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An Act of Faith by Himring

[Reviews - 3] Printer


Finarfin, recently crowned king of the Noldor remaining in Valinor, summons Curufin's wife, because a certain rumour has reached his ears.

Rated: Teens
Characters: Finarfin, Noldor
Challenges: None
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 513 Read: 147
Published: February 25, 2017 Updated: February 25, 2017

Story Notes:

Written for Fandom Stocking for AngstyChaosMagicUser, who said she liked female protagonists, including textual ghosts.


Hopefully, the piece now posted will one day function as the prologue for a WIP featuring Celebrimbor and his mother, of which so far only two segments have been written (these were posted to Dreamwidth and  LJ some time ago).


Teens for references to canon violence.

1. An Act of Faith by Himring [Reviews - 3] (513 words)