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Morning Hath Broken by Kaylee Arafinwiel

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One fair morning in Harlindon, Oropher tells the story of the Iathrim's first sunrise to the most precious light of his life - his only remaining son.

Chapter Two is up! (And silly me, Oropher had to include the first moonrise first!)


Rated: General
Characters: Oropher, Thranduil
Challenges: Revolution
Genres: None
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: No
Word count: 580 Read: 300
Published: February 19, 2017 Updated: February 21, 2017

Story Notes:

For the prompt “'Boys, sound the bells, the sun rose from the west today. I doubt we'll see it set.' -Dessa, 'Sound the Bells'” given randomly by the Silmfic Prompt Generator, and the February Challenge “Revolution”. Also for Keiliss, for her birthday. An alternate POV of Fiondil’s “Arin Etarácië”, at least within the frame story. My atto indonyo told us how the Exilic Noldor in Fingolfin’s train saw the first Sunrise, as they stepped onto Ennorath’s shores. What of the Iathrim?

1. In Harlindon by Kaylee Arafinwiel [Reviews - 0] (238 words)

This story will have (at least) three chapters, I think. This one is set in Harlindon, during the Second Age, when Emma and I have Thranduil born for our purposes. I realize that's a lot later than most Thranduil writers seem to do but I've never seen canon go one way or the other, so hope this is okay :)

2. In Doriath by Kaylee Arafinwiel [Reviews - 0] (342 words)

Emma and I place Oropher’s birth during YT 1499, at what would be 14,364 solar years – six “years” and less than one Valian year before the rising of the Moon and Sun. This would make him a little more than two and a half in human maturity.

Celepharn (mentioned in Oropher's patronymic) is our OC, the father of Oropher and the first cousin of Celeborn.