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Golden Days by Lyra

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Nerdanel recounts the development of her relationship with Fëanor - from their first proper meeting to married life. A fantasy of manners, pride, prejudice, love and craftsmanship.
Rated: Teens
Characters: Aulë, Írimë, Fëanor, Findis, Fingolfin, Finwë, Indis, Mahtan, Nerdanel, Original Character(s), Yavanna
Challenges: None
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Sexual Content--Mild
Series: None
Chapters: 23 Completed: No
Word count: 93591 Read: 27879
Published: January 25, 2009 Updated: June 26, 2016

Story Notes:
I'm starting to loose track of characters and my gentle readers may have the same problem, so here is a probably not comprehensive list.


In the House of Mahtan
Nerdanel, a young craftswoman of the Noldor
Mahtan, a master smith and sculptor, her father
Istarnië, a master scribe and scholar, her mother
Erenwen, an apprentice scribe, their middle daughter
Sarnië, their youngest daughter
Alcarincë son of Alcaráco, an apprentice sculptor
Sailatulco son of Veurotulco, an apprentice sculptor
Helyanwë son of Ristando, an apprentice smith
Lindanolvion son of Lindanolvë, an apprentice smith
Roitariel daughter of Tanárion, an apprentice scribe
Lisanto son of Tanárion, an apprentice scribe

In the City of Tirion
Aimíriel, a master sculptress
Palatáro, a master smith, her husband
Nieninquë, her younger sister
Númiel daughter of Númaitë, an apprentice bookbinder
Arinseldë daughter of Númaitë, her younger sister
Ataralassë daughter of Hallantar, an apprentice potter
Lanyalossë daughter of Nusírilo, an apprentice weaver and seamstress
Carnissiel daughter of Carnildo, an apprentice weaver, her best friend
Númaitë, a master bookbinder
Nusírilo, a master tailor
Carnildo, a master sculptor
Wilwarindë, a master weaver, his wife
Cermion, apprentice to Master Carnildo
Timosanwë, apprentice to Master Carnildo
Tanárion, a master scribe
Ercoirë, a master sculptor
Yánanto, a master sculptor
Quantuvar, a master sculptor

In the Royal House of the Noldor
Finwë, King of the Noldor
Indis of the Vanyar, Queen of the Noldor, his second wife
Fëanáro, Crown Prince of the Noldor, an apprentice smith
Findis, Princess of the Noldor, an apprentice poet
Nolofinwë, Prince of the Noldor, an apprentice scholar
Írimë, Princess of the Noldor
Wintillo, a servant
Quessincë, a master scribe and scholar
Parmandil, an apprentice scribe
Alcaráco, a master sculptor

In the Quarry of Alastondo
Lótoreo, a master quarrier
Ravië, a horticulturist

In the Fields of Yavanna
Sirillë, a farmer
Umbas, a farmer
Elwendo, a farmer

In the City of Alqualondë
Volabrandë, a sculptress

Aulë, Lord of Stone and Ore, a god
Yavanna, Lady of Plants and Beasts, a goddess

A big thank you to Whitewave for nominating this for the MEFAs, to Elleth for the banner, and to everyone who read and voted!

The Tirion Mothers Against Oath-Taking Public Service Award

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I meant to be much further along with the story at this point - but somehow things that appear as brief keywords on my plot outline turn into full chapters in the execution. O.ó I am beginning to suspect that this will end up much, much longer than planned.

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Another update! And we are still not moving from the spot. Instead, we're having dinner. Oh well, what can you do?

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Holy crap, I can't believe I haven't worked on this story in almost two years! That's disgraceful. Have a new chapter.

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Nerdanel finally finishes her work for Finwë's family. What a relief.

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I really have no excuse for this. It's like the "Twilight" chapter. I'm so sorry. The Elves made me do it.

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In which Elves spit out watermelon seeds. They're clearly only human.