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"Zimraphel" and "I who loved her" by Noliel, Dawn Felagund

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Tar-Miriel faces the wave that will drown Númenor while, in the midst of the forbidden realm of Valinor, Ar-Pharazôn is granted sudden awareness of her fate.

Rated: Teens
Characters: Ar-Pharazôn, Tar-Míriel
Challenges: Akallabêth in August
Genres: Poetry
Warnings: Character Death, Mature Themes
Series: The Poetic Silmarillion
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 197 Read: 1301
Published: August 31, 2009 Updated: August 31, 2009

1. "Zimraphel" by Noliel and "I who loved her" by Dawn Felagund by Noliel [Comments - 8] (197 words)

"Zimraphel" was drawn by Noliel and inspired "I who loved her," written by Dawn.