Silmarillion Writers' Guild Children of Doriath by Lady Roisin and Eli_14

The Merry Prince of Doriath

The sound of laughter pulled Lúthien’s attention from the sewing in her hands. She looked out her window to see her brother standing between two maidens, both of them pawing seductively at his chest and clinging to his tunic. Lúthien could only guess what Daeron whispered to each of them to make the ladies laugh and blush so. Her brother was becoming a right scoundrel if the Princess thought so herself. With each cycle of the moon there seemed to be a new maiden seated upon Daeron’s lap. No one doubted that the young women of Doriath loved their merry Prince the most, and love him often they did. Each time Lúthien turned around another lady was trying to coax Daeron into her bedchambers, or attempting to drag him off to his own.

“He is utterly incorrigible,” Lúthien huffed while she fumbled to thread her needle.

Melian looked up to offer her daughter a knowing smile. “Patience, sweet Lúthien. It is but a passing phase. He’ll grow bored with them soon or pick a wife. Either way, you and I know he cannot stay away from his work for too long.”

Lúthien pushed the needle in and out of the layers of fabric. She did not want to admit aloud that she was envious of the maidens who had pulled her brother’s attention away from her. They had always been as close as a brother and sister could be, but now Daeron required a new type of love in his life and Lúthien felt more than a little left behind. Her mother was right. It was a normal phase in an Elf’s life to explore their sexuality before settling on a mate or choosing another path. All of the young men and women of Doriath were encouraged experience life to its fullest in the days of their youth. Yet it was something Lúthien did not fully understand.

“Just wait and see,” Melian said with a hint of laughter in her voice. “Not too far from now it shall be your chance to explore Doriath for all it has to offer.”

The princess smiled to herself as she considered Melian’s words. Ah, how she would enjoy keeping her brother on his toes as retribution for making her envious.

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