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SWG News

Last Call on SWG Site Use Survey!

We are currently running a survey in order to get a sense of how our members and guests use and site and to best plan the future direction of the group in such a way to meet those needs. The survey will close down on 8 August 2016. If you use the SWG in any way or think you might like to in the future, we'd love your input. Click here to take the SWG Site Use Survey.

Tolkien Femslash Bingo Wrap-Up

Tolkien Femslash Bingo, the SWG's joint project with Silmladylove for Tolkien Femslash Week was a resounding success. Your enthusiasm created over 100(!) pieces of femslash fanfiction, artwork, edits, reviews and recommendations in just over a week!. Thank you all; if there was any doubt left that the Tolkien Femslash community is prolific, talented and passionate, this event proved that you are.

I'd also like to thank everyone else involved on the organization side of things: Dawn for her support and expertise, Rhapsody (and her daughter Susie) for drawing our numbers, Angelica for the announcements and promotion, and Elvie for the prompt-finding, card-making and organizing the reblogging endeavour on tumblr. This'd have been impossible to run alone.

Our winning cards were the following:

We also have some bingo winners! Congratulations to Scribe of Mirrormere for a win on the Lyrics and Poetry card, kimaracretak for wins on the Book Titles and Third Age Locations card, and Rhapsody for a win on the Rec and Review card! Their winning fics (if posted) are marked with a little golden stamp in the list below. Congratulations!

If you have achieved BINGO and would still like to claim your win, please email us at to do so. Banners for winners and participants can be found on the BINGO page. And even though the event is over, you are welcome to use the cards to keep creating! Once again, thank you for playing!

For more information, you can go to

Akallabêth in August

It’s August again and it’s time to revisit Númenor and the Second Age. In our Archive we have many wonderful stories about this most fascinating period of the history of Arda. If you’re in need of enjoyment or inspiration, check out one of the many Second Age stories already on our Archive. In 2009, we hosted a special event focused on the Akallabêth. Read the 2009 Akallabêth in August collection here.

Each year, we put together a list of Second Age stories, poems, and essays appearing on our Archive. If you've archived a Second Age story and it's missing from the list, please let us know at, and we will correct the list. Read the list of Second Age stories in our Akallabêth in August section below.

The Fanfic Writers at the Tolkien Scholars' Court: Dawn and Oshun Go to the NY Tolkien Conference

This past month, Dawn Felagund and Oshun journeyed far and near to the New York Tolkien Conference, held at Baruch College in Manhattan, to present their research on the formation of site cultures on Tolkien fanfic archives. Train delays and the New York subway (which is all I need to say) attempted to hold them back, but there they were: the fanfic writers amid the Tolkien scholars' court.

Oshun looks impressively scholarly while talking about hippies squatting in the world Tolkien created Dawn waves her hand around impressively while presenting at the New York Tolkien Conference

Around the World and Web below has a summary of some of the excellent presentations from the conference. In true quest style, Dawn and Oshun quickly met up with a fellow traveling companion, long-time SWG member and occasional biography writer Marta. In true fanfic-author style, the three of them got in trouble for talking too loudly in the hallway after arriving early at Dawn and Oshun's presentation in anticipation of thwarting another modern quest killer: technical difficulties. Once safely arrived in their presentation room, Dawn did manage to get the projector to work despite its best attempts to thwart their efforts at achieving the elixir which they had journeyed to obtain. In a twist of irony, the AV guy arrived just as soon as she did so, while she was embarked upon a side quest to obtain a cup of water in the maze-like hallways of Baruch College.

The presentation, titled "The Borders of the (Fictional) World: Fan Fiction Archives, Ideological Approaches, and Fan Identity," looked at how site cultures develop on popular Tolkien fan fiction archives. Oshun began with a discussion of Tolkien fandom and fanfic history, during which emerged some familiar themes: the ongoing battle between the purists and the heretics and between the veteran fans and the new. The emergence of Tolkien fanfic--helped along by the development of Web 2.0 platforms that made creating interactive online groups easier than ever--perpetuated these trends in many ways. The release of Peter Jackson's film trilogy and the flourishing of fandom activity that followed, in many cases, inspired gatekeeping and the fragmentation that would come to typify the Tolkien fanfic community.

Dawn's section presented data from her Tolkien Fan Fiction Survey that provided statistical evidence for what many Tolkienfic writers already know: Each archive develops a unique culture, valuing certain interpretations of Tolkien's world and approaches to fan fiction about it. This is partly created by the rules and regulations that govern the group, but she found that this is a small part of the story: The members of an archive do far more than its administration to determine the culture that the group will eventually develop. Furthermore, each of the fifteen most popular Tolkienfic archives Dawn and Oshun considered for their paper was slightly different than the others with respect to its site culture. Few groups shared the same interpretive approaches and priorities as fanfic writers, suggesting that the divide in how to approach Tolkien's works--a divide as old as the fandom itself--continues to manifest even in our fanfic communities. (The SWG, for those who are curious about our particular corner of the Tolkienfic world, tends to value both a critical approach to fanfic and the use of Tolkienfic for social justice purposes. We're less keen on adhering to Tolkien's morality or writing fanfic for a specifically erotic purpose, although anyone familiar with the group knows that both kinds of stories and authors do find their home here as well.)

If you missed Dawn and Oshun's presentation, you can view the video below or read a more detailed synopsis on The Heretic Loremaster. The full paper will be available, hopefully, by the next newsletter.

Welcome to Our New Members!

This month we welcome Jeff, Anborn, and maitimiel as new members of the Silmarillion Writers' Guild.

We hope you're already reading and enjoying the stories, poems and reference material, listening to the podcasts in our site, and perhaps posting your own material. However, if you need help you can start by browsing our Frequently Asked Questions, which cover information about the archive, challenges, reviews, ratings, our definition of "Silmfic", and much more. If you can't find what you are after, or if you need assistance for any other reason, do not hesitate to contact the SWG mods at

We would love to know what brought you to the SWG, how you got to be a fan of Tolkien and The Silmarillion, or other details about your fandom persona that you would like to share, so why not update your bio?

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New at the Archive

Completed Works

Drinks in the Dark by Lingwiloke [Teens] (1017 words)
Summary: Orodreth has been crowned king of Nargothrond. He's not taking it particularly well.

Drowning by Harnatano [Adult] ( 1956 words)
Summary: After Dagor Bragollach, Celegorm, Curufin and their people finally reached Nargothrond, and after a meeting and many convincing arguments, Felagund allowed them to abide within the realm. For the first time in weeks, Curufin can enjoy a moment of calm and solitude, and recovers the sensations of his body.

Édebar by Urloth [Teens] (22693 words)
Summary: Édebar was a tidal island. It had been a resting place of the Lady Uinen who had gifted it to a group of those who had pledged devotion to her to create a sanctuary for those who were mentally distressed or unhappy to find peace again. It was a far more discrete option than the long trip to Lorien, and Lorien was usually reserved for extreme cases. Girls crying about their marriage prospects was not considered extreme.

I Have Found The One My Soul Loves by The Wavesinger [Teens] (4380 words)
Summary: "They say that the Elven-lady, along with her companion, a beautiful Elven-woman, watches over the line of the Princes and weeps for every one of her children, and children-of-her-children." A story about Mithrellas and Nimrodel, after they find each other. (Written for Karari for Ship Swap 2016.)

Little father by Calendille [General] (1770 words)
Summary: Nerdanel considers her children, and why Curufin was always special to Fëanor’s heart.

Not by Sea by Idle Leaves [General] (1218 words)
Summary: Hope gives way to truth.

Nowhere Man by Lotrfan [General] (5364 words)
Summary: What happened to Maglor after he cast the Silmaril into the sea? Modern setting AU with Maglor in our times, after ages of wandering the earth.

Oh Lift Me as a Wave by Zdenka [General] (1986 words)
Summary: Elwing and the wind. (There are powers in Arda that are not told of in the histories.)

Rainbow of Hope by Silver Trails [Teens] (3167 words)
Summary: Maglor meets Daeron again during the Second Age

Works in Progress

A Song of Ice and Fire by My blue rose [Teens]
Summary: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” ~ Leo Tolstoy. A non-chronological look at the early life of House Fëanor in Aman, from its various members.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1: I Hold With Those That Favor Fire.

Atanatari: Of the Three Houses of the Edain by Himring [Author Chooses Not to Rate]
Summary: A collection for stories about the Edain.
Chapters added this month: Latecomers, and Tur Haretha.

Bitter Dregs by Aiwen [Teens]
Summary: Diplomacy is generally a poor source for exciting stories… except when it goes horribly wrong, leaving Gil-galad and the ambassadors of Gondor and Arnor at death's door, and an assassin on the loose. If any of them dies, can the alliance between the Elves and the Numenorean Exiles survive?
Chapter added this month: A Day Out of Nightmares.

Bringing Trouble to Barad-dur by Aiwen [Teens]
Summary: In the Halls of Mandos, Celebrimbor and Gil-galad receive a unique assignment: go as ghosts to Barad-dur and distract Sauron from his war against the free peoples of Middle-earth. MEFA 2010 Humor Incomplete 3rd place winner.
Chapter added this month: A Taste of His Own Medicine.

Morning Mist and Silver Sun by StarSpray [Teens]
Summary: A place to store drabbles and drabble-series; most written for tolkien_weekly prompts.
Chapter added this month: Waiting out the Storm.

The steel of their will by Harnatano [General]
Summary: After their flight from Himlad, until their flight from Nargothrond, Celegorm and Curufin will have to face the abyss of their defeat, the bitterness of their broken pride, and the tempting shadows of greed. Through envy, frustration, pain and resentment, they will have to choose which path to follow, unaware that their choices will affect all the people of Beleriand. Written from Curufin's pov. Canon based, more like a personal combination between the different versions given in HoME and the Silmarillion.
Chapter added this month: A challenging reunion.

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky and the Land by StarSpray [Teens]
Summary: Eärendil has gone sailing again--the time through the skies--and Elwing is left to find a place for herself in Valinor, while the Valar prepare for war.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 4.

Short Works

Before the Coming of the End by Himring [General] (804 words)
Summary: Who will fetch forth Turin to the fight, as the Dagor Dagorath approaches? Written for Kenaz for the "Around the Fire" Challenge.

Bring Back the Light by Silver Trails [General] (483 words)
Summary: Fëanor feels empty after he breaks the Silmarils

Dead Leaves and Beetles by Zdenka [General] (293 words)
Summary: Even before their fatal quarrel, Saeros is exasperated by Túrin's lack of grooming. (Triple drabble.)

Lyric by Idle Leaves [General] (653 words)
Summary: A short visit in the gardens.

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Akallabêth in August

Works Completed 2015-16

Bitter Dregs by Aiwen

Bringing Trouble to Barad-Dur by Aiwen

The Queen and her Consort by The Wavesinger

An Orchid in the Salt White Beach by The Wavesinger

The Fire That Grew So Low by The Wavesinger

Like Mother, Like Daughter by The Wavesinger

Prisoner by Uvatha the Horseman

The Battle of Sarn Ford (April 1, 2016) by Uvatha the Horseman

Shadows by Friensheyho

Some Futile Hope by Friendsheyho

Rainbow of Hope by Silver Trails

Memories of Sorrows Past by Elwing

Dying on the Vine by Ilye

Gildor and Lindan: Point of Reference by Encaitariel

Song of the Stone by Dawn Felagund

Numenor That Was by Himring

The Sea Queen’s Touch by Amy Fortuna

The Last Temptation (Rewritten Again) by Fireworks

Add Salt to the Sea by Zdenka

Midsummer Prayer by Zdenka

In the Last Hour by Zdenka

Foe and Friend by Zdenka

In An Hour Unlooked For by Kaylee Arafinwiel

What Is and What Should Never Be by Kenaz

The Lords that Fell by Taylor 17387

The Quality of Mercy by Simaetha

Fall by Ginger

Blood, Song & Silver by MisbehavingMaiar

The Last Maker by Ecthelion

Deceitful Blessing by Harnatano

Strokes of Crimson by Sleepless_Malice

Stars of Morning by Sleepless_Malice

A Grant for Tindómiel by Scribe of Mirrormere

Burning Bright: Answers in the Dark by Keiliss

Three Letters by Talullah

Isilmë’s Gift by Talullah

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Tolkien Femslash Bingo Fanworks

An alphabetized list of stories and artwork that opted into inclusion in the SWG newsletter can be found below, but there are many more treasures to find in the #tolkien femslash week tag on tumblr.

A Chain of Daisies by The Wavesinger [General] (369 words)
Summary: A moment with Finduilas and Níniel. Also available on AO3.

A Dance? by Scribe of Mirrormere [General] (100 words)
Summary: At Bilbo's Farewell Party, Pervinca dances with a dwarf.

Aerin's Revenge by amyfortuna [Explicit] (940 words)
Summary: Uldana, sister of Brodda, makes no bones about how much she dislikes Aerin. Turns out, the feeling’s more than mutual.

Afflictions by maitimiel [Teens] (523 words)
Summary: A picnic at Rivendell

A Glimmer in the Dark by maitimiel [General] (253 words)
Summary: She will run until she catches it

winner stamp A Grant for Tindómiel by Scribe of Mirrormere [General] (1375 words)
Summary: "My problem is Meril, father,” Tindómiel said and took another deep breath, her heart pounding with the confession reaching her lips. “I love her deeply, and that is the source of my pain." Also available on AO3.

A Life in Exile by Scribe of Mirrormere [General] (200 words)
Summary: A life in exile, this has become pattern.

A Lifetime of Love by amyfortuna [Teens] (597 words)
Summary: Near the end of their time together, Finduilas and Níniel talk about love, death, and gratitude.

All These Wars Are Over by amyfortuna [General] (401 words)
Summary: Elemmírë looks for Írimë after the War of Wrath.

An Autumn Night by The Wavesinger [Teens] (617 words)
Summary: An autumn night at an inn.

and the song (forever) between us by Astris [General] (415 words)
Summary: Findis and Elemmírë meet in secret. Also available on AO3.

Bouquet, for Femslash Bingo 2016 by Urloth [Teens] (5075 words)
Summary: Femslash Bingo Fills for the Flowers and Their Meanings Card for Femslash Week 2016

Caught Up in the Day by ramainen-elvie [General] (352 words)
Summary: Eilinel and Glóredhel live and grow together.

Celebration by maitimiel [Mature] (572 words)
Summary: The Queen wishes to celebrate her wedding anyversary.

Cold by ramainen-elvie [General] (298 words)
Summary: The walk across the Ice is long.

winner stamp Confidence Restored by Scribe of Mirrormere [General] (100 words)
Summary: When Haleth feels hope fades she reaches for light within and seeks her out. Also available on AO3.

Contrapunto by The Wavesinger [Teens] (554 words)
Summary: Ilmarë and her lover, before and after. Also available on AO3.

counting losses by ramainen-elvie [General] (97 words)
Summary: Amarië dreams of her lost love.

Dance, Oh Lover by The Wavesinger [Teens] (97 words)
Summary: A poem from Aredhel to Goldberry. Also available on AO3.

Drabbles: The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales by Zdenka [Teens]
Summary: Drabbles set during the First and Second Ages of Middle-earth. (Exactly 100 words as counted by MS Word.) Please see table of contents for individual summaries and warnings.
Chapters added for Tolkien Femslash Week: Violets, Change of Heart, Rains of Spring and Courting Gift. Also available on AO3.

Drabbles: The Silmarillion, part 2 by Zdenka [Teens]
Summary: Tolkien drabbles set in the First and Second Ages of Middle-earth. (Exactly 100 words as counted by MS Word.) Please see table of contents for individual summaries and warnings.
Chapters added for Tolkien Femslash Week: Rose Red, Love Greater Than Fear, The Spider and the Bat, Pray, Love, Remember, Wildflowers. Also available on AO3.

Don't want to wake up by Isilloth [Not Rated] (211 words)
Summary: Silmariën isn't happy with her husband, but her great- great-grandaunt comes to her at dreams and comfort her.

fallen to the wind by Astris [General] (590 words)
Summary: Nellas confronts Nienor's mortality. Also available on AO3.

Familiar stranger by Isilloth [Unrated] (489 words)
Summary: Yávien hate attending in her father's balls. But sometimes she can meet there intresting people.

Art: Galadriel & Her Queen, Melian by nisiedrawsstuff [General]

Given It All by Astris [Adult] (1437 words)
Summary: A strange Maia has taken up residence by the river in the Hidden Vale. Aredhel is more fascinated than she should be. Also available on AO3.

Haiku by The Wavesinger [Teens] (131 words)
Summary: I live under your/domain. You rule with gentle/kisses, golden smiles. From Indis to Nerdanel. Also available on AO3.

Homecoming by ramainen-elvie [General] (313 words)
Summary: A dwarf returns from above.

Hope in You by amyfortuna [General] (863 words)
Summary: Gilraen is persuaded to stay in Rivendell.

Just a memory by Isilloth [General] (697 words)
Summary: Lalwen meet young maiden during visiting Men's settlement.

Lessons in Clay by The Wavesinger [Teens] (149 words)
Summary: Nerdanel fails to finish a sculpture, and admits to a defeat. Also available on AO3.

winner stamp Let's Go! by Scribe of Mirrormere [General] (401 words)
Summary: In the Seventh Age, an elf of Doriath, now of Chicago, finds love.

like i'm set on fire by Astris [Adult] (811 words)
Summary: Indis receives a summons. Also available on AO3.

Like the River Wandering by Zdenka [Teens] (1485 words)
Summary: Aredhel escapes from Nan Dungortheb and is aided by a daughter of the river. Also available on AO3.

Long Years Numberless by The Wavesinger [Teens] (831 words)
Summary: In the Third Age, Varda and Galadriel reflect on change and love.

Love Song Eternal by The Wavesinger [Adult] (179 words)
Summary: A song (or, more properly, a poem) from Elemmírë to Írimë. Also available on AO3.

Many Journeys by Elleth [Author Chooses Not to Rate]
Summary: A gathering place for ficlets of varying length written in response to prompts, prods and as gift ficlets.
Chapters added for Tolkien Femslash Week: The Song (Forever), White-Flowered Also, As A Cup Yielding, River's Voice, Make a Bird of Me, Hilt-First, Breath for Breaking, Steeling, Icy, Stone to Pity, Resteth Not Here, Crown-Gift, My Fairest Bed, On Nights of Rain, and Sunlight Free the Heart. Also available on AO3 with additional chapters.

Meadow Flowers and Butterflies by StarSpray [Teens]
Summary: A collection of ficlets for Femslash events
Chapters added for Tolkien Femslash Week: And You, My Love, Are the Sea, Laughing in the Sun, Waiting out the Storm.

Middle-earth Poetry (Silmarillion version) by Zdenka [Teens]
Summary: Tolkien-related poetry on various subjects, mostly written for B2MeM. (I've only cross-posted the Silmarillion poems here; the version on AO3 and MPTT includes the LOTR-related ones also.)
Chapter added for Tolkien Femslash Week: The Unfinished Poem. Also available on AO3.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall by maitimiel [Explicit] (893 words)
Summary: Finduilas is getting ready, but what she sees in the mirror takes her mind elsewhere.

Namárië by The Wavesinger [Teens] (811 words)
Summary: In the Third Age, Varda and Galadriel reflect on change and love.

Namesake by ramainen-elvie [General] (117 words
Summary: Finduilas and her namesake.

Obscured by ramainen-elvie [Teens] (376 words)
Summary: Niënor is self-conscious about her body. Nellas has a solution.

One Last Time by amyfortuna [Explicit] (547 words)
Summary: Finduilas and Níniel get into character.

Rhythm of the Night by amyfortuna [Explicit] (960 words)
Summary: Elemmírë performs at a secret festival in honour of Vána and Nessa, and is transported into bliss.

River Song by ramainen-elvie [General] (104 words)
Summary: Nimrodel sings, and Mithrellas listens.

Saying Goodbye by The Wavesinger [General] (125 words)
Summary: Fíriel spends one last night with her lady. Also available on AO3.

Scratched Kitten by maitimiel [Teens] (1399 words)
Summary: Beruthiel’s cats keep her awake at night. She goes looking for them and finds something else.

She Has Me by maitimiel [Teens] (213 words)
Summary: It’s less cold when her arms are around me.

She Is Fire by maitimiel [Explicit] (427 words)
Summary: The quendi clebrate winter.

Sing You Home by The Wavesinger [General] (100 words)
Summary: The stream echoes Mithrellas' desperate search for Nimrodel. Also available on AO3.

Sister by The Wavesinger [Mature] (100 words)
Summary: A daughter of Arwen is fascinated by the familiarity of her sister.

Song for Two Voices by Zdenka [Teens] (507 words)
Summary: Írimë goes into exile and Elemmírë stays behind, but their thoughts are with each other, on the Ice or in the darkness. (A sequence of five drabbles.) Also available on AO3.

Spring After Winter by StarSpray [General] (2022 words)
Summary: Amarie visits Elwing in her tower by the sea.

Sunlight by ramainen-elvie [General] (51 words)
Summary: A dance in sunshine.

Sweet Pain by amyfortuna [Teens] (399 words)
Summary: Princess Merenil of Gondor writes to Lady Finduilas of Ithilien.

Tanka by The Wavesinger [Teens] (186 words)
Summary: A sequence of tanka in which Nerdanel contemplates Varda..

Art: Tar-Telperiën & Her Harem by nisiedrawsstuff [General]

The Coming of Spring by amyfortuna [General] (386 words)
Summary: Lady Finduilas of Ithilien writes to Princess Merenil of Gondor.

The Courage to Love by amyfortuna [General] (1172 words)
Summary: In the wake of the departure of the Noldor, Nerdanel picks up the pieces with Anairë and Ëarwen, discovers something about them, and something about herself.

The Doom of Choice by Zdenka [General] (200 words)
Summary: As Ar-Pharazôn’s fleet nears completion, two childhood friends must decide what to do. (Double drabble.) Also available on AO3.

The Final Test by amyfortuna [General] (200 words)
Summary: Galadriel comes home at last.

The Fruits of Revenge by amyfortuna [Teens] (235 words)

Summary: Aerin isn’t just motivated by kindness.

The Grass Widow's finest by Rhapsody the Bard [Teens] (375 words)
Summary: After an eerie encounter with a will-o'-the-wisp, Tauriel finds her comfort at a Laketown Inn.

The Holy Stanzas by The Wavesinger [Adult] (783 words)
Summary: Snapshots from a visit to the ocean. Also available on AO3.

winner stampthere's a black house burning in the moonlight by kimaracretak [Mature] (3900 words)
Summary: Tolkien femslash week 2016, drabbles on a theme of 'fey creatures and the women they love'.

The Princess and the Forest by The Wavesinger [Explicit] (526 words)
Summary: Sometimes, in the evenings, Lothíriel ventures into the forest.

The Seagull and the Wind by The Wavesinger [General] (156 words)
Summary: A seagull and the wind dance at the edge of the sea. Also available on AO3.

The sweet song of poppies by Rhapsody [Adult] (200 words)
Summary: Morwen is summoned by Acca to fulfill the need of the latter. Also available on AO3.

The Tapestry by Zdenka [Teens] (1278 words)
Summary: Théodwyn struggles to finish one last work before she dies. She is aided by a spirit only she can see.

The Trinket's value by Rhapsody [General] (451 words)
Summary: Haleth's companion thinks there is more than it meets the eye once the leader of the Haladin returns from a meeting with the Lord of Thargelion.

The Welcoming Waves by ramainen-elvie [Teens] (171 words)
Summary: Anairë lies on the beach with her friend.

The Womb of Earth by ramainen-elvie [General] (128 words)
Summary: A dwarf awakes below.

till i forget my name by Astris [Adult] (478 words)
Summary: Indis submits. Also available on AO3.

To an absent lover by Himring [Author Chooses Not to Rate] (75 words)
Summary: Two (female) Sindar before the return of Morgoth from Valinor--one of them looking back on that time. Also available on AO3.

winner stamp To My Lady by Scribe of Mirrormere [Not Rated] (189 words).
Summary: Collection of poems written for the Tolkien Femslash Week.

Touch-Starved by amyfortuna [General] (375 words)
Summary: Aredhel comforts Idril on the Ice.

Tolkien Drabbles: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by Zdenka [Teens]
Summary: Drabbles set during the Third Age of Middle-earth.
Chapters added for Tolkien Femslash Week: To Weave the Garlands of Repose, The Sun in Love.

Under Unclouded Stars by Zdenka [General] (376 words)
Summary: Samwise Gamgee's granddaughter Fíriel dreams of Cuiviénen under the stars. Also available on AO3.

Unreasonable kiss by Isilloth [Mature] (591 words)
Summary: Findis and Elemmirë are together thirty years and it seems that t will be forever. But one rash step changes everything.

Untitled by The Wavesinger [General] (317 words)
Summary:Snippets from a larger story. Things you need to know: Fíriel found Iminyë when she was wandering the woods, having lost her memory for not-yet-decided reasons. In the second snapshot, Iminyë doesn’t fully have her memory back; the name is a result of a lot of shockingly handwave-y coincidences.

Uplifted by ramainen-elvie [General] (100 words)
Summary: Elwing flies in the morning.

winner stamp Waltz of the Flowers by Scribe of Mirrormere [Teens] (968 words)
Summary: Elemmírë and Írimë in three steps.

What We Have Now by maitimiel [Teens] (600 words)
Summary: Together they scavenge through the remains of someone else’s life.

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Character of the Month Biography



Radagast the Brown is one of the Istari (Wizards) who were sent from Aman to assist the peoples of Middle-earth in their struggle against Sauron. His Quenya name is Aiwendil, which means 'lover of birds.'1 Unfinished Tales contains a section entitled The Istari, which is an excellent source for Tolkien's conceptions of these emissaries from the land of the gods and their roles in the continuing struggle against darkness in Middle-earth. (We will explore this resource in more detail below.)

Before we saw Radagast with bird droppings in his hair and driving a sled pulled by giant bunnies in Peter Jackson's film-stylings of The Hobbit, the majority of readers were probably all but unaware of this blink-and-one-misses-him character. I knew him, of course, and cringed—appalled, offended, and grudgingly entertained—every time he appeared on the screen. (I realize some viewers actually like Radagast in the film, but I'd like to reserve that discussion for another time and another venue.2) There are, more importantly, some fascinating threads to chase about Radagast in the published texts. Radagast is identified in the novels, but not developed or exploited fully:

In The Hobbit, Gandalf actually leans on Radagast's (local) reputation to get himself, and his dwarvish and hobbit charges, accepted by Beorn. In The Lord of the Rings, Radagast plays a key, intermediary role in communications between Gandalf and Saruman. Yet Radagast disappears from The Lord of the Rings after the Council of Elrond. Searchers from Rivendell travel to his "old home" at Rhosgobel, but Radagast is "not there" (LotR II:3 267). In all the wrappings-up that occur at the end of The Lord of the Rings his case is not solved. Nor is it addressed in any of the Appendices.3

Although a longer and complete account exists in Unfinished Tales, it is in Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age within the published Silmarillion where we are introduced to the Wizards of the Ainur (the Istari):

Radagast was the friend of all beasts and birds; but Curunír [Saruman] went most among Men, and he was subtle in speech and skilled in all the devices of smithcraft. Mithrandir [Gandalf] was closest in counsel with Elrond and the Elves. He wandered far in the North and West and made never in any land any lasting abode; but Curunír journeyed into the East, and when he returned he dwelt at Orthanc in the Ring of Isengard. . . .4

We read therein that Saruman had begun delving into the forging and nature of the Rings of Power and searching for the One Ring, keeping his own counsel in the hope of being the first to find and secure the Ring. In good faith, Radagast assisted Saruman in gathering spies around in his service, including many birds. Radagast lent him unique aid "divining naught of his treachery, and deeming that this was but part of the watch upon the Enemy."5

Gandalf introduces Radagast's name into the texts first in The Hobbit when he hopes to secure temporary lodging for his party of Bilbo and the Dwarves. They meet up with the shaper-shifter Beorn, who does not know Gandalf, and the Grey Wizard uses Radagast's positive reputation in those parts as a reference and introduction:

"I am a wizard," continued Gandalf. "I have heard of you, if you have not heard of me; but perhaps you have heard of my good cousin Radagast who lives near the Southern borders of Mirkwood?"

"Yes; not a bad fellow as wizards go, I believe. I used to see him now and again," said Beorn. "Well, now I know who you are, or who you say you are. What do you want?"6

We hear no more of Radagast in The Hobbit. However, early in The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf tells a tale of meeting Radagast at the Council of Elrond. It is a dark and disturbing story. Gandalf and Radagast have both implicitly trusted Saruman. When Gandalf unexpectedly encounters the Brown Wizard on the borders of the Shire, visibly agitated and unhappy, Radagast has been frantically searching for him to deliver a message from Saruman. He tells Gandalf that Saruman urgently needs to see him and that he himself has seen evidence of evil nearby. "'Nazgûl,' he whispered. 'The Nine are abroad again. They have crossed the River secretly and are moving westward. They have taken the guise of riders in black.'"7 Gandalf is greatly distressed as this is the first he has heard of any such movement near the Shire. He rushes off to meet Saruman, walking into a trap. Gandalf reports that the Nine have been seen:

"The Nine have come forth again," I answered. "They have crossed the River. So Radagast said to me."

"Radagast the Brown!" laughed Saruman, and he no longer concealed his scorn. "Radagast the Bird-tamer! Radagast the Simple! Radagast the Fool! Yet he had just the wit to play the part that I set him. For you have come, and that was all the purpose of my message. And here you will stay, Gandalf the Grey, and rest from journeys. For I am Saruman the Wise, Saruman Ring-maker, Saruman of Many Colours!"8

The next and last reference to the existence of Radagast in The Fellowship of the Ring is ominous in tone and mysterious in content. Radagast passes out of the tale and one can only guess what happens to him.

The hobbits had been nearly two months in the house of Elrond . . . when the scouts began to return. Some had gone north beyond the springs of the Hoarwell . . . while others had climbed the pass at the sources of the Gladden River, and had come down into Wilderland and over the Gladden Fields and so at length had reached the old home of Radagast at Rhosgobel. Radagast was not there; and they had returned over the high pass that was called the Redhorn Gate.9

Unsurprisingly, there is no end to speculation as to what became of Radagast. Was he killed by Sauron? Or did he fall under the control of Saruman or Sauron? Or did he continue on his own paths to carry out tasks uniquely assigned to him? One example gives a flavor of the best of such discussions:

Yet nothing negative is ever said about Radagast. He is not denounced, by Gandalf or any others of the Wise. Indeed, the only negative words about Radagast are uttered by Saruman. . . . The essay on the Istari in Unfinished Tales indicates that this animosity goes back to Valinor when the animal-loving Aiwendil (Radagast) was forced upon the unwilling Curumo (Saruman) by Yavanna (UT 393). The implications of this are obvious. Curumo, associated, like Sauron before him, with Aulë, the maker, is contrasted with Aiwendil, ward of Yavanna, the guardian of nature and trees.10

In the index of the Unfinished Tales, Radagast is listed as "One of the Istari (Wizards). See Aiwendil."11 That entry simply reads: "Aiwendil 'Lover of Birds', Quenya name of Radagast the Wizard."12

In The Istari, when Sauron first begins to stir again in the Third Age, the Valar took counsel among themselves and, with the consent of Eru, chose to send "members of their own high order"13 (one can assume of the Ainur, more precisely of the Maiar) to Middle-earth to provide what guidance and succor they might to the peoples of Middle-earth. They arrived "clad in bodies as of Men, real and not feigned, but subject to the fears and pains and weariness of earth, able to hunger and thirst and be slain; though because of their noble spirits they did not die."14 Like Men these messengers could age and suffer from the hardships of many long years of labor.

The main task of these emissaries was to "advise and persuade,"15 but not to "reveal themselves in forms of majesty, or to seek to rule the wills of Men or Elves by open display of power, but coming in shapes weak and humble."16 In his essay on the Istari, Tolkien writes that the exact number of the Order is unknown, but describes five who "came to the North of Middle-earth, where there was most hope (because of the remnant of the Dúnedain and of the Eldar that abode there)."17 The first to arrive was Saruman, described as being "of noble mien and bearing, with raven hair, and a fair voice, and he was clad in white."18 In both the Unfinished Tales article and in The Lord of the Rings, he is said to have been considered by most to be the first among this special grouping:

In The Two Towers it is said that Saruman was 'accounted by many the chief of Wizards', and at the Council of Elrond (The Fellowship of the Ring) Gandalf explicitly stated this: 'Saruman the White is the greatest of my order.'19

Tolkien goes on to write of "two clad in sea-blue, and one in earthen brown; and last came one who seemed the least, less tall than the others, and in looks more aged, grey-haired and grey-clad, and leaning on a staff."20 Of the two blue-clad wizards we hear little more, but the reader comes to know this grey wizard well as Gandalf, last and least at first appearance, but in the final analysis the first and wisest amongst his company.21

Interestingly, the Istari, despite their certain unique and individualized preternatural abilities, retain but a dim and foggy memory of their past in Aman in possession of their full powers and regular communication with others of their kind in the West: "... though they knew whence they came the memory of the Blessed Realm was to them a vision from afar off, for which (so long as they remained true to their mission) they yearned exceedingly."22 It is a fascinating plotline that in order to more fully grasp and understand the ways in which Elves and Men would be able to resist and overcome Sauron in Middle-earth, the Istari needed to "learn much anew by slow experience" and voluntarily assume "the pangs of exile and the deceits of Sauron"23 in order to address the evil of that time and place.

The brown wizard referred to above is, of course, Radagast. He is dealt with ambiguously in this essay. In the purely descriptive section about the individual wizards it reads:

Indeed, of all the Istari, one only remained faithful, and he was the last-comer [referring to Gandalf]. For Radagast, the fourth, became enamoured of the many beasts and birds that dwelt in Middle-earth, and forsook Elves and Men, and spent his days among the wild creatures. Thus he got his name (which is in the tongue of Númenór of old, and signifies, it is said, 'tender of beasts').4
4 In a very late note on the names of the Istari Radagast is said to be a name deriving from the Men of the Vales of Anduin, 'not now clearly interpretable'. Rhosgobel, called 'the old home of Radagast' in The Fellowship of the Ring II 3, is said to have been 'in the forest borders between the Carrock and the Old Forest Road'.24

A couple of things are touched upon in the above citations that are important in order for one to make a fair assessment of the character of Radagast. First, the author alludes to the fact that Radagast has been distracted, at the very least, from fulfilling his full potential by his fascination with the birds, beasts, and manifestations of the untamed natural environment of Middle-earth. Read more harshly it could be said that he fails in those tasks in which Gandalf excels—an immersion in the needs of those he has been sent to safeguard and/or guide. The main text of The Istari strongly implies that Radagast did not remain faithful to his mission.

There are, however, a few more wrinkles and ambiguities in the preoccupations of Radagast that are not made clear in the body of The Istari. In his commentary at the end of the essay, Christopher Tolkien includes insightful elucidation of revelatory marginalia among his father's drafts. He introduces information which calls into question the exact nature of Radagast's mission, suggesting in his commentary at the end of The Istari that Yavanna, much to the annoyance of Saruman gave Radagast a distinct mission before he left Aman:

On another page of jottings clearly belonging to the same period it is said that 'Curumo [Saruman] was obliged to take Aiwendil [Radagast] to please Yavanna wife of Aulë'. There are here also some rough tables relating the names of the Istari to the names of the Valar: Olórin [Gandalf] to Manwë and Varda, Curumo to Aulë, Aiwendil to Yavanna, Alatar to Oromë, and Pallando also to Oromë (but this replaces Pallando to Mandos and Nienna).25

Others have speculated, in addition to Michael Martinez's remark, that it seems likely that when Radagast was sent to Middle-earth "this was to protect her [Yavanna's] creations here, the forests, flowers, animals."26 This seems to in accord with the final speculation on this point by Christopher Tolkien:

There is no hint of an explanation of why Yavanna's evident desire that the Istari should include in their number one with a particular love of the things of her making could only be achieved by imposing Radagast's company on Saruman; while the suggestion in the essay on the Istari that in becoming enamoured of the wild creatures of Middle-earth Radagast neglected the purpose for which he was sent is perhaps not perfectly in accord with the idea of his being specially chosen by Yavanna.27

It is entirely possible that Radagast could have been sent to Middle-earth for Yavanna's purposes: to protect the land and its flora and fauna during the long struggle against Sauron and perhaps to help in its healing after the triumph of the free peoples of Middle-earth.

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