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Vignettes of Elmo by LadyBrooke

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A collection of short vignettes concerning Elmo (with appearances by basically all his family and quite a few members of Finwë's family prior to going to Valinor, among others).


Rated: Teens
Characters: Elmo
Challenges: 30-Day Character Study
Genres: General
Warnings: Character Death, Mature Themes, Violence--Mild
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No
Word count: 1122 Read: 19
Published: January 10, 2018 Updated: January 10, 2018

Story Notes:

Inspired by the 30 days study challenge. First part of each section heading is the prompt it was inspired by (mostly by thinking and then being "If I just think, nothing is going to be settled, so let's write a scene and see what sticks").

1. Vignettes 1-6 by LadyBrooke [Comments - 0] (1122 words)