Silmarillion Writers' Guild Children of Doriath by Lady Roisin and Eli_14

Script upon the Page

Lúthien reached out for the pages scattered upon her brother’s table. She studied the penned markings, admiring their structure.

“I cannot believe it,” she breathed while turning holding the page up to admire each symbol.

“I am sure they’ll think it madness.” Lúthien moved the page away from her face to see her brother seated nearby. His fingers were covered in the dark ink after a flurry of inspiration that caused him to work straight through the day and night. “It’s not perfect just yet. But it will be soon, at least I hope once I untangle these vowels.”

“Nonsense,” Luthien interrupted before putting the sheet of parchment back onto the place where she retrieved it. “It’s pure genius, brother, truly. Father shall be so proud when he sees it.”

“Soon,” Daeron murmured as he dipped the quill into the nearly spent well of ink. He looked up at Lúthien and smiled much to her relief after the frenzied state of concentration he worked himself into earlier. “But for now it will be our secret.”

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