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New at the Archive

Completed Works

A King by Any Other Name by Tehta [General] (1481 words)
Summary: Ulmo be thanked, the Noldorin refugees have finally found a leader. He has the most ridiculous name, though: Ereinion. "The Scion of Kings". And where did he come from, anyway? Cirdan attempts to find out.

A Night In the Forest by Agelast [General] (1704 words)
Summary: Fingolfin and Maedhros have an unexpected encounter in the woods during the Mereth Aderthad.

Above the Clouds by Himring [Teens] (1208 words)
Summary: Berion, a captain of Fingon's guard, survives the defeat of his king in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and ends up in Gondolin.

If You Need Somebody, Call My Name by a7s4t6r5i6s [General] (7827 words)
Summary: Nellas meets a young woman in the woods of Doriath.

Just This Once by Elisif [Teens] (1035 words)
Summary: Observing his son’s devotion to his newly rescued cousin brings back memories for Nolofinwë

NOSTALGIA by Fadesintothewest † [General] (1185 words)
Summary: Maedhros reminisces, though he would rather not. An insight into how one deals with the day to day after the loss of a loved one.

Revisionist History by Elleth [Teens] (1901 words)
Summary: Indis takes on a new servant, leading her to reminisce about life before Aman.

Rift by Friendsheyho [General] (3761 words)
Summary: I had half a mind to throw your letter in the fire and let you wait another few months. After all, I told myself, he has waited thirty-four years. Surely he can wait a little more. Fingon and Maglor correspond as Maedhros heals. Warning for descriptions of torture and mentions of rape.

Sand and Flame by Tehta [General] (2409 words)
Summary: A retelling of a very well-known story. Features Fëanor and Nerdanel as young geeks in love, a rather unsympathetic look at Indis, and a lot of very simple sentences.

Snow by Lingwiloke † [Adult] (1673 words)
Summary: Seeking shelter from storm one winter day in the Third Age, Maglor makes a grueling discovery.

Sweet Water and Gold by Elleth [General] (6402 words)
Summary: When Niënor and Nellas fall in love, both of them learn about joy, sorrow, and unexpected gifts. Written for Astris/Solanaceae/Elvie at the 2013 Femslash Exchange.

The Crossroads of Eriador by Kitt Otter [General] (2538 words)
Summary: So a shipwright, a high-king, and a seriously miffed Galdor walk into a bar…

The Quick and the Dead by Tehta [Adult] (4992 words)
Summary: Months have passed since the Nirnaeth, but Glorfindel and Ecthelion are not quite over it yet. Contains dark themes, humour, and slash, mixed together pretty evenly, I hope.

The Tempered Steel by Lyra [Adult] (112699 words)
Summary: The story of Maedhros' captivity in Angband, his rescue and his recovery is in the Silmarillion treated in a few paragraphs. This is a fleshed-out account of the events that may have befallen between Maedhros' imprisonment and his return to his old life... as far as that is possible.

Works in Progress

~ Fragments of Fate and Fire ~ by Spiced Wine † [Adult]
Summary: This will be a collection of fics and gapfillers within my Dark Prince/Arc of Fire 'verse. All will be Silmarillion-based, but not necessarily set during that time period.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 7 ~ Wild Strawberries ~, Chapter 8 ~ Never Again ~ , Chapter 9 ~ Facade ~ and Chapter 10 ~ The Fire of Blue Diamonds ~.

Fell Meats by pandemonium_213 [Adult]
Summary: Sauron recounts his discovery of the fell beasts to Finrod, who visits the former Dark Lord during his imprisonment in the Halls of Mandos, in a tale of adventure and a bit of the macabre..
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1: Layla.

Many Journeys by Elleth [Teens]
Summary: A gathering place for ficlets of varying length centered around the House of Fëanor (and lately, the House of Finwë in general), based on the word of the day from and various other prompts..
Chapters added this month: Light to See You By.

Nothing in the World is Single by StarSpray [General]
Summary: Befriending Elwing is not an easy task. Neither is trying to kiss her.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1.

Racing Towards the Start by Agelast [Teens]
Summary: Fingon and Maedhros in the bliss of Valinor.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.

Some Futile Hope by Friendsheyho [Teens]
Summary: It is the Second Age of Middle-earth. Sauron is regrouping, the Rings are being forged, the Numenorians are beginning their descent into madness, and Glorfindel has been sent back to Middle-earth for...for what? Only time will tell, and when it does, all of Middle-earth will rise up to fight.
Chapter added this month: Part 2: Chapter 6.

Such Great Deeds by Himring [Teens]
Summary: A friendship fic featuring Beleg and Fingon. From the Mereth Aderthad to the Dagor Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1: At Ivrin.

The Blue Boar Inn by oshun [General]
Summary: Crossover! (English history and The Silmarillion) Written for an LJ comment fic challenge for this request from Just_Jenni: "Place the sons of Feanor into a Richard the Third setting in actual history. Any time, any place, but the sons MUST be in character and they MUST have some sort of interaction with Richard." Richard III and Francis Lovell spend an evening in Leicester at the Blue Boar Inn shortly before the Battle of Bosworth with Silmarillion heroes Maedhros and Maglor. (Intended to work for anyone who knows either of the canons.)
Chapters added this month: 20 August 1485, Leicester, England and Author's Speculations

The Burden of Beauty by Tehta [General]
Summary: One long, meandering conversation between Ecthelion and Glorfindel. I could say it's about aesthetics. I could say it's about the author having fun with implicit characterization. I could also say it's about vases, and grapes, and Maedhros. The usual caveat applies: these are my versions of these characters, and while this story does not contradict canon, it does not have much to do with it, either. It's pure (s)elf-indulgence...
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1

The Lords that Fell by Taylor17387 †[Adult]
Summary: Tells the story of the rise and fall of the two dark lords, from the collapse of the fortress in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, to the collapse of Barad-dûr, and what came next. Mainly told from Melkor and Sauron's perspective. Continuation of my other fic: "The Burnt God", though it may be read separately. Occasional slash.
Chapter added this month: The Army at the Gates of Iron.

Trifles by oshun [General]
Summary: A collection of Tolkien-based ficlets of varying subject matter and length written in response to this LJ challenge: "Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story. No holds barred. O-fic or any fandom you know I write."
Chapters added this month: The Sons of Fëanor Superpowers Story, Maedhros' Wedding, Celegorm and Captive Lúthien, Young Maedhros and Fingon in Valinor, Dark Shadows, Lalaith and Túrin and Smell So Good.

Ulmo's Favours by Tehta [General]
Summary: Idril and Tuor have sailed into the West... but will they ever reach it?
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1

Short Works

Silver Rain by Tanis [General] (706 words)
Summary: B2MEM 2011 – Challenge – seduction plays a central role/Nan Elmoth. Thingol contemplates beguilement.

To Whom All Birds Are Dear by oshun [General](400 words)
Summary: I got distracted by myself and my obsessing over a picture and forgot the prompt that I was writing. Tarion Anarore asked for "Hmm... The one with Fingon at the onset of the Dagor Bragollach." And instead she got Fingon and a bird!


A Minor Talent by Lyra. Read by: Dawn Felagund [General]
A Minor Talent was originally published in August 2010 and was the Featured Podfic in the November 2013 newsletter. Time: 24:09. File Size: 22.1 MB.
Summary: Young Findekáno develops a passion for a song that continues to follow him as the events of the Silmarillion unfold.

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Character of the Month Biography

Makar and Meássë

Silver Trails

Makar and Meássë were two Valarin warriors and siblings, who were based on Scandinavian gods and goddesses and the legends about endless battles in their halls.1 According to Norse mythology, Odin chooses the best warriors when they die, and they go to Valhalla where they train and feast, so they are fit to battle along with the gods when the time for Ragnarok comes.3 As Tolkien’s vision about the Valar evolves making them more “angelic”, Makar and Meássë did not fit anymore and were taken out of the pantheon. So while they are mentioned and have a role in the story as was told in The Book of Lost Tales 1, the warrior siblings don’t make it to The Silmarillion.

We can read about Makar and Meássë in the Appendix:

Makar Given in QL (‘God of battle’) under root MAKA, with mak- ‘slay’, makil ‘sword’. His Gnomish name is Magron or Magorn, with related words mactha- ‘slay’, macha ‘slaughter, battle’, magli ‘a great sword’.

In the Valar name-list Makar is called also Ramandor… Ramandor is translated ‘the Shouter, =Makar’.

Meássë A late hasty entry in QL adds Meássë ‘sister of Makar, Amazon with bloody arms’ to the root MEHE ‘ooze?’ whence mear ‘gore’. In GL she is Mechos and Mechothli (mechor ‘gore’), and is also called Magrintha ‘the red-handed’ (magru=macha ‘slaughter, battle’, magrusaig ‘bloodthirsty’). In the Valar name-list she is called Rávë or Ravenni; in QL the root RAVA has many derivatives, as rauta- ‘to hunt’, raust ‘hunting, preying’, Raustar a name of Oromë, rau (plural rávi) ‘lion’, ravennë ‘she-lion’, Rávi a name of Meássë. Very similar forms are given in GL: rau ‘lion’, rausta ‘to hunt’, raust ‘hunt’.3

Before Makar and Meássë come into Arda, they were already quarrelsome spirits, and even joined Melkor on the discord he created in Eru’s Song. They came into Arda with their vassals just before the Maia Omar Amillo, who was the last to arrive:

Yet even as all these (Valar) had crossed the confines of the world and Vilna was in uproar with their passing, there came still hurrying late Makar and his fierce sister Meássë… both were spirits of quarrelsome mood, and with some other lesser ones who came now with them had been the first to join in the discords of Melko and to aid in the spreading of his music.4

Makar and Meássë built their own dwelling, unlike the other Valar who let Aulë do it. Their hall was made of iron, and stood near the halls of Mandos:

… But Makar and his fierce sister Meássë built a dwelling for themselves, aided only by their old folk, and a grim hall it was.

Upon the confines of the Outer Lands did it stand, nor was it very far from Mandos. Of iron was it made and unadorned... But that house was full of weapons of battle in great array, and shields of great size and brightness of polish were on the walls. It was lit with torches.5

The siblings were always holding a weapon in their hands:

There [in their halls] sit often Makar and his sister listening to the songs, and Makar has a huge bill across his knees and Meássë holds a spear.6

As we said before, they were incessant battles in their halls, but there were also feasts and hunting trips. They also crossed to Middle-earth to hunt before the way was closed:

There fought the vassals of Makar clad in armour, and a clash there was and a shouting and a braying of trumps, but Meássë fared among the warriors and egged them to more blows, or revived the fainting with strong wine that they might battle still; and her arms were reddened to the elbow dabbling in that welter… Now the battle of the courts of Makar was waged unceasingly save when men gathered in the halls for feasting, or at those times when Makar and Meássë were far abroad hunting together in the black mountains wolves and bears… for they loved the unbridled turmoils which Melko roused throughout the world.7

Thanks to these descriptions, we know that there was viticulture in Valinor before the Elves arrived: …indeed it is said that Nessa wife of Tulkas bore "goblets of the goodliest wine", while Meássë went among the warriors in her house and "revived the fainting with strong wine."8

The only Vala who visited them was Tulkas who, in my opinion, liked wrestling with Makar but tried to hide it:

None of the Gods fared ever there, save Tulkas… but Tulkas would at times wrestle there with Makar or deal sledge-blows among the fighters, and this he did that he might not grow soft in his fair living, for he loved not that company nor in sooth did they love him and his great unangered strength.

At the outset of the tale, the Valar and Maiar come into Arda and begin to work on making it a safe place for the Children of Eru. As we know, Melkor destroys his peers’ work, turning valleys into mountains and wasting good lands with fire, among other things. Manwë decides to seek Melkor out before he destroys everything. Everyone but Makar agreed, mainly because he liked the earthquakes that Melkor created:

Behold, Valinor is built, and the Gods dwell in peace, for Melko is far in the world delving deep and fortifying himself in iron and cold, but Makar and Meássë ride upon the gales and rejoice in earthquakes and the overmastering furies of the ancient sea.9

The rest of the Valar seek Melkor, and when they find him, Tulkas gives him a blow with his fist. In the Lost Tales, Melkor doesn’t leave after this, but stays and feigns friendship with the other Valar. He even helps them to build pillars for the lamps that will light the island of Almaren, but he makes these pillars of ice. Of course, the ice melts and inundates their dwellings. The Valar go to war then:

Now as Aulë smithied the Gods arrayed themselves in armour, which they had of Makar, and he was fain to see them putting on weapons and going as to war, how so their wrath be directed against Melko. But when the great Gods and all their folk were armed, then Manwë climbed into his blue chariot whose three horses were the whitest that roamed in Oromë’s domain, and his hand bore a great white bow that would shoot an arrowlike a gust of wind across the widest seas.10

The Valar decide to deceive Melkor and feign acceptance of his lordship over Arda. They send Nornorë, Manwë’s herald in the first versions of the old days, and have him say these words to Melkor:

“Behold,” said he, “the Gods be come to ask the pardon of Melko, for seeing his great anger and the rending of the world beneath his rage they have said one to another. ‘Lo! wherefore is Melko displeased?’ and one to another have answered beholding the tumults of his power: ‘Is he not then the greatest among us—why dwells not the mightiest of the Valar in Valinor? … they come constraining Tulkas with violence to beg thee to pardon them each one and to fare home with them and complete their glory, dwelling, if it be thy pleasure, in the halls of Makar, until such time as Aulë can build thee a great house; and its towers shall overtop Taniquetil.11

The scene that follows is very similar to later versions. Melkor is deceived because of his great pride and demands that Tulkas be expelled from Valinor, and that Manwë kneel before him. Tulkas loses control, springs upon Melkor, followed by Aulë and Oromë:

… Tulkas leapt across the hall at a bound despite Angaino, and Aule was behind him and Orome followed his father and the hall was full of tumult. Then Melko sprang to his feet shouting in a loud voice and his folk came through all those dismal passages to his aid. Then lashed he at Manwe with an iron flail he bore, but Manwe breathed gently upon it and its iron tassels were blown backward, and thereupon Tulkas smote Melko full in his teeth with his fist of iron, and he and Aule grappled with him, and straight he was wrapped thirty times in the fathoms of Angaino.

There is a trial, and though Ossë, Oromë, Ulmo and Vána speak against Melkor, Makar still speaks in his favor, though his words are no longer as warm as before:

‘Twere an ill thing if peace were for always: already no blow echoes ever in the eternal quietude of Valinor, wherefore, if one might neither see deed of battle nor riotous joy even in the world without, then ‘twould be irksome indeed, and I for one long not for such times!12

Yavanna spoke against Melkor, in sorrow for the destruction of her designs, and Aulë backed her. Tulkas spoke in anger, and demanded that Melkor be restrained. So they did for three ages, and decided than once he came out he dwelt in Tulkas’ house as servant for four more ages. This part never made it to the last versions of the story of the Valar, which again shows us how Tolkien decided to make his Valar less human-like and more angelic in the Christian sense of the term.13 Nonetheless, Manwë still had hope that Melkor would one day dwell in peace among the Valar and under the Lights of the Trees. Makar and Meássë agreed with Manwë’s decision, while Tulkas and Yavanna believed the doom to be too merciful.

Time passes and the Elves awake in Cuiviénen, and the Valar debate whether they should bring them to Valinor or not. In The Silmarillion Ulmo is the leader of those who believe that the Elves should be allowed to stay in Middle-earth and roam freely through the lands.14 In the Lost Tales, it is Makar who is against it, but for different reasons:

Then arose a clamour among the Gods and the most spake for Palúrien and Vána, whereas Makar said that Valinor was builded for the Valar—“and already is it a rose-garden of fair ladies rather than an abode of men. Wherefore do ye desire to fill it with the children of the world?” In this Meássë backed him, and Mandos and Fui were cold to the Eldar as to all else; yet was Varda vehement in support of Yavanna and Tuivána, and indeed her love for the Eldar has ever been the greatest of all the folk of Valinor; and Aulë and Lórien, Oromë and Nessa and Ulmo most mightily proclaimed their desire for the bidding of the Eldar to dwell among the Gods.15

Then comes the moment when Melkor is released and starts to weave dissent among the Noldor. Manwë here is harsher to the Elves, not really understanding that Melkor’s lies have a grain of truth and that this is the reason why the Noldor heed to him. Melkor then steals part of Oromë’s horses, and kills Bruithwir father of Fëanor and steals the Silmarilli. I believe that here is when the Valar lose control of the Elves in Kôr, not realizing that they are not children:

Therefore does Manwe bid them now, and they will, go back to Kôr, and, if they so desire, busy themselves in fashioning gems and fabrics anew, and all things of beauty and cost that they may need in their labour shall be given to them even more lavishly than before.16

A few days later, Melkor seeks Ungwë (Ungoliant) and they kill the Trees. The Valar chase him, but he manages to escape. Makar and Meássë join the other Valar, now definitely against Melkor:

Then Makar and Meássë rode in all haste north with their folk, arousing Mandos and ordering the guarding of the mountain paths, but either Makar was too late or Melko’s cunning defeated him—and the mind of Makar was not oversubtle, for no glimpse of that Ainu did they see, though assuredly he did escape that way, and worked much evil after in the world, yet none are there whom I have heard tell ever of the manner of his perilous flight back to the ice-kingdoms of the North.17

The last we hear of Makar and Meássë is when they return from the hunt of Melkor:

There first came Tulkas weary and dust-covered, for none had leapt about that plain as he… There came Lorien and leaned against the withered bole of Silpion, and wept the wrack of his quiet gardens by the trampling hunt; there too was Meássë and with her Makar, and his hand was red for he had come upon twain of Melko’s comrades as they fled, and he slew them as they ran, and he alone had aught of joy in those ill times. Ossë was there and his beard of green was torn and his eyes were dim, and he gasped leaning on a staff and was very much athirst, for mighty as he was about the seas and tireless, such desperate travail on the bosom of Earth spent his vigour utterly.18

So, as we can see, both Makar and Meássë were too violent and bloodthirsty for a pantheon of spirits created by a superior being that, no matter what Tolkien said about the tales being "new", as mentioned in footnote 13 above, was more like the One God of Christian mythology. Makar and Meássë were among the strongest traces of the Northern paganism, and as Christopher Tolkien explains in The Coming of the Valar and the Building of Valinor (see note 1), were part of "a 'Melko-faction' in Valinor that was bound to prove an embarrassment" and could not survive after the last changes J.R.R. Tolkien made to the mythology.

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But holiday not always meant happiness and celebration. There are at least two recorded events in the Silmarillion, where the Enemy used the celebrations of a holiday to attack unnoticed. Holidays can also turn bitter, when one has nobody to celebrate them with. It is up to you if your story or picture will be happy or sad, light or dark.

The deadline for this challenge is December 25th. The Teitho website has more information as well as the full rules for this challenge.

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