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One woman's journey by Lyra

[Comments - 2] Printer

Summary: From the bliss of Valinor to the turbulent shores of Middle-earth, the life of Galadriel never gets boring.

A series of vignettes following my set of prompts for the Matryoshka challenge.
Rated: General
Characters: Galadriel
Challenges: Hero's Journey
Genres: Experimental
Warnings: Character Death
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes
Word count: 4138 Read: 134
Published: June 08, 2017 Updated: June 08, 2017

Story Notes: In theory, one final chapter is missing from this. But as it's just a series of snippets, it works without the Second and Third Age chapter, too.

1. Tirion - Helcaraxë by Lyra [Comments - 0] (1954 words)
The prompts used for this one:
1. Your character feels pulled in two different directions. As soon as you introduce this conflict, you can open your next prompt.

2. Your character meets with another character. That person changes their mind about something. As soon as you introduce this scene, you can open your next prompt.

3. Your character receives advice... and doesn't take it. As soon as you write the next 1,000 words of your story, you may open the next prompt, whether or not you have addressed this prompt yet.

4. Your character finds himself or herself in a situation when the usual rules don't apply. As soon as you finish this scene, you may open your next prompt.

2. Mithrim - Nenuial by Lyra [Comments - 2] (2184 words)
The prompts used for this one:
5. Your character encounters another person and is unsure of their motivations. How is this sorted out? (Or is it?) When you complete this scene, you can open your next prompt.

6. Your character prepares to face a long-awaited conflict or enemy... and really it turns out to be nothing. But an unexpected conflict presents itself in the process. Write at least 1,000 more words before opening your next prompt, even if you haven't finished this prompt yet.

7. Your character receives something they always wanted... or *thought* they always wanted. Once you've completed this and any unfinished prompts, you can finish the story!