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Library of Tirion

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As the Silmarillion Writers' Guild turned five and reached its 1000th story, we thought it was a good time to look back on the authors who were active before our Archive opened in 2007. So we asked our members to suggest names of writers they had enjoyed reading in order to try to contact them. In the Library of Tirion, you will find a collection of stories selected by these authors as their favourite or most representative productions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LofT?
It’s a section of our Archive specifically dedicated to authors who were active in the Silm fandom before 2007 when the SWG Archive was set up. Stories posted elsewhere on the Internet before the SWG archive opened are eligible for the Library of Tirion.

Who can nominate authors for the LofT?
All our members are welcome to offer their ideas and to suggest as many names as they want. They can either email us at or use the request form for us to contact the authors.

What do the selected authors have to do?
Nothing much. Just give us permission and tell us what stories they would like to have uploaded . Then we would take care of the rest of the process, adding them as an author to the SWG and the stories they chose to the LofT.

Is there a deadline to nominate/suggest authors?
None. As people remember names, they can contact us as explained above.

Will this interfere with the new stories that are regularly uploaded in the Archive?
Not in the least. We don’t intend a massive upload of stories. What we intend is to put in contact authors who were active in the Silmarillion fandom before our Archive was set up in 2007 with readers who have joined the fandom since then.

Request an Author

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