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Even the Greatest Art Cannot Survive Forever by LadyBrooke

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In Doriath, Galadriel and Nimloth discuss the art of the Noldor and the art of the Sindar, and whether Lúthien is the equivalent of Nerdanel.

Rated: General
Characters: Galadriel, Nimloth
Challenges: A Woman's Sceptre, New Year's Resolution
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 390 Read: 30
Published: February 10, 2018 Updated: February 10, 2018

Story Notes:

So way back in April when I inititally got my prompt for A Woman's Sceptre (“A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places.”), I was writing a fiction piece instead of poetry based on the very first part of the quote and based on the differences in art between cultures. This is that story, though still not as long as I wanted.

1. Chapter 1 by LadyBrooke [Comments - 2] (390 words)