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Back to Middle-earth Month 2010 Stories by Dawn Felagund

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Finw teaches chess to his young sons. A double drabble.

Challenge: Name a sport or game that you think might have been played in Tolkien's world--it can be a real game or one of your invention. Show a character playing that sport or game.

I was challenged by Elleth to write this prompt for the B2MeM Week Five challenge. 2011 MEFA nominee--thank you, Rhapsody! :)

It was a purposeless game that Tulkas invented to teach me and the other kings the workings of battle strategy. One side marched on the other's castle while simultaneously defending his own. Important pieces were captured, killed, &c., &c. It was useless but fun.

I taught it to my sons not because I expected it to be of any service but because I desperately wanted to anneal the bond between them that would have come naturally had they shared full blood. Fanro I taught it first and let him show Nolofinw. I knew that he would take pride in that, and I knew that Nolofinw would enjoy the attentions of his older brother. I left them to it because the Noldor are not a people that can be ruled while devoting afternoons the play of children.

At Telperion's waxing, I heard Fanro's feet on the stairs, and I returned to the room where I'd left them. Nolofinw was on his knees, dutifully returning the carven pieces to their correct compartments. They had been scattered on the floor, the board upended. One black piece had fallen in with the white. Quavering fingers extracted it, dropped it in with its own kind.

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