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August Is Akallabêth in August

Like August every year we celebrate the Second Age. Elves and Men fill this Age with wonderful tales of soaring ambition and tragic downfalls, and we have authors who have written superb stories about them. Why not add to our collection? If you’re in need of inspiration, check out one of the many Second Age stories already on our Archive.

In 2009, we hosted a special event focused on the Akallabeth. Read the 2009 Akallabêth in August collection here.

Each year, we put together a list of Second Age stories, poems, and essays appearing on our Archive. If you've archived a Second Age story and it's missing from the list, please let us know at, and we will correct the list. Read the list of Second Age stories in our Akallabêth in August section below.

Some SWG Milestones!

At the end of July, the SWG celebrated its eighth birthday. Eight years ago, Dawn and ford_of_bruinen started rallying their Silmarillion fandom friends to join their Silmarillion email list and LiveJournal community. Eight years later, we've come a lot further than we ever imagined when we started those modest discussion groups back in 2005.

Fittingly, during the month of July, we also reached a big milestone on the archive: 5,000 reviews! That's 5,000 pieces of support, help, and friendship. Thank you to our 198 amazing reviewers whose comments are such a bright point for our authors.

Season of Writing Dangerously

Do you have works in progress you feel like you might never get to finish? Or ideas for stories that somehow never take shape? The Season of Writing Dangerously is a three-month-long event where participants set their own goals and work to meet them over the course of the season. There are almost two months until the September 23rd Equinox, so there is a lot of time left to pick up projects and reach goals. And it's not too late to sign up: you can leave a comment at the Season of Writing Dangerously sign-up page or email us at with your goals. Visit our LiveJournal community for icons, motivational posts, sharing and more!

International Day of Femslash

This past month, the SWG participated in the International Day of Femslash. Three authors participated by posting femslash stories. Click the International Day of Femslash challenge to read this year's stories.

Welcome to Our New Members!

We are pleased to welcome to the Silmarillion Writers' Guild the four new members who joined us during the month of July. They are Cuile, Shango Sanguine, semper_eadem, and Tress13.

We would love to know a little about your interest in The Silmarillion; perhaps you might wish to share a few facts about your fandom persona by updating your bio. In all likelihood you have already begun to explore the archive and other sections of our sdite, but if you still have any queries, you may wish to browse our Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find the answer or if you need any help at any time, do not hesitate to contact us at

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New at the Archive

Completed Works

A Brother's Gift by Elisif [Teens] (2233 words)
Summary: An explorative response to the question "why didn't Curufin ever make Maedhros a mechanical hand"?

Constellation by Dawn Felagund † [Teens] (3249 words)
Summary: In Aman, an unexpected friendship forms between Caranthir, the misunderstood son of Fëanor, and Rúmil, the Noldorin loremaster who survived the dungeons of Utumno. The two see each other as others cannot, but their friendship is tested when the Darkening of Valinor leads to a string of atrocities that try both their spirits.

Cook Wanted by Alquien [General] (1430 words)
Summary: Cooking for a large family is harder than it may seem.

Forgotten Lore by Dawn Felagund [Teens] (1528 words)
Summary: Nerdanel's life told as the lessons she has learned, in a series of eight double drabbles. Written for a birthday challenge for allie_meril, who asked for stories about students.

In the Silent Spaces by Elleth [Teens] (4631 words)
Summary: In the wake of Finrod's abdication and departure, Finduilas struggles to uphold order in Nargothrond in whatever way she can, and finds herself involved, if quietly, in momentous events. Written for Zdenka at Not Primetime 2013.

Maedhros Attempts To Speak With Luthien by Himring [Teens] (1181 words)
Summary: Some conversations are not meant to take place.

Never Let Me Go by Elisif [Adult] (3485 words)
Summary: Maedhros’ rescue from Fingon’s perspective, and a slashy but non-explicit encounter between the two of them about a year later.

Of Light Beguiled by Agelast [Teens] (1131 words)
Summary: Galadriel pays a visit to Elwing and is distressed with what she finds.

Roads not taken by clotho123 [General] (2445 words)
Summary: These five short vignettes are AUs that might have been canon. Each of them takes an idea that was conceived and then abandoned by Tolkien, and builds a brief scene on it.

Statues by Dawn Felagund [General] (4619 words)
Summary: Lost in grief over her husband and sons, Nerdanel begins to construct statues to ease her loneliness. Discovered in her pursuit by Eärwen, Nerdanel's exceptional skill might be used to offer some consolation to the Teleri.

Storm Tossed by Levade [General] (1686 words)
Summary: She was his, his bright-eyed, noisy, always-hungry lovely, until the day the sea called her home. Ereinion, Círdan and a quick look at life in 2nd Age Lindon.

The Choices of Spirits by Dawn Felagund [Adult] (8015 words)
Summary: Unlucky in love, Caranthir has settled into his lonely life in Middle-earth when love comes from the most unexpected of places: a mortal woman leading a band of refugees upon his land. In the love that grows between Haleth and Caranthir, the two cannot quite overcome the expectations of their people to be together fully, as they wish, and they face the inevitability of separation after death.

The Holy and the Broken by a7s4t6r5i6s [General] (1494 words)
Summary: A conversation about death and unbreakable oaths and other such things. Featuring established Curufin/Finrod.

The Sailing Forth by Dawn Felagund [Adult] (10824 words)
Summary: One oppressive summer in Tirion, Anairë is sent by her father to Alqualondë. A diligent scholar and obedient daughter, Anairë has never made time for love, but finds her womanhood awakened by the most unlikely of romantic partners: Eärwen, daughter of the Telerin king. As the summer draws to a close, both women must accept that their obligations to their families and people do not allow much space for their love. Written for the International Day of Femslash 2013.

The Silver in your Eyes by Elisif [Teens] (1007 words)
Summary: A Maedhros x Fingon post-Thangorodrim vignette.

The Tapestries by Dawn Felagund † [Adult] (18240 words)
Summary: Shortly after his death, Fëanor discovers in the halls of Mandos the tapestries his mother has woven about his life. Seen through Míriel's eyes, the tapestries look back at the time from the kinslaying at Alqualondë, to the Fëanorians' arrival in Middle-earth, to his untimely death at the hands of the Balrogs. Fëanor is faced with both the weight of his deeds, as seen through another's eyes, and his contributions to the Noldor.

Works in Progress

Aerin and Broddun by Himring [Teens]
Summary: The story of Aerin of the House of Hador and Broddun of the Easterlings, Brodda's sister. After the crushing defeat of the Edain in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the Easterlings have occupied Dor-lomin. Brodda has taken Aerin to wife by force. Aerin and Broddun find ways of dealing with it and with each other.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 1: Reading the Signs, Chapter 2: Turning and Turning Outward, Chapter 3: Learning the Language and Chapter 4: Mapping the Past.

Almaren by Silver Trails [Adult]
Summary: The last days of Almaren
Chapters added this month: Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 and Chapter 10.

Cold are the waters of Cuiviénen by belegur † [General]
Summary: Melkor's thoughts before the making of the orcs.
Chapter added: Chapter 1.

Indy's B2MeM Stories by Independence1776 [Teens]
Summary: A collection of my Back to Middle-earth Month stories. Each chapter is a different year.
Chapters added this month: 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Loyalty Unyielding by Zlu and Luff [Adult]
Summary: This story follows Melkor and Sauron through the main Melkor-relevant events of the Silmarillion. Beginning with Morgoth's triumphant return to Angband with the Silmarils, through the consequences of the taxing battle with Fingolfin and the troublesome Quest for the Silmaril, all the way to Dagor Dagorath... and beyond. During the course of this story you shall see Melkor risen high and fallen low and you will learn a thing or two about the loyalty of a certain Maia. There will be moments sad and serious and those quite funny as well.
Chapter added this month: Extras - part 2.

Of Love and Duty by Silver Trails [Adult]
Summary: Fingon returns to Tirion after ten years of absence. Written for the SWD 2013.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Racing Towards the Start by Agelast [Teens]
Summary: Fingon and Maedhros in the bliss of Valinor.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

Remembrance Is All by Agelast [Adult]
Summary: Here lies ficlets, meme responses, and things that are too short to post on their own.
Chapter added this month: To The Immortal Memory of the Tea-cake.

Some Futile Hope by Friendsheyho [Teens]
Summary: It is the Second Age of Middle-earth. Sauron is regrouping, the Rings are being forged, the Numenorians are beginning their descent into madness, and Glorfindel has been sent back to Middle-earth for...for what? Only time will tell, and when it does, all of Middle-earth will rise up to fight.
Chapters added this month: Part 1: Chapter 4, Part 1: Chapter 5 and Part 1: Chapter 6.

Strange Encounters by Maglor Makalaure [General]
Summary: Elrond meets his mother in an unlikely place. Sequel to 'Fissure'.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1.

Sunday Scriberies by Elleth [Teens]
Summary: A collection of answers and essays originally written as guest contributions to Ask Middle-earth's Scribe Sunday project on tumblr. Will be updated bi-weekly.
Chapter added this month: Elvish Physical Death.

The Lords that Fell by Taylor17387 †[Adult]
Summary: Tells the story of the rise and fall of the two dark lords, from the collapse of the fortress in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, to the collapse of Barad-dûr, and what came next. Mainly told from Melkor and Sauron's perspective. Continuation of my other fic: "The Burnt God", though it may be read separately. Occasional slash.
Chapter added this month: The King in the Tower of Wolves.

The Tempered Steel by Lyra [Adult]
Summary: The story of Maedhros' captivity in Angband, his rescue and his recovery is in the Silmarillion treated in a few paragraphs. This is a fleshed-out account of the events that may have befallen between Maedhros' imprisonment and his return to his old life... as far as that is possible.
Chapter added this month: Part III, Chapter V.

The Writhen Pool by pandemonium_213 [Adult]
Summary: When the Istyari of Second Age Ost-in-Edhil deny her a place in an important new initiative to be taken up by the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, a young master smith struggles to make her mark in the man's realm of the forges. An opportunity arrives when the smith is offered a commission that will present challenges of both mind and heart. Pandë!verse-centric. Rated Adult as a precautionary measure. Specific advisories will be posted per chapter as needed.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 6: Welcome Arrivals and Chapter 7: Ballain's Tale.

Threads by Dawn Felagund [Teens]
Summary: Shortly after the kinslaying at Alqualondë, Finarfin finds his nephew Fingon on the beach. Always the peacekeepers in their tumultuous family, both must choose where their loyalties lie in times to come.
Chapter added this month: Threads

Trinkets by Independence1776 [Teens]
Summary: A collection of drabbles and ficlets too short to post on their own. Each story has a separate rating.
Chapters added this month: Freedom, Eruhantalë , Maglor drabble, Manipulations, Baking, Fishing, No Man's Land , On the Shore, Return and Snow .

Short Works

Amilessë by semper_eadem [General] (718 words)
Summary: Three brothers, a summer day, and a mother's foresight. A vignette concerning names.

Different Paths by Silver Trails [Teens] (835 words)
Summary: Fingolfin speaks with Finwë about his decision to send Fingon to King Ingwë's Court

By Doom Mastered by a7s4t6r5i6s † [General] (681 words)
Summary: "Her mother had spoken of a brother, lost before she was born, sent away to the Elf-king in Doriath, where he'd be safe. And as they had traveled, Morwen had spoken of her son, a fond light in her eyes, and Niënor had listened." Niënor, and her thoughts as it all ends.

Even in Valinor by Elisif [Teens] (613 words)
Summary: Maedhros reflects on the process of teaching himself to fight with his left hand and his motivations for it.

Meássë by Silver Trails [Teens] (533 words)
Summary: Nienna cannot forget Meássë's eyes. This was written for the International Day of Fem Slash 2013.

Of Beechen Green and Shadows Numberless by Innin [Teens] (985 words)
Summary: One night in Doriath, Melian seeks to teach Galadriel something of her magic.

On the Uses of Lists by Angelica [General] (357 words)
Summary: Nerdanel remembers (or tries to)

The Little Boy by LadyBrooke [General] (597 words)
Summary: Once upon a time, a little boy made his mother a promise.


The In-universe Authorship of LACE by Independence1776 [General] (890 words)
Summary: The in-universe authorship of LACE makes the document inherently unreliable.


A Binding Shadow by Erurainon, read by Dawn Felagund [General]
Time: 3:34 File Size: 3.27 MB
Text of "A Binding Shadow"
Summary: Of the shadow of Maeglin

By the Shores of Nevrast by Erurainon, read by Erurainon [General]
Time: 1:01 File Size: 967 KB
Text of "By the Shores of Nevrast"
Summary: A brief lay of the grief of Arda and the shadow of Morgoth upon a traveler on a lonesome quest which ends in darkness

Death Is Mine by Erurainon, read by Erurainon [General]
Time: 0:59 File Size: 934 KB
Text for "Death Is Mine"
Summary: A noldo laments loss facing the grinding ice

Minstrel by Erurainon, read by Erurainon [General]
Size: 0:39 File Size: 611 KB
Text for "Minstrel"
Summary: A lay of Glirhuin made in Doriath long ago.

Spring Cleaning by Russandol , read by Dawn Felagund [General]
Spring Cleaning was originally published in April 2011 and was the Featured Podfic in the July 2013 newsletter. Time: 10:03 File Size: 9.20
Summary: One day during the Noontide of the Blessed Realm, Manwë and Varda get ready for a celebration at Ilmarin, their halls upon the peak of Taniquetil. Written for B2MeM 2011, Day 31: Valinor. 2nd Place, Humour: General & Smaug's Treasure, MEFA 2011

The Doom of Men by Erurainon, read by Erurainon [General]
Time: 1:07 File Size: 1.02 MB
Text for "The Doom of Men"
Summary: A song about a man passing through to the other side.

The Little Boy by LadyBrooke, read by LadyBrooke [General]
Story text can be found here. Slight changes from text to speech, since it's my story I wasn't worrying too much about changing the to her, or other similar small changes.
Summary: Once upon a time, a little boy made his mother a promise.

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Akallabêth in August

Second Age Writing Archived on the SWG

We know that our Second Age writers sometimes fall in the shadow of the more popular First Age and Years of the Trees. Because of that, we like to devote the month of August to stories set in the Second Age. Of course, we encourage our members to try their hands at Second Age stories, even if they've never written about the Second Age before. But we also like to honor the existing Second Age stories on our archive and hope that readers will consider checking out a few of them! All links go to the story's table of contents, where you can learn more details about genre, ratings, and characters.

We try to do our best to assure that all Second Age work makes it onto the list, but in the midst of sorting through more than 1,600 stories, sometimes a few get left off. If you see a story that's missing from the list, please contact us and we'll add it! Stories marked with an asterisk were added or updated within the last year.

A Plain, Simple Love Story by Keiliss
The king and the archivist. Respect, friendship, misunderstanding, making up - all the good things that build a forever kind of love..

Admission by SurgicalSteel
Zamîn and Nemir (two of my OCs) meet after the Last Alliance and discuss their losses.

Alliance by SurgicalSteel
Míriel considers her options to avert civil war in Númenor as she prepares for her father's funeral.

All Else Lost by Keiliss
In a changed world there was one thing that remained untouched by time or distance.

All Our Yesterdays by Keiliss
The Last Day.

Anadûnai by darthfingon
163 years after their parting in Middle-earth, Elrond travels to Númenor to see his brother again.

The angel that came from the West by ford_of_bruinen
A poem about the elven smiths of Eregion and the making of the Dwarf rings.

The Apprentice by pandemonium_213
An ambitious young Noldorin man of Ost-in-Edhil lands a coveted appointment as an apprentice to the most skilled master smith of the Gwaith-i-Mirdain: Istyar Aulendil. The apprentice's mentor, a prodigy of the Aulënossë, has been sent to Middle-earth by the Valar and has knowledge of exotic and wondrous technology. Istyar Aulendil also has notoriously high standards. The apprentice must meet his mentor's expectations if he is to become a journeyman and work on an important new initiative.

*Allies by Silver Trails
Elrond tries to stop Thranduil from leaving the council before the last battle against Sauron.

The Army of the North by darthfingon
The armies of the Last Alliance gather in Rivendell to prepare for their assault on Mordor. Elrond worries, Oropher weasels, and nothing goes according to plan.

*The Art of Long-Distance Grandparenting by Kaz
Why did Glorfindel return to Middle-earth? Maybe the Valar decided they needed a messenger. Maybe he felt he still had something to do there and begged them to let him return. Or maybe it went something like this...

It's the early Second Age and Idril is worried about her grandsons. In the course of this she waylays new arrivals to Valinor, tries to find her footing with her own grandmother, schemes with Tuor, Finrod and Glorfindel, and finally sets a plan into motion.

*Atalantë by Dwimordene
Always read between the lines.

Aldarion, the Guild of Venturers, OCs, political economy. Inspired by the "Arda Underground" challenge, but could probably also pass for the "Fanon Inverted" challenge.

The Axes of a Soul by wind rider
The last survivor of the drowning Númenor reflects on herself, her life and her decisions as she struggles to avoid certain death. What will she get in the end? Does she dare to face it like the proud daughter of the Island that she is?

The Ban of the Valar by Fiondil
The Valar meet to discuss how to prevent the Númenóreans from seeking the Undying Lands.

The Beginning by oshun
Extended drabble on the theme of Elrond and Gil-galad.

Bedtime Tales of the Sun by Dawn Felagund
A young daughter in the House of Anárion asks how the world came to be rounded.

*The Book of Short Tales by Lyra
A place to store short stories, ficlets and challenge responses that don't really warrant being archived on their own.

Broken by Keiliss
Maglor has his sources.

Broken Star by pandemonium_213
Sauron's last request of Celebrimbor. A double drabble epilogue of sorts to Cat's Paws.

Brothers by Dawn Felagund
Two brothers face their father's death and the differences that have arisen between them, for one is of the King's Men and the other of the Elf-friends.

Burning Bright: The Road by Keiliss
The outbreak of war in Eregion and the hiding of the rings of power as experienced by a musician, a lord with an agenda set beyond the sea, an exiled Noldorin princess and an elf with an uneasy conscience. Cameos by Durin the Deathless, Ereinion Gil-galad, Celebrimbor, and Annatar the Giver of not always welcome Gifts...

Cat's Paws by pandemonium_213
Tyelperinquar/Tyelpo (Celebrimbor) and Aulendil (Annatar/Sauron) discuss brotherhood and the secret of the deep arts on an early summer evening in Ost-in-Edhil.

*Character Biography: Erendis, the Mariner's Wife by oshun

*Character Biography: Tar-Aldarion by oshun

*Character Biography: Thranduil by Scarlet10

*Character Biography: Vëantur by oshun

Chasing Mirages by Russandol
A tale of darkness, light, love and betrayal over the Ages of Eä.

"When Thangorodrim was broken and Morgoth overthrown, Sauron put on his fair hue again and did obeisance to Eönwë the herald of Manwë, and abjured all his evil deeds. And some hold that this was not at first falsely done, but that Sauron in truth repented, if only out of fear..." This is the story of Eönwë, Maia of Manwë, and Mairon Aulendil after the War of Wrath.

The Choice by Ithilwen
A conversation between a pair of brothers, reflecting on the choices they've made in their lives. Takes place near the beginning of the Second Age.

*Choices by Silver Trails
Gil-galad and Elrond speak about Maglor.

Chronicles of the Fifth Voyage of the Númerrámar: The Loremaster Arrives by pandemonium_213
Before he became Tar-Aldarion, Anardil, Tar-Meneldur's heir, sailed far and wide on the great ship, the Númerrámar. Before Captain Anardil embarks on his seven year voyage, a young loremaster writes to him, eager to accompany captain and crew in search of strange flora and fauna. In letters exchanged prior to the voyage, Captain Anardil discovers that the loremaster has some unusual ideas.

Coda by Marta
After the fall of Numenor, Nienna ponders the nature of loss. (Also featuring Pengolodh.)

The Consuming Darkness by Isil Elensar
It is written that Tar-Miriel was too late to reach the supposed safety of the Meneltarma when Numenor sank into the sea. But why was she late? What was so important that she would risk her life, knowing she would not survive?

Cultural Differences by Keiliss
Cultural differences, a young king, an arrogant Maia, and rather too much wine.

*Dark Ships by Erurainon
A lamentation for The Doom of Men by a Bard of Numenor

The Day the Numenoreans Left by Aiwen
Pharazôn and Amandil's diplomatic mission to Middle-earth may do more harm than good ...

The Death of a Star by Encairion
Isildur got a little too much credit for Sauron's defeat. A look at Dagorlad from Gil-galad's POV.

Defiance by Marta
Of all the Valar, Ulmo arguably knew the Numenoreans best and it was his waves that were used in their destruction. What must he have thought about the Akallabeth?

The Departure by Keiliss
Departure, to be followed by a return.

*The Downfall by Marta
"Nine ships there were: four for Elendil, and for Isildur three, and for Anarion two; and they fled before the gale out of the twilight of doom into the darkness of the world. [...] And all the coasts and seaward regions of the western world suffered great change and ruin in that time; for the seas invaded the lands, and shores foundered."

Downfallen by pandemonium 213
Sauron recounts the first human sacrifice in the temple of Armenelos.

*Dual Number by Acharion
We all know about the twins Elladan and Elrohir. But what about the other twins in Middle Earth? Erestor has encountered not one, but four sets of twins while serving the Noldor: The sons of Fëanor, Dior, Eärendil, and Elrond.

The Eastern Sea (III) by Gadira
Part III of the Númenor Seas series, for the Sea Voyage challenge. Yehimelkor, the last High Priest of Melkor, stares at the sea thar robbed him of a loved one and bears his fate proudly.

Elegy for Númenor - Volume 1: Journey to Umbar by elfscribe
Chronicles the last days of Númenor from the time Sauron "surrenders" to Ar-Pharazôn to the fall of the empire.

The Elendilmir by pandemonium_213
A young child of Men befriends Sámaril, the troubled master smith of Imladris. The Noldorin craftsman experiences the joy and pain born of friendships between the Eldar and mortal Men and comes to question his people’s values as his life becomes entwined with Isildur’s youngest son and two powerful women of the Dúnedain. A sequel to The Apprentice.

Elfstone by Gandalfs apprentice
Celebrimbor creates the Elessar.

The Embalmer's Apprentice by Lyra
Faced with the choice between execution or working on the preservation of dead people, young Azruhâr finds himself drawn into the increasingly political struggle between progress and tradition, science and superstition.

*Embers by Elleth
Elleth's stories, drabbles and double-drabbles for Seven in '07 and B2MeM 2008. Please refer to the chapter summaries for further info.

Eönwë Among the Edain by Fiondil
Eönwë has been chosen to teach the Edain who will go to Númenor what they need to know to succeed in their new life, but he’s not too happy about the assignment.

*Erendis: A Love Story by oshun
A more intimate recounting of aspects of the story of Erendis and Aldarion. Third chapter is posted now.

Even Quicker Than Doubt by Keiliss
Set in the weeks before Elros departs for Númenor, Doubt explores the reason the twins chose different paths, Elrond’s emotional coming of age, the evolving relationship between Gil-galad and Glorfindel, and the reborn Elf’s adjustment to his new life in Second Age Lindon.

Everlasting Darkness by Cirdan
A depressing tale. Celebrimbor ponders his life just before Sauron begins his attack on Eregion.

Every Wish by Independence1776
Mestië, a Faithful commoner, prepares for her wedding while dealing with Ar-Gimilzôr’s new laws forbidding the speaking of Elvish.

Factions by Marta
Isildur's theft of the fruit of the White Tree, from a different perspective.

Falling Stars by Independence1776
Mestië and Alagos suffer the consequences of breaking Ar-Gimilzôr’s laws. Dark.

Fall of Sauron by xxxVilda
Sauron the bad guy was good in the end, wasn't he? A take on Sauron's kin's feelings about his fall.

*Fame to Fill the Void by mangacrack
Everything I'll never ever tell you.

The Far Side of the World by SurgicalSteel
During the reign of Tar-Ancalime, a group of Numenorean mariners find something that surprises and alarms them in their explorations.

Finrod's Rematch by Cirdan
Finrod shows up and challenges Sauron to a very different kind of rematch at the end of the Second Age.

Fire and Smoke by Marta
"Thereafter the fire and smoke went up without ceasing; for the power of Sauron daily increased, and in that temple, with spilling of blood and torment and great wickedness, men made sacrifice to Melkor." (Akallabeth)

Five Things That Never Happened to Sauron by Russandol
Five short scenes with a twist, in five different locations. Each of them harder to write than the previous one!

*Flawed yet Precious by Khaosity
The life story of a certain fallen Maia, told from his perspective. Dark, or rather will be.

Folly by SurgicalSteel
Could the downfall of Númenor have been prevented had the Valar acted differently?

Footnote to the Akallabeth by clotho123
The results of the Downfall, from the point of view of the Noldor in Aman. Semi-serious.

The Forging of the Ring by Uvatha the Horseman
Sauron forges the Ring

Forsaken Knowledge by Rhapsody
In order to finish one of his greatest achievements, Celebrimbor applies a skill he considered forgotten.

A Fragile Chalice by pandemonium_213
In spite of weariness and stress, Tyelperinquar (a.k.a. Celebrimbor) hosts a gathering in his home: a supper followed by what we might call a salon for the elite of Ost-in-Edhil. Musicians, rival poets, and lively conversation among the guests, which includes Erestor, the visiting emissary from Gil-galad's realm, provide the evening's entertainment. An elven poetry slam causes Tyelpo to become immersed in deep memories -- some poignant, some painful, and one dark and strange yet vaguely familiar.

Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty by Gadira
The History of the Downfall, from Ar-Sakalthôr´s accession to Ar-Pharazôn´s Armada.

A Game of Chess by Uvatha the Horseman
Sauron went to Umbar wearing the Ring, not expecting to be captured and taken to Númenor. How did the Ring get back to Barad-dûr?

A Game of Risk by Lyra
Isildur said no word, but went out by night and did a deed for which he was afterwards renowned.

Isildur discovers that heroic deeds are not nearly as simple as the poets make it sound.

*The Great Divide by ALark
The Avari of Taur Romen find themselves caught in the turmoil of the Third age just before the War of the Ring gets in full swing. In ages passed they were able to avoid the conflict between Sauron and the Free Peoples of Middle Earth,but that time is long past. the War of the Ring is on the horizon, leaving their leader, Hensilien, only one ultimatum: solicit the help of their kin in the west of whom they have habored resentment for since the First Sundering or watch their forest die at the hands of the shadow and count down to their own annihilation by the forces of Sauron.

The Hidden Lady by Rhapsody
Many scribes and bards have claimed that the Valar spared Elendil and his sons, but what is fact and what is myth?

A high-king on his death. by ford_of_bruinen
Gil-Galad after his death...

His Own Dark Designs by Independence1776
Ar-Pharazôn begins to worship Morgoth. Drabble.

Hospitality by Russandol
A man with a perilous mission arrives at the shores of Númenor, where he meets two strangers. A (most likely AU) crossover between my own Chasing Mirages and elfscribe's novel Elegy for Númenor.

Hostage by SurgicalSteel
Ar-Pharazon takes Sauron as a hostage for the good behavior of his people.

How the East Was Won by pandemonium_213
During the earliest years of the Second Age, Melkor’s great lieutenant puts the destruction of Beleriand behind him and travels to the East...with a plan.

*In Lindon by Silver Trails
While they wait for news from Eregion, Erestor helps Gil-galad to relax.

*In the Interest of Historical Accuracy by Duilwen
In Eregion in the mid-Second Age, an ambitious young scholar sets out to understand the last remaining followers of the House of Fëanor.

Into Exile by Aiwen
Elendil's arrival in Middle Earth, and his first meeting with the Elves.

Into This Wild Abyss by pandemonium_213
A series of contributions for Akallabêth in August 2009 in response to the following prompts: 1) Sauron fortifies Mordor; 2) Sauron begins to afflict Númenórean settlements to the south; 3) Sauron convinces Ar-Pharazôn to break the Ban of the Valar; 4) storms from the West strike Númenor; and 5) Sauron returns to Middle-earth.

The Jinn by pandemonium_213
While leading his tribe into the deep desert to escape the inevitable war between the Zigûr and the Sea-kings, Sharif finds a woman -- injured and unconscious -- among the rocks. He discovers this is not a mortal woman, but one of the pale-skinned immortal demons of the north. He is ready to kill her, but the tribe's priestess stays his hand, warning him that slaying the jinn would bring terrible misfortune to his tribe. His wives care for the jinn, who recovers and aids the tribe as they journey to the East in search of a mysterious land where they hope to find sanctuary, the jinn no less than Sharif and his tribe as she flees from the Zigûr.

*A Kingly Gift by Russandol
Ten years of faithful service are rewarded. A double drabble.

A gift for elfscribe on her 10th Fandom Anniversary.

*Lalwen's Box by Silver Trails
Erestor dreams of a possible future.

Landfall by Keiliss

The Land of Gift by Gadira
On the final fate of Tuor and Idril, and the roots of certain important events of the Second Age.

Last Alliance by Isil Elensar
For a few moments in time, a soldier in the Last Alliance remembers the woman he left behind.

The last farewell of you and me by ford_of_bruinen
Elrond's and Elros' last meeting.

The Last Queen by Gadira
The cliché setting for the Downfall of Númenor... or maybe not so much?

*The Last Whose Realm Was Fair and Free by Dwimordene
Gil-galad was an Elven King. We all know what this means, right?

Political economy does Second Age Elven (and other) kingdoms. Features Gil-galad, Galadriel, Celeborn, Celebrimbor, and Aldarion, primarily. Gives the other side, in a way, of Atalantë.

The Last Temptation (Rewritten) by Fireworks
Sauron has been taken prisoner by Pharazôn but nurtures an ever-growing influence. In the midst of a Númenor increasingly divided, a young Anárion works quietly after rebellion, discovering both love and betrayal in its midst.

Lending a Hand - Redux by Erulisse
I wanted this to be sharper and to explain Isildur's feelings towards the elves with greater clarity. So I refined this a bit more. This is what I came up with. What thoughts are passing through Isildur’s mind after his defeat of Sauron? A bit of gallows humor in response to the prompt “lend”.

Lesion by pandemonium_213
Something is rotten within the heartwood of Nimloth.

*Likeness by Agelast
They share a marvelous likeness. (Celebrimbor/Annatar, and all that entails.)

A Little More Conversation by Keiliss
A story told through letters of the friendship that grows between Glorfindel, sent to take charge of the newly-discovered valley of Imladris, and Erestor, an assistant to one of Gil-galad's military advisors.

A Lonely Bride by Alquawende
Erendis regrets her actions toward her husband and daughter.

Lord of Gifts by lindahoyland
Sauron has plans for the future.

*The Lords That Fell by Taylor17387
Tells the story of the rise and fall of the two dark lords, from the collapse of the fortress in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, to the collapse of Barad-dûr, and what came next. Mainly told from Melkor and Sauron's perspective. Continuation of my other fic: "The Burnt God", though it may be read separately. Occasional slash.

*Lost Home by Silver Trails
Gil-galad stops Gildor from leaving the Isle of Balar.

*Many Journeys by Elleth
A gathering place for ficlets of varying length written in response to prompts, prods and as gift ficlets.

The Man Who Grew Tomatoes by pandemonium_213
Navin, a young boy living in a mystical land in the East of Middle-earth, a civilization as rich in lore and magic as any in the West, visits family friends while his mother prepares to give birth to a new sister or brother. There in the hills, Navin helps his elderly friend in his garden and later, his friend -- a man from a distant land now gone -- tells Navin the story of how tomatoes came to Bharat.

Many Hands by Russandol
The story of a mighty weapon and heirloom, spanning the younger ages of the world.

The Mariner's Wife by Odinsbard
The lament of Erendis, after Aldarion Prince of Numenor rideth hence from Erendis' country-home when returning from a long journey; and she realises what hath truly become of life. It is written in 1st person as Erendis speaking and thus neither of their names are actually mentioned.

Written in alliterative verse, after the style of the ancient Anglo-Saxon metres...

Mavoinë by Fiondil
On a lonely hill overlooking Andúnië, an Elf watches his mortal friend build a tower and is filled with grave misgivings as to its purpose.

The Men Who Would Be Kings by SurgicalSteel
In the late Second Age, a merchant from Belfalas comes to an agreement with new arrivals from downfallen Numenor.

Midwinter Sweetness by ford_of_bruinen
These are two different stories, the first one was a Christmas tale for Christmas 2004 and retells the Christmas Story in a Second Age setting.

A Mighty Bridge Invisible by Noliel
A mariner finds himself, alone, on the Old Road to the West.

Moon of the Sea by pandemonium_213
There are any number of unnamed women in Tolkien's canon who surely played important roles behind the scenes. One of these women is Elendil's wife, the mother of Isildur and Anárion. She figures as a supporting character in my WIP, The Elendilmir, but this strong woman is taking on a life of her own. So, to keep the bunnies from gnawing my ankles raw, I have been writing ficlets about Isilmë, some of which may blossom into full-fledged stories in the future.

Never Look Back by Independence1776
Elrond has difficulty coming to terms with Elros' choice and their impending seperation.

The Night the Sea Came In by Keiliss
After Beleriand is broken and drowned, the elves on Balar have little choice but to set out in search of a safe haven. Prophecy by Galadriel, leadership by Gil-galad and Cirdan, music by Lindir, off-screen lunacy by Erestor and Gildor.

The Northern Sea (I) by Gadira
Vignette based on Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty. Alissha, entombed in her prison, surrenders to desperation.

No title yet. by ladyoflight
Written to cheer up JDav/JDE who is going through a tough time in RL. Pairing: Gil-Galad/Elrond.

Oath Renewed by Inglor
Narsil was 3000 years old before it came to Elendil, how did he get it?

Of Anbor And Azruphel by gamil-zirak
A tale of romance between a wild man of Middle earth and a lady of Numenor, told with the epic backdrop of the last 2 years of Numenor. A study in the politics and relations of the time. Hope you enjoy it!

Of Numenor That Was by Marta
The story of the last sacrifice offered to Morgoth by Numenor, told in four true drabbles from the perspectives of four OCs.

Of Sauron and the Lesser Rings by Anlashaq
To an old Friend.

One more minute by ford_of_bruinen
Another poem about Gil-Galad following his death.

*Orcling by pandemonium_213
During a Second Age equivalent of a natural history "field trip" in the upper Vale of the Glanduin River, a young Mélamírë finds her father's penchant for turning everything into a lesson to be stifling. Taking advantage of Father's unexpected nap, she sets off on a little expedition of her own, intending to return by sunset. However, she makes a discovery that turns what she intended as an afternoon's adventure into something far more harrowing and that challenges what she has been taught.

Rated Teen/PG13 equivalent for moderate violence; heads up for Pandë!verse-centrism

Ossë's Gift by elfscribe
Glorfindel and Erestor's sea voyage from Umbar to Lindon is filled with intrigue and suppressed yearnings.

Penance by SurgicalSteel
Written in honor of Pandemonium's birthday - during the siege of Barad-dur, a surgeon deals with illness and injury from the various forces in place.

The People of Akallabeth by Hamfast Gamgee
A tale set at time of the end of Numenor, involving original characters, Amandil, Elendil, some Elves a bit of angst and some of my own ideas thrown in, and a bit of poetry!

Pivot Point by Aiwen
Celebrimbor and Annatar meet for the first time.

*Price of a Broken Promise by Himring
Erendis has given up on her errant husband and is no longer waiting for Aldarion to return from his voyage to Middle-earth. Or so she says.

Originally written for B2MeM 2012, but posted here for Akallabeth-in-August and to go with Oshun's excellent new biography of Erendis.

*The Prisoner and the Hobbit by pandemonium_213 and Dreamflower
A prisoner in the Halls of Mandos, although grateful to be alive, nonetheless finds his days to be monotonous, that is, until a most unusual person, and one whose life was affected greatly by the prisoner's masterwork, accepts an offer to begin a correspondence.

The Promised Land by Rhapsody
Isildur and Anárion standing on the bow, hoping what good will come after the destruction of Númenor.

Pyrrhic Wedding by Himring
The future of her ladies-in-waiting becomes a counter in the marital conflict between Tar-Ancalime and her estranged husband Hallacar. Hallacar shames Tar-Ancalime into permitting them to marry. We are allowed to assume that they all were unreservedly grateful for this opportunity. But were they?

*A Rare Gift by Elisif
At the end of his life, Elros recieves an unexpected visitor.

Reborn by Gadira
A conversation that will change the fate of Númenor forever. Written for B2MEM Day 14, "Armenelos", on the subject of religion. Based on my Full of Wisdom verse, though it can be read on its own.

*Retreat by avanti_90
As Ar-Pharazôn's fleet approaches the shores of Aman, Finarfin and Nerdanel prepare to leave Tirion behind.

Rings of Pride; Rings of Ruin by Aiwen
Celebrimbor discovers that Annatar has betrayed them all, and has to take responsibility for the situation before total disaster can result.

Rising by Dawn Felagund
Tar-Míriel's final ascent to the Meneltarma. A "dribble" poem.

Risk Assessment by pandemonium_213
Noldorin journeymen and masters of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain discuss the secrets of lembas with a Sindarin apprentice to the Yavannildi.

*Round Two by Independence1776
Lúthien survived the First Age and has spent much of the time in the East. When she arrives in Imladris on a random visit to her descendants, she learns Sauron is hunting for the Ring. Lúthien and Huan take it upon themselves to help Frodo to Mordor.

Sacrifice by SurgicalSteel
Not everyone involved with the sacrifices at Armenelos were believers.

The Sea and King Meet in Treachery by Adonnen Estenniel
'Tis treachery, they told Ar-Pharazôn, 'tis foolish pride. Perhaps it was, perhaps. But still he set his course for the West.

*Seed of Hope by lindahoyland
Isildur's deeds continue to inspire his descendants.

Seek the Horizon, Númenor's Sons by Dawn Felagund
"Above all arts they nourished shipbuilding and sea-craft, and they became mariners whose like shall never be again since the world was diminished; and voyaging upon the wide seas was the chief feat and adventure of their hardy men in the gallant days of their youth"--a Númenórean mariners' chant.

Shards of Courage by Alassante
A squire is trusted with an heirloom of the king but at what cost to his honor?

*Some Futile Hope by Friendsheyho
It is the Second Age of Middle-earth. Sauron is regrouping, the Rings are being forged, the Numenorians are beginning their descent into madness, and Glorfindel has been sent back to Middle-earth for...for what? Only time will tell, and when it does, all of Middle-earth will rise up to fight.

Stars of Heaven's Dome by Cirdan
At the end of the Second Age, Elrond meets this long lost uncles, Elured and Elurin. They accompany him to see Oropher of Greenwood then decide to join in the War against Sauron.

Spaces of the Heart by Keiliss
Glorfindel's first meeting with Idril's grandson.

Small Expectations by Noliel
On the eve of the Numenorean-landing at the shores of Aman, Mahtan comes to see Nerdanel in her home by the coast to persuade her to come with him to Valimar.

*Sons of the Damned by Erurainon
Servents of the Valar warn the lords of Numenor.

Stones of Seeing 1. Vardamir Nólimon by Clotho 123
At the end of his reign Elros receives a visitor. How the palantíri came into Númenor.

Stones of Seeing 2. Tar Míriel by Clotho 123
Second in a trilogy telling the history of the palantiri. In the dying days of Númenor the stones come into the keeping of Elendil's line.

*A storm to break the world by ford_of_bruinen
for lignata - Isildur, not about the One Ring

On the ships fleeing Numenor

*Storm Tossed by Levade
She was his, his bright-eyed, noisy, always-hungry lovely, until the day the sea called her home. Ereinion, Círdan and a quick look at life in 2nd Age Lindon.

*Strange Fates by PerpetuaLilium
Eregriel and Síreth are two young elves of Lothlórien in the later years of the Watchful Peace. They are in love and in fact betrothed, yet they have chosen to put their ceremonies off for many years, until they can come to some conclusion about what implications the unusual features of their union may have for its validity, in accordance with the local application of the Laws and Customs. Then, during a sudden spate of instability, Síreth, with Eregriel, is chosen to take part in Lórien's first extensive diplomatic interaction with the realms of Men in centuries. They must manage their relationship and cultural expectations across the years and leagues that follow.

A Struggle with Darkness by Fireworks
Construction has begun on Sauron's temple in Armenelos, but strange, dark afflictions are plaguing those who go near ...

*Súlimëo Quentar: March Stories by Elleth
Elleth's stories, drabbles and double-drabbles for Seven in '07 and B2MeM 2008. Please refer to the chapter summaries for further info.

Survivors of the Downfall by SurgicalSteel
Sailors from Umbar realize that Numenor is no more.

*The Swan's Song by Kimberleighe
Chapter 9 includes: challenges and Idhreniel accepting a new position.

The tales and travels of Gil-galad's chief counselor during the Second Age.

The Temptation of Knowledge by Erulisse
In response to the prompt “borrow”, what did Celebrimbor think about when he was facing Annatar for the first time? Did he think he was borrowing trouble?

Tenn' Ambar-Metta by Fiondil
Elrond receives a final letter from his brother.

This Distant Shore by Rasksha the Demon
When much is lost, there still remains much to do. A Thanksgiving-inspired look at some special immigrants in the late Second Age.

Through Darkness Unescapable by Valiniel
The Alkallabeth was written as a history, but histories rarely reveal the whole truth. What was the truth behind the life of Tar Miriel, last queen of Numenor?

Till Fire Purge All Things New by Pandemonium_213
Sauron has a moment of doubt in the Sammath Naur.

Time of Trial by Lyra
Sauron has become Ar-Pharazôn's most trusted advisor, but it is not an easy job even for a cunning Maia. An unknown intruder in the palace gardens, however, enables him to set some of his more ambitious plans in motion...

A Time to Heal by clotho123
At the beginning of the Second Age Gil-galad must decide what to do about the surviving Feanorian followers. Can the Noldor be reconciled?

Torn asunder by Rhapsody
What were Mithrellas thoughts on the eve when she left her family behind on Middle Earth?

To Stand Fast Against the Night by Fiondil
Tar-Palantir makes a decision upon receiving the Sceptre of Númenor, a decision that does not meet with universal approval.

Touch of a Vanished Hand by elfscribe
When Elendil and his group of Númenóreans wash up on Lindon's shores, Elrond's past comes back to haunt him.

*To Move a Star by Kimberleighe
A brief glimpse into the moments before Gil-galad's combat with Sauron.

To Ward Winter's Chill by elfscribe
Sometimes it takes more than one night of passion to start a relationship on a sound footing. (Glorfindel/Erestor) Sequel to Osse's Gift.

True Gift by Tarion Anarore
An old, old Celebrimbor drabble, written once upon a time ago for the HASA Word of the Day challenge.

Volcano by SurgicalSteel
Late Second Age. Ar-Zimraphel struggles up the mountain.

Character death.

*The Walls Will Serve by Himring
A series of three vignettes, set beside the springs of Little Gelion below Himring Hill, written for Gwailome.
i. Maedhros decides to build a fortress on Himring Hill (Maedhros, original characters)
ii. After the Dagor Bragollach, Maedhros shows Himring to his cousin (Maedhros/Fingon)
iii. In the Second Age, Elrond visits Tol Himling (Elrond, Arminas, Erestor)

War Children by Fireworks
While the Númenóreans live in the height of their pride and folly, they leave darkness and ruin in their wake. A young woman in Middle-earth struggles with this legacy.

The Western Sea (II) by Gadira
Second fic in my arc about a certain Númenórean family of notorious traitors. This time I give you Melkorbazer, a character who also gets mentioned in my fic Full of Wisdom.

*When We Were Very Young by Marta
"And it came to pass that Tar-Palantir grew weary of grief and died. He had no son, but a daughter only, whom he named Míriel in the Elven-tongue; and to her now by right and the laws of the Númenóreans came the sceptre. But Pharazôn took her to wife against her will..." (The Akallabeth)

*While These Visions Did Appear by oshun
These are my responses in graphic format to B2MeM 2013 prompts.

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
--Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Wisdom of Isildur by Marnie
After Gil-Galad's death, Elrond and Celeborn talk power, allegiances and rings.

*Without a War by Erurainon
A man of Numenor meets a woman of the Faithful ere the deluge and reflects upon war and peace.

Woolgathering by pandemonium_213
In the waning years of Tar-Palantír's reign, a young woman of the Númenórean nobility and a shepherdess of Hyarastorni find pleasure in one another's company. They know that they must guard the nature of their relationship, but Elerína recalls what her grandmother told her of a great queen who loved a woman.

*The Writhen Pool by pandemonium_213
When the Istyari of Second Age Ost-in-Edhil deny her a place in an important new initiative to be taken up by the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, a young master smith struggles to make her mark in the man's realm of the forges. An opportunity arrives when the smith is offered a commission that will present challenges of both mind and heart.


Rated Adult as a precautionary measure. Specific advisories will be posted per chapter as needed.

Chapter 7, Ballain's Tale now added.

The Wrong Way to the Indies by Fireworks
After a world-changing discovery, a young cartographer in Middle-earth struggles with what he has to tell the world.

"Zimraphel" and "I who loved her" by Noliel and Dawn Felagund
Tar-Miriel faces the wave that will drown Númenor while, in the midst of the forbidden realm of Valinor, Ar-Pharazôn is granted sudden awareness of her fate.

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Character of the Month Biography



Once upon a time, there lived a brave Elven King so beloved by his people that, when he died in battle, they vowed to never again take for themselves another king. That would be the fairytale retelling of a simplified version of the story of Denethor of the Nandor.

The tale of Denethor of the Nandor in the edited Silmarillion tells of his birth in the Years of the Trees to Lenwë, one of the tribal chieftains of a substantial grouping within the Teleri that sets out upon the trek west from Cuiviénen. Lenwë, however, stops and turns aside with his followers at the sight of the Hithaeglir mountain range. Christopher Tolkien in The War of the Jewels speculates that the name Nandor came into existence at that point in time and was used to refer to "certain groups of the Teleri [who] gave up the March; and it was especially applied to the large following of Lenwë."1

Lenwë stops cold in his tracks at the sight of the rugged and majestic peaks of Hithaeglir (also known as the Misty Mountains). For Lenwë, they form a barrier he does not desire to even attempt to surmount, so he turns south, traveling into the lands of the Anduin River valley.

Then one arose in the host of Olwë, which was ever the hindmost on the road; Lenwë he was called. He forsook the westward march, and led away a numerous people, southwards down the great river, and they passed out of the knowledge of their kin until long years were past. Those were the Nandor; and they became a people apart, unlike their kin, save that they loved water, and dwelt most beside falls and running streams. Greater knowledge they had of living things, tree and herb, bird and beast, than all other Elves.2

But as Flieger notes, speaking of the migration of the Calaquendi, "[t]he process, however, is fitful, with stops and starts and changes both gradual and sudden."3 It would be many long years before Denethor is introduced into the narrative as the leader of his father’s people. "In after years Denethor, son of Lenwë, turned again west at last, and led a part of that people over the mountains into Beleriand ere the rising of the Moon."4

The name Denethor is adapted from Nandorin to fit the Sindarin ear. The names of his father Lenwë and his own are related in both root and meaning:

Lenwë is the form in which his name was remembered in Noldorin histories. His name was probably *Denwego, Nandorin Denweg. His son was the Nandorin chieftain Denethor. These names probably meant 'lithe-and-active' and 'lithe-and lank', from *dene- 'thin and strong, pliant, lithe', and *thara 'tall (or long) and slender'.5

Many years would pass before the remaining people of Lenwë’s grouping of the fractured Teleri would unite again with their original kinsman, now known as the Sindar, living under the guidance of Thingol and Melian. Verlyn Flieger points out that the westward migration of the Teleri, which she speaks of as a "fragmentation of peoples, of perceptions and languages," follows "a spasmodic and irregular course."6

The Nandor, Green-elves or Laiquendi, who follow the leadership of Denethor, son of Lenwë, are a simple woodland people. (There is no account of what has happened to Lenwë. He is simply never mentioned as an actor in the story again. Many died in those dangerous forests in the days of starlight. Or did he simply stay behind while Denethor led only a branch of his people?) The Nandor have no weapons of steel and find themselves increasingly terrorized by the fell minions of Melkor coming down into that area from the north.

Therefore Denethor, the son of Lenwë, hearing rumour of the might of Thingol and his majesty, and of the peace of his realm, gathered such host of his scattered people as he could, and led them over the mountains into Beleriand. There they were welcomed by Thingol, as kin long lost that return, and they dwelt in Ossiriand, the Land of Seven Rivers.7

Safer in close proximity to their ancient brethren, they live quietly and no stories are told of Denethor and his people during those extended years of peace.

In Beleriand still at times rode Oromë the great, passing like a wind over the mountains, and the sound of his horn came down the leagues of the starlight, and the Elves feared him for the splendour of his countenance and the great noise of the onrush of Nahar; but when the Valaróma echoed in the hills, they knew well that all evil things were fled far away.8

Unbeknownst to them, however, across the sea "the noontide of Valinor was drawing to its twilight."9 Morgoth and Ungoliant destroy the Two Trees, leaving the land of light in darkness, steal the Silmarils, and return to Middle-earth to wreak fear and destruction upon its peoples, first in the far north.

Now the Orcs that multiplied in the darkness of the earth grew strong and fell, and their dark lord filled them with a lust of ruin and death; and they issued from Angband’s gates under the clouds that Morgoth sent forth, and passed silently into the highlands of the north. Thence on a sudden a great army came into Beleriand and assailed King Thingol.10

War had come upon Thingol and much more destructively upon the scattered peoples who dwelt not in Menegroth itself but surrounding the area known as Doriath in the First Age. And Thingol is cut off from Círdan as well. Desperate to deal with the onslaught, he calls upon Denethor’s assistance. Denethor is a leader who has brought his people, in great hardship, through peril into safety. He is experienced and has the numbers.

Therefore he [Thingol] called upon Denethor; and the Elves came in force from Region beyond Aros and from Ossiriand, and fought the first battle in the Wars of Beleriand. And the eastern host of the Orcs was taken between the armies of the Eldar, north of the Andram and midway between Aros and Gelion, and there they were utterly defeated, and those that fled north from the great slaughter were waylaid by the axes of the Naugrim that issued from Mount Dolmed: few indeed returned to Angband. But the victory of the Elves was dear-bought. For those of Ossiriand were light-armed, and no match for the Orcs, who were shod with iron and iron-shielded and bore great spears with broad blades; and Denethor was cut off and surrounded upon the hill of Amon Ereb. There he fell and all his nearest kin about him, before the host of Thingol could come to his aid.11

That first of the five Great Battles of Beleriand, the only one fought without the participation of the Noldor, could be called a mitigated victory or a qualified defeat. It leaves beleaguered peoples, hemmed in on all sides by Melkor’s fiends, with very little freedom of movement. The Orc army has been stopped, but at great cost: King Denethor is killed leading his Laiquendi troops. Meanwhile, Thingol and his people are forced to withdraw into the area of Doriath, there to be enclosed and isolated within a magical girdle of protection that Melian then creates. Círdan, meanwhile, is effectively limited to the area of the Havens of the Falas.

Upon Amon Ereb died Denethor, lord of the Nandor that dwelt in Ossiriand, who marched to the aid of Thingol against Morgoth in those days when the Orcs first came down in force, and broke the starlit peace of Beleriand; and upon that hill Maedhros dwelt after the great defeat.12, 13

Thingol’s lands until that time have been called Eglador, but after the First Battle of Beleriand, they are referred to as Doriath, the guarded kingdom, Land of the Girdle. Only within that magic circle does there exist a watchful peace, until the coming of the Noldor. Outside of it, Morgoth’s minions and fell beasts roam at will. Fear reigns throughout the rest of Beleriand. It is a perilous land indeed during those last days of starlight. Círdan’s people remain safe only as long as they stay within the walled havens of the Falas.14

Bitterly though his fall was avenged, when Thingol came upon the rear of the Orcs and slew them in heaps, his people lamented him [Denethor] ever after and took no king again. After the battle some returned to Ossiriand, and their tidings filled the remnant of their people with great fear, so that thereafter they came never forth in open war, but kept themselves by wariness and secrecy; and they were called the Laiquendi, the Green-elves, because of their raiment of the colour of leaves. But many went north and entered the guarded realm of Thingol, and were merged with his people.15

The grief and shock of the Laiquendi at the death of their valiant King Denethor in this battle is so great that they pledge never again to name a king or take part in any of the wars between the Eldar and Morgoth.

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  12. The Silmarillion, "Of Beleriand and Its Realms."
  13. Maedhros knew of what he spoke when he noted, ‘A king is he that can hold his own, or else his title is vain. Thingol does but grant us lands where his power does not run. Indeed Doriath alone would be his realm this day, but for the coming of the Noldor. Therefore in Doriath let him reign, and be glad that he has the sons of Finwë for his neighbours, not the Orcs of Morgoth that we found. Elsewhere it shall go as seems good to us.’ The Silmarillion, "Of the Return of the Noldor."
  14. The Silmarillion, "Of the Sindar."
  15. Ibid.

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Featured Podfic

Many Journeys

Elleth (Read by grey_gazania)

A selection of podfics from Elleth's ficlet collection "Many Journeys." Visit the download page below for individual summaries.

Listen to or download "Many Journeys."

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Current Challenge

United They Stand

Throughout the books we see women like Haleth leading their people, or Lúthien doing deeds no other man dared to do. Dwarves meeting elves, or Oromë discovering the elves. Emancipation and equality can be found in the Professor's words, and we would like to challenge you to write about this process. To get you started, here are some ideas to explore:

Challenges Revisited: Akallabêth in August

This month, we focus on one of the most tumultuous times in Arda's history: the Second Age and the rise and fall of Númenor. But even as Númenor was the central player during these times, the whole of Arda was affected by the events that affected the prideful and unfortunates alike of this doomed island.

Any story that is or might conceivably be part of the Akallabêth is acceptable for this challenge. If it's been a while since you've read the tales of the Second Age of Arda, why not crack open this oft-neglected chapter and see if inspiration finds you? Here are a few plotbunnies that might find a home in this challenge:

Quote of the Month

There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.
- Napoleon Bonaparte

Want more challenges? Check out our complete challenge listing for more than three years' worth of challenges to inspire your writing!

Have an idea for a challenge? Some of our most popular challenges have been created by you, the members of SWG! If you have a plotbunny gnawing at your ankle, a favorite quote, or a favorite character that you think might inspire others as well, please send an email to and we'll try to include your challenge in our next newsletter!

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Articles of Interest

Each month, the SWG newsletter features links to articles that our members might find interesting. Do you have something you'd like to suggest? An interesting essay or discussion going on in your journal or blog? Drop us a line at and we'll add your article, essay, or post to our next newsletter!

It should go without saying, but just in case it bears repeating, any opinions expressed in these links are not necessarily that of the SWG and its moderators.

J.R.R. Tolkien Reads From The Two Towers, the Second Book of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Let's go back to the source of our fandom, to the creator of the Middle-earth we love. Listen to a recording of Tolkien reading from The Two Towers.

Women and Chauvinism in Middle-earth

The controversy generated by the character of Tauriel in the second movie of The Hobbit prompts a series of articles in "Middle-earth News" that will be focusing on the female characters in Tolkien's world. The first one is an introduction to set the scene, followed by two more pieces on Éowyn and Galadriel.

The Illustrated Silmarillion: Interview with Benjamin Harff

Read an interview with the creator of the most beautiful copy of The Silmarillion ever produced, and admire the fabulous gilded and illustrated pages of this unique work of art.

Reading Tolkien as Commentary on Modern Politics and International Relations

Although Tolkien disdained allegorical interpretations of his works, since the publication of The Lord of the Rings, scholars and fans of his books have used them to interpret modern political issues. In the Brown Political Review, David Kaufman writes, "Between drone attacks, high-profile assassinations, and frighteningly encompassing digital surveillance, it seems that the government of the United States is inching ever closer to finding 'one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.'" Tolkien and Terrorism: Perpetual War, PRISM, and the One Ring considers the lessons Tolkien's writings teach about the role of absolute power in modern politics. In The Eye of Sauron Is the Modern Surveillance State, David Rosen and Aaron Santesso argue that Tolkien, not Orwell, best depicted the modern surviellance state with the Eye of Sauron.


LOTR Community August Challenge: Non-Fiction

The August Challenge will once again have the theme "Nonfiction." You will not receive an element for this challenge; rather, we encourage all members to submit essays, research articles, and other nonfictional works related to Tolkien's legendarium. The August challenge entries will be due on the LotRGen community on Tuesday, August 14 and will be revealed on Thursday, August 16.

Teitho: August Challenge--Mountains

Look at the map of Middle-earth. What do you see? There are shores, rivers, forests ... and mountains. The great mountain range of Hithaeglir running almost all the way from north to south, the distinct shape of Mordor, bordered with walls of mountains on three sides ... What you see is our theme for August - Mountains.

Whether a majestic feature in a landscape, an obstacle to travellers (or even the location of their hardships and adventures), or just an almost immutable presence as kingdoms rise and fall, your story or artwork should feature mountains - any of those you can find in Middle-earth. The deadline for this challenge (both art and stories) is August 25th. The Teitho website has more information as well as the full rules for this challenge.

Happy writing and drawing!

Mythgard Institute: Fall Courses and Course Packs Available for Download

This fall, investigate the origins of a beloved detective in "Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination"; go inside Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur in "Tolkien and Tradition," and get acquainted with the study of languages in "Philology Through Tolkien". These three courses will be available at theMythgard Institute during the upcoming term. Fall courses begin the week of August 26.

Past semesters' course packs are also available for download. The six-week short course The Lord of the Rings I: The Road Goes Ever On is now available to download for free. The Spring 2013 course packs, including "Tolkien’s World of Middle-earth," are available for purchase.

Call for Papers: Mythgard Institute’s Mythmoot II

"Mythmoot" is an annual celebration and conference of the Mythgard Institute and Signum University. "Mythmoot II" will feature a special viewing of the film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, as well as guest speakers, musicians, artists, a fantastic banquet, and fun and interactive sessions for fans and academics alike, as well as panel presentations on the fantasy genre. "Mythmoot II" is seeking proposals for 15-20 minute papers on Tolkien and other fantasy-related literature and media.

For more information, visit the Mythguard Institute website.

New Tolkien-Inspired Cookbook Available Soon

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings will be familiar with his frequent mentions of food. From the Unexpected Party, to the food of Bombadil and Beorn, to the feasts of the Elves and the Dwarves (and don’t forget Lembas Bread!), Tolkien’s love of his food – food of the British Isles – is more than clear. Medium Rare and Back Again features recipes inspired by Tolkien's books. Visit the Medium Rare and Back Again webpage for more information and to pre-order the book.

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