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A Tale of Two Lirillos by Kaylee Arafinwiel

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Lirillo the prince and Lirillo the Maia - an adventure of Alqualonde's youngest prince, coming of age during a time after the Trees, just before the sun and moon. Will the grandson of Olwe prove a match for Ulmo's servant, or will the Maia be up to the task of shepherding his young namesake into this new world intact?

Rated: General
Characters: Ingwë, Maiar, Olwë, Original Character(s), Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Challenges: Hero's Journey
Genres: Adventure
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: No
Word count: 2014 Read: 347
Published: June 03, 2017 Updated: June 26, 2017

Story Notes:

For the May 2017 challenge, "The Hero's Journey", a Matryoshka challenge. The OC characters are borrowed from Fiondil with his long-ago permission, and used in memory of him.

1. Lirillo's Excellent Adventure by Kaylee Arafinwiel [Comments - 0] (1007 words)

The description of Alqualonde is based on that given by Fiondil in "In The High King's Secret Service".

2. Enter the Ingaran by Kaylee Arafinwiel [Comments - 0] (1007 words)

This is the second chapter of my tale, where a "frenemy" was intended to be introduced. I hope I have succeeded.

Third chapter is in editing process and should be ready to go soon, I hope :) Taking care of mom put writing on the back burner.