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A song that could have been sung by anyone after the first rising of the Sun, really-- but maybe particularly by Beren himself, from whose song this piece is adapted, or by Aragorn, since he seems to have liked the Lay of Leithian, from which Beren's song is taken?

Rated: General
Characters: Beren
Challenges: None
Genres: Poetry
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 89 Read: 208
Published: September 25, 2015 Updated: September 25, 2015

Story Notes:

LoTR Community Challenge: Lyrical Love (a short poem about non-romantic love)
Elements: Triolet (poetic form)

A (hopefully correct) triolet, plus a second triolet-like 7-line stanza, based around lines from Beren's song as quoted in the Silmarillion (but obviously avoiding any romantic reference to Luthien!)

1. Chapter 1 by Himring [Comments - 1] (89 words)

The poem has received a nomination for the Tree & Flower Awards 2015 at the LOTR Community on LiveJournal, for which much thanks.


2015 Tree and Flower Awards


Made by Ysilme. Photo credit: Ysilme