Silmarillion Writers' Guild Children of Doriath by Lady Roisin and Eli_14

Her Favorite Song

“Play it again.” Lúthien cried out exuberantly while spinning and clapping her hands. “I want to hear it again.”

Daeron laughed and shook his head. “Again? I’ve already played it five times.”

His young sister whirled around and placed her hands upon her hips. She held her chin aloft; doing her best to speak in the most authoritative tone a child princess was able to muster. “Well, it’s my favorite song, so play it another time.”

Daeron laughed aloud at the way his sister huffed, blowing the errant curls off of her forehead and the way her cheeks turned bright red. He pulled the lute back onto his lap, “Very well, one more time for you.”

Lúthien cheered once Daeron released the beloved melody from his instrument for yet another time that day. She lifted her small hands above her head and twirled the long ribbon she held in time to the music, skipping happily through the rippling arcs. This time she finished her dance with a grand flourish and a deep bow when the song came to an end.

“One more time?” Lúthien asked as she lifted her head, a wide grin lit up her face.

Daeron returned her smile and stood to drop a kiss upon his sister’s dark hair. “Tomorrow, and I’ll have a new song for you then as well and I’ll play it a hundred times if you like.”

Lúthien looked up and gave Daeron that mischievous he knew all too well by now and he laughed again. “Well, maybe not a hundred times, but enough to drive Father to the brink of wanting to take away my instruments I’m sure.”

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