Silmarillion Writers' Guild Letters to Calion by Lady Roisin

Dear Calion,

Five months is entirely too long to be gone in Umbar. When will you return to Armenelos? Each day that passes without you here becomes harder for me to bear. My father is ill again and has not left his chambers for days now. He becomes increasingly paranoid that Eru is punishing him for not turning all of Númenor back to the old ways. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to be in his company due to his fanaticism. However, I feel guilty for my lack of patience and tolerance towards his views. I cannot help but fear that this land will never be at peace so long as radicals are allowed to have all the power. Too many families have been torn apart by this religious war that does not serve the people, but rather the interests of powerful families and politicians.

I long for your company, for your presence to help quiet the chaos in my mind. With you the world makes sense again. If only there were more like us within it. Maybe then Númenor might actually know peace once more.

I received the gold necklace you sent me and although I am unable to wear it in the open without question, it rests over my heart each night and will do so until you are able to return and join me.

With love and daily hopes for your safe return,


My Sweet Zimraphel,

I too think of you each day that passes and long to see your lovely face. I received a letter from my sister as well. Gimlîth is excelling in her studies and sounds happy for the first time in many years. I will always be in your debt for your kindness and generosity towards her.

I was saddened to hear of your father’s illness and I do sincerely hope our King has recovered by now. Like you, I also prayed for patience to bear my father’s ranting. He finally passed away some weeks ago and yet I still cannot find the ability to grieve over the loss. Maybe it is because he abused my mother and young sister. Or maybe it is because he brought on his own grief with his addiction to Opium and drink. I do not know and I can no longer find the heart to care.

This letter is likely to reach you before I do. I am to leave Umbar in a week’s time. When I arrive in Rómenna I shall send a letter to you. Not a day goes by that I do not think fondly of you.

With much love and regard,


Dearest Calion,

I received your latest letter only an hour ago. I am overjoyed to know that you and your crew have arrived safe in Rómenna’s docks. I must see you. Father’s condition is deteriorating quickly and there is much we must discuss.

I will wait until your letter arrives before I depart in secret for Rómenna. I must know where I can find you and where we can meet away from the eyes of others.

With all my love,


My dear Zimraphel,

I heard the news regarding your father from Amandil the moment we arrived in Rómenna. Indeed there is much we need to discuss but I do not dare speak any of it here. There is an Inn at the main city square of Rómenna called The Rose and Sail. It is small and rather inconspicuous, rarely used by anyone from the King’s Navy. I will wait for you there two evenings from now just after sunset, dressed in peasant’s clothing. You must take care to disguise yourself as well and tell no one where you are going. It is a day’s ride from Armenelos to Rómenna so you must leave soon after receiving this. I will wait for you there all night if I must. For safety’s sake take the more populated roads between Armenelos and Rómenna but take care that no one recognizes you upon them.

I eagerly await you arrival and desperately yearn to see you once more.

Your true and loyal servant,


To my loving Calion,

By now I am sure that you have heard the tragic news that our King is dead. My heart is breaking for the only family I ever knew even though I know now my father is now with my mother who passed from this world before him. I wish more than anything to have you here by my side especially now that I have returned my silver betrothal ring to Elentir. He will not be the next King of Númenor. And although my heart pains even further to hurt a good man such as Elentir, I must do this for the good of my people. It is time this civil war among them was brought to an end and he is not the man who will do it.

I have finally chosen my answer to the question you asked me that one beautiful night we shared in Rómenna. I will marry you, Calion, and nothing else in this world would bring me more joy than to be your wife. You will come to Armenelos immediately where we shall be married officially and in secret. We must do this quickly before the council has a chance to stop us. I fear what they may try to do yet we must be brave and hold firm. Together we can save Númenor from certain fall.

Maybe you arrive here with all haste before the council does anything rash.

Forever loyal and yours,


Author's Notes

In my verse Tar-Míriel chose Pharazôn over Elentir and that the notion of Pharazôn taking Míriel against her will was perpetuated by Pharazôn’s former lover, Calairë, who later became Elendil’s wife and wrote The Akallabêth as a way to boost her husband’s political popularity.

Also in my verse, Pharazôn and Míriel are unaware that they are first cousins when they fall in love due to the fact that Tar-Palantir and Gimilkhâd were bitter enemies from childhood and Gimilkhâd fled to Umbar to escape being arrested for leading a group of conspirators that claimed their father, Ar-Gimilzôr, was poisoned to death by his queen, Inzilbêth. Because Gimilkhâd took on a new identity and never revealed to his son the real reasons for his dislike of Númenor’s King, Pharazôn came to Númenor and was dubbed Calion by his comrades in the royal navy. And since Tar-Palantir never spoke of his brother to his daughter, Míriel, she was unaware she had cousins. It was not until much later that Pharazôn and Míriel were discovered to be first cousins.

Both Pharazôn and Míriel considered themselves among the neutral party amidst the civil unrest in Númenor, which helped to fuel their relationship. The name Zimraphel was given to Míriel by Pharazôn as a term of endearment and also to help disguise their communication because Míriel was already betrothed at the time.

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