Silmarillion Writers' Guild Children of Doriath by Lady Roisin and Eli_14


Daeron’s hands shook as he carefully lifted his firstborn into his arms. The tiny girl looked up at him with curious bright eyes, filling his being with a thousand thoughts and feelings. He had never planned on falling in love, much less becoming a father. Yet both were now undeniable facets of his life. Daeron closed his eyes. The warm weight of the infant in his arms took his thoughts back to a time long ago that somehow still felt so near and vivid within his mind. The lullabies he sang to his sister still remained there. Once more Lúthien and all that was beautiful about their home lived again in the first melodies to brush his newborn child’s ears. Daeron lay down upon the bed and curled protectively around his new daughter and her sleeping mother as the songs and memories that went with them were shared with a new generation that would know them through him.

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