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Quenya Names: First Aid by Himring

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A quick and dirty compilation of Quenya names used in fan fiction and their meanings, for readers who are having problems with working out who is who in fic.

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Genres: Non-fiction/Essay
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Word count: 685 Read: 88
Published: October 01, 2017 Updated: October 01, 2017

Story Notes:

Please note: this is not an official list!

This is a quick help list only, with no claim to canonical authority, compiled in haste for any new readers who might need help during the ongoing Silmarillion40.
I have read most of the canonical sources containing this material at some time or other (many of the names of the Noldor are discussed in "The Shibboleth of Fëanor" in Peoples of Middle-earth). But what I've actually used here is the "Quenya names" links page on Tolkien Gateway and the linked entries.
Suggestions for corrections and additions welcome, but please don't cite any of this as canonical without checking it first or shoot me for any error you may find.

1. Chapter 1 by Himring [Comments - 5] (685 words)