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Penname: Lyra [Contact]
Real name: Christiane
Member Since: January 01, 2009
Membership status: Member


Lyra is a Hobbit in all but size, but much more interested in the First and Second Age than actual Hobbit lore. A journalist by trade and philologist and cultural scientist by training, she has been struggling with plotbunnies and the relentless demands of real life ever since she discovered the fandom. Family life with two kids in an old farmhouse that desperately needs renovation doesn't make things easier, although it provides plenty of inspiration.

Lyra is obsessed with Nerdanel and her boys, Nķmenor, Elwing and Ešrendil, Maglor (+ Daeron) through the ages, and the occasional footnote. Other interests include philology, the various aspects of living history/ experimental archaeology, as well as the broad spectrum of anthropology. This tends to show in her stories. What can you do? Lyra's attempts at producing fanart can be found at her deviantArt account.

The Power and the Passion

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Season of Writing Dangerously 2013 Impetuous Participant Back to Middle-earth Month 2013

Season of Writing Dangerously 2013 Winner B2MeM 2012 Participant

Lyra's 2017 SWG Challenge Stamp Collection
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