July's Challenges

Many thanks to Jenni (Digdigil) who has provided us with both challenges this month!

Three Silmarils

Write a story of any length concerning one of the three quotes. You may--but do not have to--use the quote in the story if you'd like. Although all three quotes concern Fëanor, the quotes certainly apply to a broad range of characters, and your story may be about any character you choose.

If you're feeling extra ambitious, of course, you're welcome to do a series of stories involving all three!

Holidays in Arda

July is the month where much of the world travels on holidays, seeking reprieve from their daily routine. Whether you will enjoy such an opportunity or not, this challenge asks you to take a mental reprieve by visiting your favorite place on Arda for a fictional "holiday."

The aim of this challenge is to set a story in a place that you would like to visit, whether a city, region, island, or body of water. Through the eyes of your character(s), take your readers to your haven and show why it appeals to you, whether visiting for the first time or returning as an old friend.

If you are fortunate enough to be one of the millions who will be traveling away from home this July, don't forget to take the opportunity to learn from your new surroundings. Places unfamiliar to us--whether seashores, mountains, or bustling cities--can inspire stories or hone our descriptions when we visit similar places in our tales. Perhaps shape your experiences to Middle-earth and use them to write this challenge.

The Quote of the Month Challenge

The Quote of the Month challenge asks you to write based on the themes and thoughts the quote inspires or about the event in which the quote occurred. You may write in any format--poem, story, essay, or drabble--with any characters, genre, or rating.

Thanks to Tárion Anarore for suggesting this month's quote!

"'If none can release us,' said Maglor, 'then indeed the Everlasting Darkness shall be our lot, whether we keep our oath or break it; but less evil shall we do in the breaking.'"
-The Silmarillion, “Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath”

News and Announcements

Welcome to Jenni, Our New Mod!

Jenni (Digdigil)--one of the first members of SWG--will now help our group as a moderator as we prepare to expand further into the wilds of the Internet. Please feel free to contact her with your questions, ideas, and concerns.

Our moderation team now consists of Dawn (Dawn Felagund), Uli (Ford of Bruinen), and Jenni (Digdigil). We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact any of us at any time.

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