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The Songs by Himring

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In the early days of the Noldorin settlement in East Beleriand, an ominous arrival disturbs the peace of mind of Maedhros and his people.

Rated: Teens
Characters: Elrond, Maedhros, Noldor, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Sindar
Challenges: None
Genres: General
Warnings: Author Chooses Not to Warn
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No
Word count: 1821 Read: 45
Published: December 17, 2017 Updated: December 17, 2017

Story Notes:

A WIP that I have worked on for a number of challenges, with extracts posted in various locations in different places.

I will add the relevant tags as I go along and get to the relevant sections.

Elrond is already tagged but will not appear until a later chapter.

1. Chapter 1: Targlin by Himring [Comments - 1] (1821 words)

This story features some of my recurring original characters among Maedhros's people:

- Huntress, a Sinda of Mithrim, who chose to follow the Feanorians east,

- Celvandil, a Noldo of Valinor who followed Maedhros to become his stablemaster at Himring,

- Naurthoniel (Narye), Maedhros's housekeeper, even during those times when he didn't technically own a house,

- Bronadui, his physician,

- Tercano, later his herald.

For further notes on names, see end notes.


Warnings for implied/referenced torture, canon-typical violence, character death.