Silmarillion Writers' Guild Children of Doriath by Lady Roisin and Eli_14

A Lullaby for Lúthien

The sound of fussing drew Daeron to his mother’s side. Melian slept with his newborn sister cradled in her arms. Tiny Lúthien held up her hands and splayed her fingers as Daeron carefully lifted her, trying not to disturb his mother’s much-needed rest as he did so. At first Daeron fretted, worried what he might do to soothe his sister’s unhappy sounds. He rocked her gently in his arms while moving in a lazy circle around the room. The natural instinct of song welled up in Daeron’s being and he began to sing softly, matching the lilting rhythm of the notes to the gentle sway of his arms. The infant Princess fell silent and soon her eyes drifted closed. Daeron smiled as he pressed a finger into Lúthien’s tiny palm, allowing her delicate hand to curl around it. With a single motion she had captured her brother’s heart and he made her a promise to fill her days with happy songs and her nights with blissful lullabies.

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