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Lessons from the Mountain by MithLuin

[Reviews - 23] Printer


What happened to the spirit of Maedhros when he died?

Rated: General
Characters: Maedhros, Mandos
Challenges: Halls of Mystery
Genres: General
Warnings: Character Death, Violence--Moderate
Series: None
Chapters: 16 Completed: No
Word count: 65034 Read: 31269
Published: January 27, 2008 Updated: June 04, 2012

Story Notes:

This story is NOT YET FINISHED.  I'm a bit nervous to start posting something like that, but I do ask for your patience with updates.  I *will* finish (eventually), but it may not be in a timely manner.... (I know you've heard *that* before!)  The good news is that means I'm still in the process of editing, and very interested in feedback - let me know what works and what doesn't!

And I have been very remiss - I have not yet (publically) thanked my beta Fiondil for all the feedback he's provided over the course of this story - despite moving halfway around the world in the interim!  He originally inspired this story by his own tales in the Halls of Mandos.    

I keep getting awards, and this story isn't even finished yet!


In Memory of Fiondil, who departed the Circles of the World in February 2015.  Námarië!

1. Prologue: The Halls of Waiting by MithLuin [Reviews - 2] (2812 words)

Dedication: To my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. My turn will come one day.

4. Chapter 3: The Kinslayer by MithLuin [Reviews - 1] (2069 words)

5. Chapter 4: Doom by MithLuin [Reviews - 0] (2985 words)

6. Chapter 5: A Visitor by MithLuin [Reviews - 1] (5286 words)

7. Chapter 6: Freedom by MithLuin [Reviews - 0] (3149 words)

8. Chapter 7: The Fourth Station by MithLuin [Reviews - 1] (2685 words)

Most of this chapter was already posted as a one-shot, so it may look familiar :).

10. Chapter 9: Brothers by MithLuin [Reviews - 1] (3890 words)

11. Chapter 10: Prisoner by MithLuin [Reviews - 2] (5802 words)

15. Chapter 14: A Cage of His Own Making by MithLuin [Reviews - 3] (6759 words)

At long last, an update from me.  *ducks*  Thanks to the Season of Writing Dangerously for prompting me to do something about this unfinished tale.