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Release the Bonds of Winter by Dawn Felagund

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Author's Chapter Notes:

But the Noldor named them also Rána, the Wayward, and Vása, the Heart of Fire, that awakens and consumes; for the Sun was set as a sign for the awakening of Men and the waning of the Elves, but the Moon cherishes their memory.

The Silmarillion, "Of the Sun and the Moon"

Tilion observes two kinds of love one night in Beleriand. Implied Maedhros/Fingon.

Love by Moonlight

This night, I turn my face full to Arien's splendor. The land beneath me is silver light and black shadows, save for the throbbing firelight. The Newcomers celebrate my fullness. It is the night of their fertility festival. They yet know little, only that the rhythms of their women echo mine and how quickly life is snuffed beneath Death's dark foot. So life must spread, catch like fire upon tinder, and my gravid light in the sky symbolizes their hopes. Their bodies thrash and twist, then merge; the fire leaps higher.

The Newcomers are not alone in their love this night. Far in the north, the Elven King walks with his cousin. The cousin speaks, endlessly, of allegiance. His hair is fire-red, the sole splash of color against a monochrome night. The Elven King says naught. For centuries, he has said naught. One more night is no burden.

But their hands catch. "Nelyo. Hush. Rána upon the snow … look--it is beautiful."

A warm hand squeezes life into cold fingers, and for a moment, they do not speak of war. "You are right. It is."

But war will not wait. One more night will pass; they will say naught.

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