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Too Strong a God by The Wavesinger

[Reviews - 2] Printer


Fingon and Maedhros' relationship through the ages, from the point of view of two outsiders (who may or may not have played a part in its trajectory).

(For tolkiensecretartexchange on Tumblr's Silmarillion-themed Secret Santa)

Rated: Teens
Characters: Fingolfin, Fingon, Maedhros, Maglor, Original Character(s), Original Female Character(s), VairŰ
Challenges: None
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slash/Femslash
Warnings: Character Death, Mature Themes, Sexual Content--Mild, Violence--Moderate
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 3032 Read: 249
Published: December 24, 2015 Updated: December 24, 2015

Story Notes:

For swilmarillion for the tolkiensecretartexchange Silmarillion-themed Secret Santa. I combined two of your requests, and I hope you don’t mind!


Warnings for some referenced (but minor) rape and homophobia.


And acknowledgements: the title is from Orpheus’ song in the Underworld to get Eurydice back in Orpheus and Eurydice, because I’m obvious like that. A lot of credit for Vaire’s characterization goes to Dawn Felagund’s essay What the Valar Reveal About Gender Roles in Tolkien’s Legendarium. And the post-Mithrim scene owes a lot to the last chapter of Lipstick’s Talking Hurts.


I hope you enjoy this, swilmarillion. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

1. Too Strong a God by The Wavesinger [Reviews - 2] (3032 words)