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A Gift for a King by Dawn Felagund

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Just after Fingolfin's birth, FŽanor makes a gift for his father. For Oloriel.

Rated: General
Characters: AulŽ, FŽanor, Fingolfin, FinwŽ, Indis
Challenges: Gift of a Story
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Series: The Fall of the House of FŽanor, To Give in Return, Test
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 2924 Read: 2043
Published: January 04, 2008 Updated: January 04, 2008

1. A Gift for a King by Dawn Felagund [Comments - 6] (2924 words)

For Oloriel, who asked for "young FŽanŠro and the early days of his apprenticeship with AulŽ." Since much of this time will be covered in my novel-in-progress prequel to the monstrous Another Man's Cage, then I choose a slightly different voice and mood than I usually use for FŽanor at this age.

Also, I am assuming here that FinwŽ is among the Unbegotten Elves. I am aware of the arguments against this point and have intentionally chosen to do things differently for reasons I won't elaborate upon here. However, I'm happy to discuss it elsewhere; just ask!