Back to Middle-earth Month 2010

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What Is Back to Middle-earth Month?

Back to Middle-earth Month (or B2MeM, as it is affectionately known) is an annual "holiday" for the Tolkien fandom held during the month of March. Begun after the release of the final Lord of the Rings movie, its initial purpose was to maintain interest in a fandom that had grown exponentially with the release of the movie trilogy. The Silmarillion Writers' Guild participated in that first B2MeM and has hosted a different event every year since. Last year, SWG was joined by the LotR Genfic Community, and our two groups are joined again in 2010 and welcome all in the Tolkien fandom to join us!

This year's event is a quest game writing challenge. Imagine yourself far in the future from your favorite age of Arda. The Elves have long passed into the West. The Age of Men began millennia ago. Only in legend, largely forgotten, do the people of Middle-earth recall the Ring War, the ascension of King Aragorn, the last ship to depart from the Grey Havens. The world has again begun to change. The waves break on new lands, and a new threat passes its dark hand across the tired face of the Sun. Perhaps in the deepest and long-forgotten lore the people of Arda can find the secrets to overcome this new threat?