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Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax by The Wavesinger

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Author's Chapter Notes:

How exactly did Maedhros offend Thingol? (On ownership rights and Silmarils)

Self-indulgent, short ficlet.

Maglor stared at the letter for a long while. Then, “This will offend Thingol immensely.”


But even as he spoke, he knew that was exactly what Maedhros had planned. And, indeed, a spark danced in his elder brother's eyes as he replied: “Lúthien wrested the Silmaril from Morgoth, did she not? I addressed the letter to the current owner of the Silmaril.”


Maglor began to laugh. “Yes, of course. You are right. But—what of the political implications?”


“I find,” Maedhros flashed one of his rare smiles, as bright and beautiful as the Sun coming out of a cloud, “That I do not care.”

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