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A Different Kind Of Peace by Tyelca

[Reviews - 14] Printer


During various moments in his life, Celebrimbor is forced to reconsider the meaning of peace.

Rated: General
Characters: Celebrimbor, Curufin, Narvi, Orodreth, Sauron
Challenges: Revolution
Genres: Drama, General
Warnings: ***Torture
Series: None
Chapters: 10 Completed: No
Word count: 8508 Read: 499
Published: March 03, 2017 Updated: May 19, 2017

Story Notes:

Written for the following quote of the Revolution-challenge:

"Of course, everybody says they're for peace. Hitler was for peace. Everybody is for peace. The question is: 'What kind of peace?'"
-Noam Chomsky

Quenya names used.


Warning: offscreen torture mentioned in chapter 10.

1. Goodbye in Valinor by Tyelca [Reviews - 2] (785 words)

After swearing the Oath, Curufin comes to say goodbye to his only child.

2. Declaration in Nargothrond by Tyelca [Reviews - 3] (808 words)

Celebrimbor denounces his family.

3. Message from Menegroth by Tyelca [Reviews - 3] (1072 words)

Celebrimbor hears about his father's death.

4. Acceptance in Eregion by Tyelca [Reviews - 1] (686 words)

In Eregion in the Second Age, Celebrimbor finds peace.

5. Visit in Ost-in-Edhil by Tyelca [Reviews - 1] (682 words)

Celebrimbor meets a certain Maia.

Alternative title: Stranger in the City

6. Enterprise in Hadhodrond - Part I by Tyelca [Reviews - 1] (692 words)

Celebrimbor invites Annatar to help him with a certain project.

This chapter (as well as the following ones) are split up in two parts, because the length would otherwise be incongruous with the rest of the chapters.

7. Enterprise in Hadhodrond - Part II by Tyelca [Reviews - 1] (1018 words)

Annatar thinks the design on the Western Doors of Hadhodrond could be improved.

8. Treason in Tharbad - Part I by Tyelca [Reviews - 0] (730 words)

Annatar has taken Celebrimbor prisoner.

9. Treason in Tharbad - Part II by Tyelca [Reviews - 1] (902 words)

Celebrimbor understands something fundamental about Annatar.

This picks up immediately where the previous chapter, Treason in Tharbad - Part I, ended.

10. Farewell in Middle-Earth - Part I by Tyelca [Reviews - 1] (1133 words)

Celebrimbor has a final conversation with Annatar.