Silmarillion Writers' Guild Children of Doriath by Lady Roisin and Eli_14

The Silent Guardians of Doriath

Lúthien followed her mother up a set of winding stairs, leading up to the high antechamber. The princess recalled that it was a room that always remained guarded and she wondered why. The guards moved aside to allow their queen and princess past the double doors. Melian moved towards a large table which held a map of Doriath. Various weapons decorated the walls along with a set of low shelves. But even more shocking was the presence of women standing in a semicircle within the room, some bearing blades at their hips while others carried quivers and bows upon their backs. Each one wore the same tooled leather armor over their torsos and backs.

“It is time you know a secret I have been waiting many years to share with you,” Melian began as she approached the table. “As princess of Doriath you shall be entrusted with a place in our guild of elite guardians of this land. The boundaries of this land are not maintained by the natural powers of this world and marchwardens alone.”

Melian removed a curved knife from its sheath at her hip and she placed the hilt in her daughter’s hand, curling the slender fingers around it. "It is time you learned of a great many things and begin to trust yourself to accomplish tasks you never thought were possible.”

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