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The Tempered Steel by Lyra

[Reviews - 84] Printer

Summary: The story of Maedhros' captivity in Angband, his rescue and his recovery is in the Silmarillion treated in a few paragraphs. This is a fleshed-out account of the events that may have befallen between Maedhros' imprisonment and his return to his old life... as far as that is possible.

Occasionally drifting into AU territory, depending on how closely you follow the source (WHICH source? :P).

The usual warnings apply - particularly to chapters marked with an asterisk.

Part One completed.
Part Two completed.

Part Three, Chapter 10 added: In which the reconciled Noldor make plans for the future. End of the trilogy.

Rated: Adult
Characters: Aegnor, Amras, Angrod, Aredhel, Celebrimbor, Celegorm, Curufin, Fingolfin, Fingon, Finrod Felagund, Galadriel, ĂŤrimë, Lalwen, Maedhros, Maglor, Melkor, Original Character(s), Thorondor
Challenges: Turning Point
Genres: Drama
Warnings: ***Torture, Character Death, Mature Themes, Violence--Graphic
Series: None
Chapters: 31 Completed: Yes
Word count: 112703 Read: 80515
Published: April 13, 2010 Updated: November 16, 2013

Story Notes: Thanks go to Elleth and Dawn for their beta-ing patience and encouragement on Part I. Thanks also go to SurgicalSteel for medical fact-checking.

Many thanks to Dawn for the nomination - and a huge thank you to all who reviewed!

Due to the great number of (Quenya) names, a list may be helpful:

Nelyafinwë, Nelyo, Maitimo, Russandol = Maedhros
Cánafinwë, Cáno, Macalaurë = Maglor
Turcafinwë, Turko, Tyelkormo = Celegorm
Morifinwë, Moryo, Carnistir = Caranthir
Curufinwë, Curvo, Atarinkë = Curufin
Pityafinwë, Pityo, Ambarussa, Ambarto, Umbarto = Amrod †
Telufinwë, Telvo, Ambarussa = Amras
Tyelperinquar, Tyelpo = Celebrimbor

Nolofinwë = Fingolfin
Írimë = Finvain
Írien, Lalwende = Lalwen
Findekáno, Findo = Fingon
Turukáno = Turgon
Irissë = Aredhel
Arakáno = Argon †
Elenwë, wife of Turgon and mother of Idril †
Itarilde = Idril

Arafinwë = Finarfin
Findaráto = Finrod
Angaráto = Angrod
Aikanáro = Aegnor
Artanis, Altariel = Galadriel

Moringotto = Morgoth
Sorontar, Thorontar = Thorondor
Roccalaurë = Rochallor

Angamando = Angband
Mistaringë = Mithrim (Lake)
Hisilomë, Hithilomë = Hithlum

In the Fëanorian camp
Vorondil, warrior
Orecalo, page
Varnacanyo, squire
Herenyo, healer
Séralcar, healer
Tánarámë, warrior †
Tánalindo, carpenter
Amallë, potter
Pelalassë, elder daughter of Amallë and Tánalindo
Anarórë, younger daughter of Amallë and Tánalindo
Encaitar, master silk weaver
Tyelparma, loremaster-in-training
Failon, herald
Carnil, warrior
Fúmella, poet-in-training
Támurillë, loremaster
Nacilmë, dancing tutor
Ohtalmion, master of the horses
Corintur, master of the warriors' training
Poldaxo, horse

In the Fingolfinian camp
Túrelio, warrior
Maneséro, warrior
Istimë, healer
Lastaher, warrior
Cemmótar, warrior
Lótilossë, huntress
Calimon, hunter
Ercassë, scholar
Oricon, son of Lótilossë and Calimon

I hope I didn't forget anyone! Yes, Orodreth is as yet missing on purpose.

You Made Me Love You (I didn't want to do it) It's Only a Flesh Wound

1. Part I, Chapter I* by Lyra [Reviews - 7] (4838 words)
In which Maedhros meets Morgoth, and learns various things about the alternatives to dying.

*Warnings for torture and violence. (Oh really!)

2. Part I, Chapter II by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (2284 words)
In which the Brothers Fëanorion receive Orcish messengers, and unpopular decisions are made.

3. Part I, Chapter III* by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (2782 words)
In which Maedhros involuntarily discovers the concept of cliffhanger.

*Warning for continued torture.

4. Part I, Chapter IV by Lyra [Reviews - 0] (2830 words)
In which the host of Fingolfin enters the scene, and in which Fingon serves as a herald.

5. Part I, Chapter V by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (2002 words)
In which Fingolfin's household is updated on recent developments.

6. Part I, Chapter VI by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (2341 words)
In which Fingon reassesses the situation, comes to a decision, and goes on a hike.

7. Part I, Chapter VII by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (1779 words)
In which Fingon's hike continues, and in which his harp proves its worth.

8. Part I, Chapter VIII by Lyra [Reviews - 0] (2046 words)
In which there is a duet, and in which Fingon learns to fly.

9. Part I, Chapter IX* by Lyra [Reviews - 5] (1770 words)
In which the cliffhanger situation is finally resolved. End of Part One.

* Extra warning for reasonably graphic description of injuries and impromptu field operations. May not be suitable for the blood-phobic.

10. Part II, Chapter I* by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (3752 words)
In which the Fingolfinian healers have a busy night.

*Warning for blood and some medical detail.

Many thanks to SurgicalSteel for her invaluable advice on how not to have Maedhros killed by unskilled healers.

11. Part II, Chapter II by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (3133 words)
In which Maedhros finds that his overall situation has improved considerably.

12. Part II, Chapter III by Lyra [Reviews - 4] (5011 words)
In which autumn comes, and in which there are talks and arguments.

13. Part II, Chapter IV by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (4311 words)
In which King Maglor deals with his brothers and with Uncle Fingolfin.

14. Part II, Chapter V by Lyra [Reviews - 5] (4172 words)
In which the family reunion begins.

15. Part II, Chapter VI by Lyra [Reviews - 4] (2750 words)
In which Maedhros returns to his people, and there are unexpected complications.

16. Part II, Chapter VII by Lyra [Reviews - 5] (2364 words)
In which Maedhros and Caranthir have a talk and a midnight snack.

17. Part II, Chapter VIII by Lyra [Reviews - 5] (2408 words)
In which Maglor apologises, and in which Maedhros shocks, delights and surprises his brothers.

18. Part II, Chapter IX by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (2472 words)
In which Maedhros is discontent, and Maglor suggests a solution.

19. Part II, Chapter X by Lyra [Reviews - 4] (2912 words)
In which Maedhros is visited by old friends, old ghosts, and the new generation.

20. Part II, Chapter XI by Lyra [Reviews - 5] (4663 words)
In which Maedhros has to deal with fashion, philosophy, the past and the future. End of Part Two.

21. Part III, Chapter I by Lyra [Reviews - 6] (4575 words)
In which there are observations on the weather, arguments at the gate, and letters.

22. Part III, Chapter II by Lyra [Reviews - 3] (4936 words)
In which there is further correspondence and an invitation, and in which Fingon falls prey to his temper and teasing relatives.

23. Part III, Chapter III by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (5469 words)
In which Fingon arrives a day early for the feast.

24. Part III, Chapter IV by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (4498 words)
In which there is so much conversation, reminiscing and arguing that the feast will have to wait till the next chapter.

25. Part III, Chapter V by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (6397 words)
In which there is a feast, featuring songs, oaths and arguments.

26. Part III, Chapter VI by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (3124 words)
In which Fingon tries to settle back in among his own folk, and in which diplomatic tricks are applied, and in which the Fingolfinian host have a counter-feast.

27. Part III, Chapter VII by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (5292 words)
In which Maedhros gets involved in heated arguments and matchmaking; and in which the title of this story is explained at last.

28. Part III, Chapter VIII by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (5726 words)
In which Spring comes, bringing along various forms of psycho- and physiotherapy as well as long-range decisions.

29. Part III, Chapter IX by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (6843 words)
In which reconciliation talks are turned into a coronation.

30. Part III, Chapter X by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (4413 words)
In which the reconciled Noldor make plans for the future.

31. Acknowledgements by Lyra [Reviews - 4] (810 words)