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This Time It's Different by Nixie Genesis

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Melkor meets Ungoliant within her lair in order to fulfill his plan. They both converge on Aman and Melkor takes his revenge.

Rated: Author Chooses Not to Rate
Characters: Melkor, Ungoliant
Challenges: None
Genres: None
Warnings: Author Chooses Not to Warn
Series: Silmarillion40
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1145 Read: 28
Published: September 24, 2017 Updated: September 24, 2017

Story Notes:

“...he came striding back, Lord of Utumno, a black shape of hate, visiting the places of his humiliation with revenge.” - HoME, The Darkening of Valinor.

For the Silmarillion 40 prompt- “Melkor and Ungoliant, Professional Party Crashers, and the Darkening of Valinor”

Fic title from “This Time it’s Different” by Evan’s Blue which is in my “Melkor” playlist. The line “I know I said, I hope I don’t upset the light you defend, but this time it’s different,” kind of seemed to go with the fic.

1. Chapter 1 by Nixie Genesis [Reviews - 4] (1145 words)