Silmarillion Writers' Guild Children of Doriath by Lady Roisin and Eli_14

One Summer Night

“Lúthien?” Daeron called out as he pushed aside the heavy brush in search of his sister. The hour grew late and the more dangerous nocturnal creatures emerged from their places of shelter in search of food for their young. Lúthien had accompanied Daeron into the woods but she disappeared from his side the moment he turned his back to her. Daeron had been searching for his sister to no avail, at least until a soft giggle reached his ears.

Melian's Children

Daeron moved carefully towards the sounds of breathing and whispering voices. He recognized the soft timbre of Lúthien’s voice, yet a deeper voice answered hers, confusing Daeron and making him freeze in place. It had been awhile since his sister had kept a lover and she gave no signs that another had captured her attentions. Daeron contemplated returning to Menegroth and allowing Lúthien her privacy. But his protective nature bid Daeron to stay close at hand in case she required him. Eventually his curiosity got the better of him and Daeron peered through the brush to look upon Lúthien and her paramour in the moonlight.

A sharp fear crushed around Daeron’s being to see his beloved sister embraced by a man they had caught spying on them in the woods. How he had escaped from the cave he and Lúthien imprisoned him in perplexed and worried Daeron every bit as much as seeing him kiss Lúthien upon her lips. Who had let this man free? They did not know yet if he was dangerous. Daeron wanted to leap forth and throttle this mortal for daring to lay a finger upon his sister, for disrupting their peace. But the rapt joy upon Lúthien’s face stopped him. No, Daeron would not lash out at this man, not in front of her, no matter how much the happiness upon her face frightened him. His sister did not know the gravity of what she asked by engaging in such a shocking union and it gripped Daeron’s heart with the unyielding chill of dread.

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