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Excerpt from "A Little More Conversation"

by Keiliss

We have our first small flock of sheep. They were wandering around on the high ground beyond the valley and two of my warriors showed exceptional enterprise (and patience, to say nothing of perseverance) in getting them down the steep trail to the valley floor. They mark a beginning, small but encouraging. Eventually when their numbers have increased they will provide wool for weaving and, very occasionally, mutton for the table. I no longer eat meat, but I am told roast lamb is very popular in Eriador.

We – the refugee community and I – have discussed cows, but feel they would provide a somewhat greater challenge to introduce. There are disadvantages to life in an inaccessible valley.

Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of the stray animals I mentioned. One of the dogs followed us and seems to have attached himself to me. He is a large creature, possibly, I am told, bred to work with cattle. I have named him Háran.


Glorfindel of Gondolin.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

To do list
Decrypt signal from Balien.
Copies :

His majesty
Suggest Pathenien demands full stores audit at Gaernaith.
Lord Glorfindel - bricks
Complete essay for class; Harad, history and language.
Buy lamp oil!!!

To: Glorfindel, Lord of the House of the Golden Flower, formerly of Gondolin.

Dear Lord Glorfindel,

The messenger had already left, but I am sending a rider after him with this packet. Please find enclosed a treatise on Basic Agriculture in Northern Regions, and a step by step guide to brick making, including diagrams of a simple kiln. I thought both works might be of some assistance. I note that for the processing of both bricks and mortar, the presence of materials such as clay and limestone appears necessary.

A.A. Erestor.


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Excerpt from "The Military Relevance of Sewage"

by Himring

When the messenger arrived, hard on my heels after I’d left, I laughed. ‘My liege, it has occurred to me to wonder whether you’ve considered the military relevance of sewage...’ Then I had a closer look at the letter and was puzzled. Five carefully, densely written leaves—surely a bit long even for an elaborate spoof?

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"Letter 1: Our Dead"

by Silver Trails

Dear Mama,

I know you will not receive this letter, as there is no way back to Tirion for those who left in defiance of the Valar. I know we might never see each other again, unless my spirit leaves my body and goes to the Halls of Waiting. It might happen, as the enemy we are fighting if powerful. I believe Fëanaro did not realize that when he urged the Noldor to leave Aman. His madness has cost so much pain to our people, and now he is dead and his sons must bear the burden of the Oath.

There is so much you do not know, Mama, or maybe you do if the Valar have been kind enough to tell you. Not only Fëanaro is dead, but we lost Elenwë to the ice, and Arakano died valiantly in our first battle with Morgoth’s dark creatures. I know this is too much to take, but I have rewritten this letter many times and I find no other way to make it less painful. I am tired of crying when nobody can see me. Nolo has enough to deal with, and I must be strong for him and the others.

Fëanaro was killed in battle even before we set foot on Ennorath. I should explain, maybe, why Nolo’s host was separated from Fëanaro’s. You must have heard of the slaying at Alqualondë, and of the boats we forcefully took with us. Fëanaro and his sons betrayed us in the end. They carried their people to Ennorath first, and then burned the ships. We saw the fire from afar, and we had no choice but to cross the grinding ice. That was when we lost Elenwë…

So much pain and death that not even the sight of Irien rising in the sky with a light like Laurëlin’s was enough to heal us. Flowers sprang as we walked, but they were soon soaked in blood as hideous creatures attacked us. I see now what the Elders meant when they spoke about Orcs. We were weary after crossing the ice, and still grieving for our dead. We had no choice but to defend ourselves, but only the Valar knows what would have happened if Arakano had not slain the Orc Chief. Unfortunately, Arakano was slain by the Orcs, but his brave action allowed us to have the victory.

I wish I had better news to tell you, Mama, and somehow I am relieved that you might never read this letter. I wish you were here with me, so I could cry in your arms. I love you, Mama, and I miss you and my siblings. I miss Papa... I do not regret coming here, though, because Nolo needs me. I just wished I could speak with you.

Your daughter,

Irimë Lalwendë

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"To Fingon"

by Dawn Felagund

Fingon, I

Fingon, I desire you
r hand in winning me

peace between our people.


between us,

as ever,

greater than the world,
than hatred,
even hope.

Our shared passion that shall simmer the ink upon the page in lorebooks

Our shared passion.

For unity

between our people.

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Fragments of a Letter"

by Himring

Fragments of a letter sent by the wife of Barahir to the high king of the Noldor

***ness, King Fingo***send greet***

***have arrived in Br***now after***rwen and Ri***to Dor-L***

***months and***parted, left in Taur***after heavy ***do not kno***rahir and my***family, nephew*** left now but*** sends messa***he will withstan*** long sinc***nothing. Too few***

***draw from the fight***only we were attac***in mountains. Orc***away up to**blocked by avala***five childr***dead and also many***did but afterwa***snowed for tw***with severe fro***Then I***cause of a broken leg***but my cousin Mor***aliant and steadf***lways rem***thing too much for***

***commend to your gener ***trust both ***will receive among your***

***rs faithfully, Emeld***

 Restored from scraps of parchment found by Erestor in the spine of a book entitled The Proper Role of Women in the library of Imladris.

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Excerpt from "Letters to Calion"

by Lady Roisin

Dear Calion,

Five months is entirely too long to be gone in Umbar. When will you return to Armenelos? Each day that passes without you here becomes harder for me to bear. My father is ill again and has not left his chambers for days now. He becomes increasingly paranoid that Eru is punishing him for not turning all of Númenor back to the old ways. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to be in his company due to his fanaticism. However, I feel guilty for my lack of patience and tolerance towards his views. I cannot help but fear that this land will never be at peace so long as radicals are allowed to have all the power. Too many families have been torn apart by this religious war that does not serve the people, but rather the interests of powerful families and politicians.

I long for your company, for your presence to help quiet the chaos in my mind. With you the world makes sense again. If only there were more like us within it. Maybe then Númenor might actually know peace once more.

I received the gold necklace you sent me and although I am unable to wear it in the open without question, it rests over my heart each night and will do so until you are able to return and join me.

With love and daily hopes for your safe return,


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Excerpt from "A Letter to Fingon"

by Oshun

My dearest Káno, Dear Findekáno,

I am writing to demand ask you to explain yourself relating to the latest rumors reports I have received about your recent engagement with a fire-drake. Given that I have heard nothing but great praise of you and uncritical rejoicing over your victory, I am trying not to be angry and yet still struggling to quell the horror that swept over me when I considered how apparently lightly that you once again took it upon yourself such to face such a the threat to your continued existence. What is wrong with you? How did you think I cannot but wonder how you might have assured yourself that you would be able to stand up to this monstrous, fire-breathing beast unfamiliar menace with so few to support you and without even talking to consultation. You fool, are you suicidal or what?

I’d really like to hear how you think you could possibly Perhaps you would write and explain that to me. Better than writing, you should come here. No doubt you will tell me that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and that the outcome justifies that you nearly killed yourself is sufficient verification of your wisdom to cause me to put my fears to rest. You have always been a reckless idiot The line between valor and recklessness is often thin indeed and, in your case, more likely than not all but non-existent. You could have killed yourself. You owe me a great deal for what I suffered when I heard of your recent feat and thought of the cost of defeat.

“Curses!” he said, thinking that scolding was the wrong strategy entirely. He wadded the expensive parchment into a ball and aimed it at the fireplace. The direct hit made Maedhros feel, temporarily at least, a lot better.

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