Happy holidays and best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year to all of our members and friends!

2006 promises to be an exciting year for SWG, as work begins on our archive site, giving Silmarillion readers and writers a place to showcase their work, find Silmarillion stories, and access and share research. At this time, member input is of utmost important so that the group best serves everyone. I will be posting to the Yahoo! group soon about the archive site; those who are not members of our Yahoo! list should feel free to email me or leave a comment on this post with thoughts and ideas. I'd love to hear from each and every one of you.

Best wishes for 2006!

January's Challenge

Many Meetings

In honor of Finarfin Appreciation Month, this month's challenge asks you to consider nonviolent conflict. Can you create tension and conflict without drawing swords? Many of the key turning points of The Silmarillion take place off of the battlefield, in meetings and councils, between individuals and groups, but few are the instances where we are allowed to see and hear what actually transpired. So let us wander there: to the soaring halls of Valinor or the hovels of the Edain, where decisions that would change the history of Middle-earth were made. Entries may be any length and involve any characters; the goal is to create tension and conflict without resorting to overt action.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

News and Announcements

The SWG Archive Site

Since the group's inception last July, we have been hoping and planning for the chance to develop an archive site for sharing Silmarillion writing. While there are many sites devoted to fan fiction and research into Tolkien's works, most focus on The Lord of the Rings, and Silmarillion work--as a result--is often drowned in the clamor.

Maedhros (Nelyo) was a huge help in solely designing our first site, and we nearly had it up and running, but unforeseen circumstances have put me back at the drawing board. The next few weeks will be a key time for the group regarding the site, to share expectations and what each of us hopes to get out of our site. It will be much easier to build these things in now than to add them later, so please feel free to communicate your ideas with me and with the group. I will be making a post on Yahoo! soon regarding several key questions pertaining to our site, as the Yahoo! group is the portion of SWG concerned with administration and planning. If you are not a member there but would like to be involved with planning the site, please join the group or contact me personally to make alternate arrangements.

So far, our site will archive Silmarillion writing of all genres and ratings, both fiction and nonfiction. In addition, we will compile and store our research there, hopefully becoming a valuable resource for Silmarillion writers.

I am more than happy to have help on this project, so if you wish to volunteer with building our site, working on research, or simply helping out where needed, please let me know. I'm happy to have the help!

We Need a Logo!

While we have two wonderful icons kindly created and donated by evils_hero and tarion_anarore, we will need an actual group logo--preferably something simple and of a small file size--to use on our group site. Many of you, I know, are talented with art and graphics, and if you have any ideas for our logo, please send them to me at If I receive more than one, we will let the group vote on them.

Finarfin Appreciation Month

January seems a fitting time for peace and reflection following the hectic holiday season and so has been declared Finarfin Appreciation Month, a time to honor the neglected King of the Noldor in Valinor and writings related to him. This month, please feel free to share your writing about Finarfin--as well as artwork, icons, or other material--and recommend other authors' stories, here and on the Yahoo! list.

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