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A Bird in the Hand by Marta

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In the Fourth Age, Gondor grapples with the legacy of Numenor that was. (Updated February 2013)

Rated: Teens
Characters: Barahir (Fourth Age)
Challenges: B2MeM 2009
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Violence--Mild
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes
Word count: 2816 Read: 1326
Published: April 04, 2009 Updated: April 04, 2009

Story Notes:

Note: Barahir is the grandson of Faramir and …Éowyn, and the author of many of the sources collected in The Lord of the Rings appendices. Beyond that, anything we know about him is fanon. In my stories he is a child of one of Faramir’s younger daughters, though that point isn’t horribly important.

1. Chapter 1 by Marta [Comments - 0] (2545 words)

2. Notes by Marta [Comments - 0] (271 words)