June's Challenges

This month's challenges are inspired by the character of Pengolodh, who never appears as a character in the published Silmarillion but whose work as one of the fictional "authors" of Tolkien's mythology shaped the stories of Arda into what they are today.

Journey Bread

Lembas has always had a special place in Tolkien's mythology and in the stories written by fans of his world. Often, lembas is used as a detail to make a story sound more authentic, but looking at Pengolodh's short essay "Of Lembas," from The History of Middle-earth, Volume Twelve: The Peoples of Middle-earth, this item is also worthy of starring in its own story.

This month, we offer a challenge to write a story about how lembas is cultivated, made, or used. "Of Lembas" might be a good start, but the following passages might inspire those without access to the essay:

Parting's Sorrow

“Greater as is the skill of the Quendi to mould things to their will and delight, and to overcome the chances of Ea, yet they are not as the Valar, and with regard to the might of the World and its fate, they are but weak and small. Therefore to them also severance is severance, and friends and kin far away are far away."
-HoMe 12, "Dangweth Pengolod"

J.R.R. Tolkien largely invented Arda as a place to experiment with his invented languages, and therefore, the movement of different peoples often results in a change in the way that they speak. In "Dangweth Pengolod," Pengolodh explains to the Anglo-Saxon explorer Ælfwine how the sundering and change of the speech of the Eldar occured.

However, from the modes of linguistic change come some of Tolkien's most poignant stories of families and loved ones parted. This challenge asks authors to consider the separation of friends and families across the history of Arda, whether by canonical events, such as Elves lost on the Great Journey or separated by exile, or through the normal courses of life: marriage, estrangement, birth, and death.

Quote of the Month

"Immortal, within Eä, are the Eldar, but since even as Men they dwell in forms that come of Eä, they are no more changeless than the great trees, neither in the forms that they inhabit, nor in the things that they desire or achieve by means of those forms."
-Pengolodh to Ælfwine in The History of Middle-earth, Volume XII, "Dangweth Pengolod"

Character of the Month: Pengolodh

Pengolodh is never mentioned in the published Silmarillion, but his presence is undeniable: He is one of the "authors" who wrote or compiled much of the lore on which The Silmarillion is based. Many references in The History of Middle-earth series name his as the author or at least a contributor to the works that form the basis of The Silmarillion, including The Annals of Beleriand and the Lhammas or Account of Tongues. He is often said to work in conjunction with or improving upon the work of Rúmil, who plays a major role in Tolkien's earliest mythology and is named in the published Silmarillion as the artificer of the alphabet that preceded the Tengwar. In later works, Pengolodh begins to eclipse Rúmil a bit in importance.

Perhaps Pengolodh's most important role in the mythology, however, was as the transmitter of knowledge to Ælfwine, the English explorer who happened upon Tol Eressëa and translated what he learned there into English, thus making the myths available to us.

Pengolodh is very much a "behind the scenes" character, and while he is present as the author or as a contributor to many of the myths, we learn little about him. He was called "the wise of Gondolin," and the early story The Fall of Gondolin includes a lord called Penlod who was probably a predecessor to Pengolodh. Penlod was the lord of the people of the Pillar and the Tower of Snow, and he was killed during Morgoth's attack on Gondolin. Later, it became necessary for Pengolodh to exist as one of the survivors of the attack on Gondolin, and he returned to live in Tol Eressëa, where his knowledge of the early history of the Elves and Númenoreans was passed onto Ælfwine and into the books that we enjoy today.

Want more challenges? Check out our complete challenge listing for almost two years' worth of challenges to inspire your writing!

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June's News

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