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What if Lúthien Had Fallen for Celegorm? by Silver Trails

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What if Lúthien had Fallen for Celegorm?
February, 2015

This is an amateur effort and does not intend to infringe on the rights of J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit is made and no harm is intended.

This was written for Jaiden_s. I hope you like it! =)

Celegorm sat on the bed, looking at Lúthien sleep, their first son beside her. He was fair-haired as him, but he had inherited his mother’s beauty. Alagoss was his name, windstorm in his mother’s language. He had come as a new light that swept away the old feuds between both peoples. Before their son was born, Lúthien had helped Celegorm to recover one of the Silmarils, but when he had touched it, the jewel had burned his hand.

That had been the proof that none of Fëanor’s sons had the right to touch it, and that their Oath had become void. The moment the Silmaril burned Celegorm’s hand, the urge to recover the rest of his father’s creations had died inside him. Would Alagoss be able to touch it without falling under the Doom? Time would say, but for now the Silmaril was under the ground in a place protected by Melian’s power. Melkor would never be able to find it, unless the brothers started to look for it again.

They had rescued Finrod, but Beren had not made it alive. Lúthien had cried for this son of Men who loved her more than she loved him. It had been mere chance that Huan had found her that day, but as soon as their eyes met the veil of her previous destiny had fallen off and she had accepted Celegorm’s love.

They now lived in lands given to them by Queen Melian, and Celegorm would ride to meet his brothers and together they still fought against the darkness. Celegorm had made a new Oath, to protect his family from that darkness. Life had a new meaning for him.

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