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Elegy for Númenor - Volume 1: Journey to Umbar by elfscribe

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The Númenórean King Ar-Pharazôn thinks he has won an easy victory when Sauron surrenders to him and becomes his prisoner. But the march back to Umbar with the conniving Dark Lord turns out to have many unanticipated twists and turns through a nest of politics and intrigue, including Sauron's attempted seduction of Ar-Pharazôn's favorite male courtesan.

This is volume I of a planned trilogy. An epic tale of political intrigue, the desire for immortality and love, sorcery, hubris, loyalty, lust, and catastropic amounts of water.

MEFA 2009 First Place winner in Genres: Longer Works: Incomplete  (Vol. I is now complete)

This fic was recommended in USA Today, May 20, 2015! (They have a fanfiction section. Who knew?)  Thank you to Uvatha the Horseman for the rec!

Rated: Adult
Characters: Amandil, Ar-Pharazôn, Elendil, Númenóreans, Original Character(s), Sauron
Challenges: Akallabêth in August
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Slash/Femslash
Warnings: ***Rape/Non-consensual Sex, ***Torture, Expletive Language, Mature Themes, Sexual Content--Moderate, Violence--Moderate
Series: None
Chapters: 32 Completed: Yes
Word count: 185070 Read: 59691
Published: April 22, 2009 Updated: July 23, 2012

Story Notes:


Portrait of Annatar by Thendeathsaid.  Thanks so much for the fanart!!


This is Volume I of a planned trilogy.

Betas: the fabulous Russandol and Malinornë.  Also  thanks to members of the Lizard Council, particularly Kymahalei, Erulisse, Pandemonium, and Oshun, and Spiced Wine for their comments and support.

Rating: Overall R; some chapters PG, others much more intense. Adult readers only.
Warnings: Sex scenes, m/m relationships, violence, including rape and murder, some language, mature situations. And there's Sauron at his conniving best.  Need I say more?

Disclaimer: Characters and settings belong to Tolkien's estate, I have no claim and make no dough, but the story and the OCs are mine, all mine.

Author's note:  This adheres to canon fairly closely (achieved by quite a bit of research) but takes some liberties in interpretation and contains many OCs and invented Adûnaic names.

And squeee I has fanfic:  Check out Russandol's cross-over fic between her marvelous epic Chasing Mirages and Elegy for Numenor.  The story is called Hospitality and features two of the OCs from Elegy. I love it!

Also in honor of my 10th anniversary in fandom, Spiced Wine wrote a fic called Drink the Sunset which is a cross-over between Elegy and her Dark Prince series.  Thank you Spice!

More fanfic!  This is from Uvatha the Horseman, called The Prisoner and features her own version of Sauron torturing his guards with visions.  Thanks Uvatha!


The Stars of Westernesse The Stars of Westernesse Best Kiss

1. Chapter 1 - The Fallback Plan by elfscribe [Comments - 6] (4035 words)

Chapter summary: The Chief Nazgûl brings news of Ar-Pharazôn's superior forces to his Master, who doesn’t take it well.

Chapter first posted April 22, 2009

2. Chapter 2 - The Elf from Ost-in-Edhil by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (5204 words)

Chapter summary:  Sauron has plans for a prisoner held in his dungeon for 1500 years. 

3. Chapter 3 - Preparing for the Hunt by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (3711 words)

Chapter summary: Sauron prepares himself to meet Ar-Pharazôn and discovers that letting go of the Ring is not easily done.

4. Chapter 4 - The Mysterious Prisoner by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (6770 words)

Chapter summary: In which we meet various players in Ar-Pharazon’s court, including Amandil and Elendil.

Note: Aphanuzîr and Nimruzîr are Adûnaic for Amandil and Elendil respectively.

5. Chapter 5 - Taking the Bait by elfscribe [Comments - 0] (6101 words)

Chapter summary: Sauron (Mairon) begins his seduction of the King and we learn more about Sûla, the courtesan.

6. Chapter 6 - A Wolf in the Wain by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (2723 words)

Chapter summary:  Sûla has a conversation with Sauron and promises to keep a secret.


7. Chapter 7 - Sûla’s Dilemma by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (6813 words)

Chapter summary: Events cause Sûla to slip deeper into Sauron’s net.

Warning: violence, attempted rape


8. Chapter 8 - Games by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (2676 words)

Chapter summary:  Sûla plays a game with Tigôn, the King's page, in which more is going on than appears on the surface.

9. Chapter 9 - Melkor’s Apprentice by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (6145 words)

Chapter summary: Sauron (Mairon) remembers his past as Melkor's servant, and sets events in motion so that the unwitting Ar-Pharazôn is drawn further into the web.

Warning: This comes with a jangling bells warning for violence, animal cruelty, BDSM, Melkor/Sauron and Ar-Pharazôn/Sauron.


10. Chapter 10 - Of Golden Curls and Vinegar by elfscribe [Comments - 0] (4292 words)

Chapter summary: Sûla brings a healer to the Zigûr’s tent with an unexpected result.

11. Chapter 11 - Of Mud and Machinations by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (3820 words)

Chapter summary: Amandil learns some troubling things about Sauron and Ar-Pharazôn sends Tigôn on a frightening mission.

12. Chapter 12 - The Haradrim by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (5873 words)

Chapter summary:  Tigôn visits the Haradrim encampment while (Sauron) Mairon offers Ar-Pharazôn some military advice.

13. Chapter 13 - Arzog's Pass by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (5602 words)

Chapter summary: Although Amandil (Aphanuzîr) and the King’s Steward, Azgarad, are deeply suspicious of Annatar, they agree to look for the tunnel under Arzog’s Pass.  Meanwhile Sûla encounters the insanely bewitched Zôri and Tigôn finds himself in trouble with the Haradrim.

14. Chapter 14 - The Demons of War by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (5094 words)

Chapter summary: While helping the Númenóreans set up the catapults, Mairon (Sauron) encounters some challenges and Sûla finds himself on the front lines of battle where his friend Tigôn is held by the Haradrim.

15. Chapter 15 - The Uneasy Road to Umbar by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (7540 words)

Chapter summary: Ar-Pharazôn displays Annatar as a prisoner of war during the army’s march through Umbar. Sûla confesses to the King that he disobeyed orders and worries about what punishment he'll receive, and Tigôn feels angry and confused by his contradictory feelings for his friend.

16. Chapter 16 - Of Kisses and Jellied Eels by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (6888 words)

Chapter Summary: Tigôn’s confusion increases when the alluring Sûla kisses him; meanwhile Annatar pokes up the bees during a banquet.

17. Chapter 17 - A Taste of Bitter Wine by elfscribe [Comments - 4] (8435 words)

Chapter summary: Sûla seeks help when Ar-Pharazôn loans him out to Dulginzin and Annatar has a late night meeting with the King. 

Warning violence

18. Chapter 18 - Dreams of Illicit Longing by elfscribe [Comments - 4] (3580 words)

Chapter summary: Sûla endures the Lords of Arandor and then seeks out his friend, Tigôn, who has confessions to make.



19. Chapter 19 - Love in the Shadows by elfscribe [Comments - 6] (8606 words)

Chapter Summary: Sûla initiates Tigôn into the pleasures of love-making, while Annatar demonstrates his skills to Ar-Pharazôn and discovers something is rotten in Umbar.

Warning: tasteful but explicit sex scenes


20. Chapter 20 - Rude Awakenings by elfscribe [Comments - 3] (7352 words)

Chapter summary: The murders during the night are revealed and an investigation to find the perpetrators begins.  Mairon’s fëa is becoming unstable and he desperately needs to make the potion that will cement it.  Meanwhile Sûla escapes into the city and asks his aunt for help.

21. Chapter 21 - The King's Decree by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (4422 words)

Chapter Summary: Ar-Pharazôn offers a reward for Sûla’s capture and Annatar entices Tigôn with promises of help for Sûla.

22. Chapter 22 - The Scrying Soup by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (8505 words)

Chapter summary: Annatar confronts his internal adversary while Tigôn goes to the Umbarian sorcerer Magân’s shop to buy the ingredients for Annatar’s elixir of youth, and then tries to find Sûla.  

23. Chapter 23 - A Crow in Swan's Plumage by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (5026 words)

Summary: Tigôn witnesses Annatar’s strange behavior and falls under a spell.  Ar-Pharazôn discovers that he hates accounting but he does enjoy eel pie and a pert backside.

24. Chapter 24 - Keeping Faith by elfscribe [Comments - 3] (6908 words)

Summary: Tigôn confesses to Elendil and begs for his help. Meanwhile, Sûla is treated roughly and thrown into a cell, where he despairs of life until he has a visitor.

25. Chapter 25 - Trials by elfscribe [Comments - 1] (8693 words)

Chapter summary: Sûla is tried for murder and Annatar’s ability as a truthsayer is brought into play. Tigôn has a final ploy to use if all is lost, but will Annatar trump them all?

26. Chapter 26 - The Price by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (6445 words)

Summary: Sûla wakes up from his ordeal at the whipping post and discovers he has a new master who tells him a secret he does not want to hear and Ar-Pharazôn witnesses a test of Annatar’s elixir.      

27. Chapter 27 - The Dragon with the Ruby Eyes by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (5742 words)

Chapter summary: Tigôn discovers unforeseen consequences of having revealed his affair with Sûla, finds a sympathetic ear, and makes a decision, while Annatar removes a rival and tightens his grip on Sûla.

28. Chapter 28 - Unbridled Hearts by elfscribe [Comments - 3] (5876 words)

Chapter summary: Tigôn has a plan; he just needs to try to convince Sûla.

Warning: mildly explicit sex scene

29. Chapter 29 - Bite of the Dragon by elfscribe [Comments - 4] (6933 words)

Chapter summary: Sûla discovers that something is very wrong with his armband. He tries to help Tigôn while keeping Annatar from learning about their tryst in the solarium. Warning: m/m sex scene Contains B2MeM 2012 prompts

30. Chapter 30 - The Shape of Dreams by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (5779 words)

Chapter summary: Annatar seduces Sûla, making him an offer he can’t refuse.

 Warning: m/m sex scene

31. Chapter 31 - Summoning the Wind by elfscribe [Comments - 2] (7063 words)

Chapter summary:  Responding to strange reports, Lords Azgarad, Amandil, and Elendil compare notes in a tavern and their concern deepens; Annatar mouths off and earns the ire of the head of the Bawîba Manô priesthood; and we get final thoughts from all the major players as they board ships Númenor-bound. Finally.

32. Appendix - Glossary of Characters & Terms by elfscribe [Comments - 0] (2418 words)

Listing of characters and terms appearing in Elegy for Númenor, vol. I, plus some notes on use of languages on Númenor.