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Back to Middle-earth Month 2013 Is Here!

As of March 1 our yearly tribute to Tolkien’s world and the fandom’s creativity in all its forms is on. This year Silmgeeks, Hobbit fans, Aragorn lovers, and other Tolkien fans will embark together on The Scavenger Hunt: Expedition in the Abecedarium. Prompts are quotes from Tolkien's books: we encourage participants to locate the quote in one of Tolkien’s books (that's the scavenger hunt part!), read the surrounding section or chapter, and use that reading as inspiration for a story or artwork. But that scene will not have to be included unless you choose to.

We have posted a wealth of quotes for Day One to get started and will follow up with daily quote prompts. How you use or combine these prompts is totally up to you! Check out our participant guidelines for more information on how to get started.

Featured Podfic Began in February

Remember our podfic project has been launched. Check out this month's podfic below. Check out the Podfic section of the archive for all of the podfics added to the site so far.

We rely on our members and guests to help us keep this project running! If you want to suggest any story to be podficced, fill out the podfic request form and we'll do the rest. Or maybe you want to sign up as a podfic reader. The Featured Podfic program isn't the only way to make Silmfic accessible in audio form: Check out the instructions for adding your own podfics to the archive!

Welcome to Our New Members!

Welcome amlugwen, Kaz, Taylor17387, chillyh, ziggy, Athrabeth, johngb2, Minaur, Azulzir, and Maiya, who joined the SWG in February! Welcome all to the Silmarillion Writers’ Guild!

We hope you have already found your way around our site and begun reading, reviewing or posting at the archive, but if you are still exploring you may wish to browse our Frequently Asked Questions. Also, tell us a little bit about your fandom persona by updating your bio. And anytime you need help, please contact us at

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New at the Archive

Completed Works

A Powerful Illusion by Himring [Teens] (3230 words)
Summary: Fingolfin has called a council and proposed launching an all-out attack on Morgoth. He expects Maedhros to be the most ardent supporter of his plan. He would, wouldn't he?

Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride (not a crack fic) by oshun [Teens] (1873 words)
Summary: This story is based upon a mystery element within my short story No Justice to Yourself. It stands alone, but it contains the revelation of Erestor's old boyfriend who had recently dumped him in that story. While it is a prequel of sorts to "No Justice to Yourself," it is a short story which may be understood on its own.

Beneath the Willow Tree by grey_gazania [Teens] (1283 words)
Summary: Elenwë is stressed. Luckily, Aredhel knows exactly how to help.

Celebrimbor's Homecoming by Anna_Wing [General] (1016 words)
Summary: Celebrimbor's Homecoming

Distant Promise by Myaru [General] (1255 words)
Summary: Fourth Age. Galadriel has returned to Aman without her husband, and Finrod would like to know why.

East-front by Gwenniel [Teens] (3923 words)
Summary: They named it the Union of Maedhros. Maedhros was to be the right hand of the High-King, the Commander of Troops in the upcoming war. Moments of happiness are mixed in the dire political tension before the upcoming war, the war where all bonds of loyalty will be tested.

Essence of Dreams by IgnobleBard [Adult] (1593 words)
Summary: Elves and Vala doing what they do best.

Five Things About Finduilas by Agelast [Teens](1104 words)
Summary: Five things about Finduilas, daughter of Orodreth.

Five things Celegorm fixed for Celebrimbor and the one thing he couldn't. by Urloth [Teens] (2872 words)
Summary: Celegorm was his favourite uncle for a reason. That was why it hurt the most.

He held precious silver in his fist. by Urloth [Teens] † (1720 words)
Summary: Celebrimbor was not an only child.

Likeness by Agelast [Adult] † (3811 words)
Summary: They share a marvelous likeness. (Celebrimbor/Annatar, and all that entails.)

Man-maiden / Learning by Adlanth [Adult](2997 words)
Summary: 2 PWP femslash ficlets written for Porn Battle XIV. The first one is Aredhel/Galadriel, with the prompt words: tomboys, riding, experimentation. The second one is Melian/Galadriel, with the prompt words: power, teach, embodied.

Orcling by pandemonium_213 [Teens] (12913 words)
Summary: During a Second Age equivalent of a natural history "field trip" in the upper Vale of the Glanduin River, a young Mélamírë finds her father's penchant for turning everything into a lesson to be stifling. Taking advantage of Father's unexpected nap, she sets off on a little expedition of her own, intending to return by sunset. However, she makes a discovery that turns what she intended as an afternoon's adventure into something far more harrowing and that challenges what she has been taught.

Rain by Silver Trails [Adult] (5925 words)
Summary: Ulmo is hearbroken and rain comes on Almaren.

Refusing Every Offer. by Urloth [Teens] (1434 words)
Summary: The stubbon pride of Celegorm endures, even after death.

Sketches from Beleriand by Tehta [Teens] (2738 words)
Summary: Finrod longs to tell his absent love everything, including all he has learned of Men.

Storm by Silver Trails [Adult] (25197 words)
Summary: Ulmo and Manwë must learn to work together.

The Black Sword by elfscribe [Adult] (12269 words)
Summary: Wounded and suffering from battle fatigue, Mablung sees a strange portent that causes him to fear that his beloved friend Beleg's affection for Túrin, the self-exiled young warrior, could bring grief to them all.

The Forging of the Ring by Uvatha the Horseman [General] (12213 words)
Summary: Sauron forges the Ring, and almost dies in the process.

Twilight'’s Daughters by Rhapsody [Adult] (6111 words)
Summary: Bereft of her guise, Thuringwethil remembers the fair Lúthien.

Whether Exodus by Dwimordene [Teens](6708 words)
Summary: Of the endings that make and break us. Elenwë comes at last to Middle-earth

Wolf at the Door by Agelast [Adult] † (2172 words)
Summary: Finrod returns to Nargothrond. Curufin readjusts.

Written on the Water by Agelast [Adult] (1732 words)
Summary: Wherein silver and white are challenged as smart wardrobe choices, Fingon and Maedhros go swimming, and unexpected tensions rise to the surface.

Works in Progress

50 Prompts: AU Silmarillion by Urloth [Adult]
Summary: 50 Prompts resulting in 50 AU Silmarillion based or related drabbles or ficlets.
Chapters added this month: Prompt: Curiosity (Legolas, Maglor), Prompt: Sisterhood (Finwe, Indis, Feanor, Original Character), Prompt: Sharing (Arafinwe), Prompt: Blood (Feanor, Original Character), Prompt: Meat (Original Character), Prompt: Contradiction (Glorfindel, Legolas), Prompt: Reunion (Eol, Original Character), Prompt: Meetings (Eol, Original Character), Prompt: Opposition (Miriel), Prompt: Unassuming (Celegorm, Curufin), Prompt: Grandmother (Draugulin, Original Character), Prompt: Regret (Earendil/Maeglin), Prompt: Hair (Haleth/Caranthir), Prompt: Explosion (Feanor, Original Character.), Prompt: Reign (Maedhros, Melkor, Sauron) , Prompt: Care (Celegorm, Original Character), Prompt: Protect (Celegorm, Feanor, Original Character), Prompt: Decision (Feanor, Orignal Character.) and Prompt: Invade (Feanorions et al. Fingolfinions et al. Finarfinions et al. Original character).

Loyalty Unyielding by Zlu and Luff [Adult]
Summary: This story follows Melkor and Sauron through the main Melkor-relevant events of the Silmarillion. Beginning with Morgoth's triumphant return to Angband with the Silmarils, through the consequences of the taxing battle with Fingolfin and the troublesome Quest for the Silmaril, all the way to Dagor Dagorath... and beyond. During the course of this story you shall see Melkor risen high and fallen low and you will learn a thing or two about the loyalty of a certain Maia. There will be moments sad and serious and those quite funny as well.
Chapters added this month: Of the Rings of Power and Of Númenor and the Third Age .

The Burnt God by Taylor17387 [Adult]
Summary: Melkor has been imprisoned in the halls of Mandos for all too long. The day of the trial is approaching, and now he's willing to do almost anything to convince his jailer of his change of heart. From then onwards, everything seems to go downhill for him. Will things improve upon his arrival at Angband?
Chapters added this month: Piercing and Poisoning

The Fall of Doriath by gamil-zirak [General]
Summary:This is an attempt at writing an account of the destruction of Doriath by the Sons of Feanor. It shall include the battle and aftermath. Hope you enjoy it..
Chapter added this month: An Autumn's Day

The Tempered Steel by Lyra [Adult]
Summary: Yes, it's yet another variation on the good old "Maedhros in Angband and what happened afterwards" theme! Because the Silmarillion is so brief about it that fleshed-out retellings never get old..
Chapter added this month: Part III, Chapter IV.

Words like Pearls, Love like Life. by Urloth [Teens]
Summary: Galadriel keeps her brother's letters. His words are like pearls. Gildor is married. His love for his wives keeps him breathing.
Chapters added this month: The Opened Box. and The Evening Song.

Short Works

And Soon It Will Be Morning by Himring [Teens] (448 words)
Summary: In Himring, a night ends. Aubade.

Doomed by Silver Trails [Teens] (781 words)
Summary: Mairon willingly falls into Melkor's arms.

Knifework by Kaz [Teens] (788 words)
Summary: A female!Elrond AU. Somewhere in the wilderness of Beleriand, Maedhros and Elrin talk weapons training, differences in combat-related gender roles between the Noldor and the Sindar, and mutual family history.

Reunited by Silver Trails [Teens] (834 words)
Summary: Gil-galad and Erestor are back with their family.


Five Fires by Elleth, read by Dawn Felagund (Time: 3:56. File Size: 3.61 MB.)
Summary: Ambarussa is afraid of fire to this day. There were four instances in life that made him fear.

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Character of the Month Biography



Amdír was a Sindarin Elf who ruled as the King of Lórien in the Second Age, governing a people in its vast majority Silvan. In at least one early version of the tales of Middle-earth published in the Unfinished Tales, the name of Malgalad of Lórien occurs, referring to what appears to be the same individual as Amdír, the name more commonly used for the character. Christopher Tolkien explains that

Malgalad of Lórien occurs nowhere else, and is not said here to be the father of Amroth. On the other hand, Amdír father of Amroth is twice (pp. 311 and 315 above) said to have been slain in the Battle of Dagorlad, and it seems therefore that Malgalad can be simply equated with Amdír.1

When the Calaquendi or Elves of the Light of Aman (in this case Noldor) return to Middle-earth, they find scattered Sindarin communities as far north as Lake Mithrim, the largest and best known grouping of which dwell in the highly protected settlement ruled by Thingol and Melian in Doriath. There are also the people of Círdan, the Sindarin of the coastal area of the Falas, also known as the Falathrim.

In addition to the Sindar, the returning Noldor encounter Silvan Elves, or as they are often referred to in the texts related to the First Age, Wood-elves. Apart from meeting these Sindarin, Nandorin, and Silvan Elves the Noldorin exiles learn of the existence of the ever reclusive, most remote and darkest of the Dark Elves, the Avari.

The Silvan Elves (Tawarwaith) were in origin Teleri, and so remoter kin of the Sindar, though even longer separated from them than the Teleri of Valinor. They were descended from those of the Teleri who, on the Great Journey, were daunted by the Misty Mountains and lingered in the Vale of Anduin, and so never reached Beleriand or the Sea. They were thus closer akin to the Nandor (otherwise called the Green-elves) of Ossiriand, who eventually crossed the mountains and came at last into Beleriand.2

We are given to understand that some of these combinations of Silvan and/or Nandorin Elves made their way to the important gathering called by Fingolfin early in the First Age which is called the

Mereth Aderthad, the Feast of Reuniting. Thither came many of the chieftains and people of Fingolfin and Finrod; and of the sons of Fëanor Maedhros and Maglor, with warriors of the eastern March; and there came also great numbers of the Grey-elves, wanderers of the woods of Beleriand and folk of the Havens, with Círdan their lord. There came even Green-elves from Ossiriand, the Land of Seven Rivers, far off under the walls of the Blue Mountains . . .3

From among these various Sindarin groupings, two leaders step in to organize kingdoms which comprise largely Silvan Elves: Amdír in woodlands of Lórien (later, of course, Lothlórien) and Oropher in the enormous forest of Greenwood the Great (later referred to in its marred and blighted form as Mirkwood at the end of the Third Age).

Of these various shades of Elves, dark to light, Verlyn Flieger notes in her book Splintered Light that

The Sindar are Grey-elves, called Elves of the Twilight, and with them a new shade appears in Tolkien’s spectrum. Grey is a middle shade, twilight a midpoint between daylight and dark. Like their name, the Sindar occupy the middle ground between Calaquendi and Moriquendi, between enlightenment and ignorance.4

One could interpret these gradations of light to dark, defined by both their relationships to one another and those who have seen the light of Aman as opposed to those deprived of that light, to reflect as well a measure of development versus a more primitive state dependent upon the distance from or closeness to the original directive of the Valar to move West. Perhaps for these reasons, Tolkien choses to give his Wood-elven peoples Sindarin leaders. Flieger explains that

This would seem to suggest—and Tolkien’s development of plot and character supports the idea— that the Sindar can go in either direction. Theirs is not just a case of seeking or rejecting the light. Theirs is a world in which even those who have not seen the light can, if they wish, be aware of it and of its power.5

The Noldor have seen the light of Aman, and, in fact, under the tutelage of the Valar profited on every level from their exposure to it, only to rebel. In their outrage with what seems to them to be passivity on the part of the Valar, they seek vengeance for the theft of their greatest national icons and the murder of their king. Or, perhaps in the case of some, like their Sindarin and Telerin kinsman before them, they harbor a yearning for independence that causes them to reject Aman and return across the Sea.

Why does Tolkien have Sindar assume leadership of the Silvan Elves? The Sindar originally reject the exhortation to cross the Sea, but to the degree that they know of anything of the Valar, they know it initially from their relationship with Thingol and Melian and gain a certain amount of their enlightenment and technological progress as part of that secondary exposure to the light.

Amdír, as one of two Sindarin leaders of important settlements of largely Silvan Elves, takes upon himself the responsibility to protect his people from the rising shadow of Sauron that threatens once again the free people of Middle-earth in the Second Age. The other, of course, even better known by Lord of the Rings aficionados is Oropher, the father of Thranduil, grandfather of Legolas.

The most significant event which involves Amdír in Tolkien’s legendarium is his role in the war of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, when he leads his army into the Battle of Dagorlad.

Michael Martinez notes in an article about the Last Alliance that Amdír was the least powerful of the Elven kings. But although he might not have had the history and might of Lindon behind him like Gil-galad, or the sheer numbers of the population of the extensive Greenwood the Great of Oropher, Amdír had an interesting collection of ethnicities.

He ruled fewer people than Oropher yet was friendly toward the Noldor, taking many refugees from Eregion into his kingdom. He must also have been on friendly terms with the Dwarves of Khazad-dum, his neighbors and perhaps sometimes allies28.

28 The Silmarillion, p. 288-90. “From that time war never ceased between Sauron and the Elves….” Being closest of all Elven realms to Mordor, Amdir’s kingdom in Lorinand must have borne the brunt of this extended period of conflict, and the influx of Noldor and Sindar from Eregion after the fall of that Elven realm would have provided impetus to a friendship between Amdir’s people and the Dwarves, though certainly not one as close as had existed between Eregion and Khazad-dum.6

When Amdír led a significant force of armed men into the attempt to overthrow Sauron in conjunction with the military force of the rest of the Last Alliance, given the make-up of the people in Lórien, his army would have contained significant numbers of the Silvan peoples, but also Noldorin and Sindarin refugees from Eregion.

Despite the desire of the Silvan Elves to meddle as little as might be in the affairs of the Noldor and Sindar . . . Oropher [and presumably Amdír] had the wisdom to foresee that peace would not return unless Sauron was overcome.7

The armies of Amdír and Oropher would have had much in common, not only a predominance of Silvan Elves, but also similarities in their armor and weapons.

He [Oropher] therefore assembled a great army of his now numerous people, and joining with the lesser army of Malgalad of Lórien he led the host of the Silvan Elves to battle. The Silvan Elves were hardy and valiant, but ill-equipped with armour or weapons in comparison with the Eldar of the West . . .8

Of even greater consequence was the attitude of the two forces of largely Silvan warriors led by their Sindarin kings toward the authority of the High King of the Noldor Gil-galad and his far better armed and equipped and more numerous forces out of Lindon.

. . . also they were independent, and not disposed to place themselves under the supreme command of Gil-galad. Their losses were thus more grievous than they need have been, even in that terrible war. Malgalad and more than half his following perished in the great battle of the Dagorlad, being cut off from the main host and driven into the Dead Marshes.9

The harrowing description of passage of Frodo and Sam through the Dead Marshes in The Two Towers are an unforgettable and heart-wrenching reminder of those terrible losses.

. . . grim faces and evil, and noble faces and sad. Many faces proud and fair, and weeds in their silver hair. But all foul, all rotting, all dead. A fell light is in them.’ Frodo hid his eyes in his hands. ‘I know not who they are; but I thought I saw there Men and Elves, and Orcs beside them.’

‘Yes, yes,’ said Gollum. ‘All dead, all rotten. Elves and Men and Orcs. The Dead Marshes. There was a great battle long ago, yes, so they told him when Sméagol was young, when I was young before the Precious came. It was a great battle. Tall Men with long swords, and terrible Elves, and Orcses shrieking. They fought on the plain for days and months at the Black Gates. But the Marshes have grown since then, swallowed up the graves; always creeping, creeping.’10

The price of their independence from the central command structure in that war was that both Amdír and Oropher were slain in the first assault upon Mordor.

. . . rushing forward at the head of his most doughty warriors before Gil-galad had given the signal for the advance. Thranduil his son survived, but when the war ended and Sauron was slain (as it seemed) he led back home barely a third of the army that had marched to war.11

Like Oropher, Amdír is survived by a son, who leads his survivors back to Lórien. Amroth succeeds Amdír as the King of Lórien. For those who might want to consider how the tale would be told if one accepts the version of Amroth as the son of Celeborn and Galadriel, the answer would be that Tolkien would have to write that story himself and attempt to bring all of the other text into congruity with it. Christopher Tolkien asserts that

There is no part of the history of Middle-earth more full of problems than the story of Galadriel and Celeborn, and it must be admitted that there are severe inconsistencies ‘embedded in the traditions.’12

In the Index of names to the Unfinished Tales, Amdír is listed as “King of Lórien, slain in the Battle of Dagorlad; father of Amroth. See Malgalad.”13

Again in the story of the love affair between Amroth and Nimrodel, Amdir is stated as the father of the last Sindarin king of Lothlórien.

Amroth was King of Lórien, after his father Amdír was slain in the Battle of Dagorlad [in the year 3434 of the Second Age]. His land had peace for many years after the defeat of Sauron. Though Sindarin in descent he lived after the manner of the Silvan Elves and housed in the tall trees of a great green mound, ever after called Cerin Amroth.14

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Featured Podfic

A Ponderous Tome

Oshun (Read by Dawn Felagund)

A short character study of a youthful Elrond and a reflection on an aspect of his relationship with Maedhros and Maglor; in response to Day 26 of the B2MeM challenge. The prompt is: “a teacher who played a key role . . . . write a character who educated his people in some way.”

Listen to or download "A Ponderous Tome."

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Current Challenge

Things We Never Said

As we read the Silmarillion and related works, we encounter many moments of drama, unexpected deaths, other partings or lives unfulfilled. Quarrels are left unsolved, spouses suddenly sundered from one another, or words left unspoken. Ask yourself, what was it that they probably could have done to change events and get that last chance? What would your character want to say to one when there is just one chance left?

This challenge is about forgiveness and catharsis. To be able to forgive and let go of what once was might result into that transformational power or character growth you might have wished for to read in the book. Here are some ideas to get you started:

We challenge you to fix that moment that you always wanted to see handled differently by offering your beloved character that moment of forgiveness or redemption.

Challenges Revisited: Noegyth Nibin

Most Silmarillion stories tend to focus on Elves, Men, and the Ainur, despite the fact that Middle-earth was a racially diverse realm. This month, in honor of one of these races--and the writers who love them--we ask our members to consider one of the most neglected races in Tolkien fan fiction: the Petty-Dwarves.

The Silmarillion says of the Petty-Dwarves,

Before the Dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost came west over the mountains the Elves of Beleriand knew not what these others were, and they hunted them, and slew them; but afterwards they let them alone, and they were called Noegyth Nibin, the Petty-Dwarves, in the Sindarin tongue. They loved none but themselves, and if they feared and hated the Orcs, they hated the Eldar no less, and the Exiles most of all; for the Noldor, they said, had stolen their lands and their homes.
"Of Túrin Turambar"

And we learned more about these mysterious creatures with the recent publication of The Children of Húrin.

This month's challenge asks writers to consider the Petty-Dwarves. We know very little about them, so authors who take this challenge will have a lot of freedom to invent and create. Here's some possible story ideas that would satisfy this challenge:

Quote of the Month

“Let the maiden, with erect soul, walk serenely on her way, accept the hint of each new experience, search in turn all the objects that solicit her eye, that she may learn the power and charm of her new-born being, which is the kindling of a new dawn in the recesses of space.“
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Want more challenges? Check out our complete challenge listing for more than three years' worth of challenges to inspire your writing!

Have an idea for a challenge? Some of our most popular challenges have been created by you, the members of SWG! If you have a plotbunny gnawing at your ankle, a favorite quote, or a favorite character that you think might inspire others as well, please send an email to and we'll try to include your challenge in our next newsletter!

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Each month, the SWG newsletter features links to articles that our members might find interesting. Do you have something you'd like to suggest? An interesting essay or discussion going on in your journal or blog? Drop us a line at and we'll add your article, essay, or post to our next newsletter!

It should go without saying, but just in case it bears repeating, any opinions expressed in these links are not necessarily that of the SWG and its moderators.

On Sindarin/Quenya sexual orientation vocabulary and Elven conceptions of queerness

Kaz has posed the discussion question on our LJ community about how terms used to describe sexuality might be rendered in Sindarin or Quenya. Read the full discussion here.

Silmarillion: The Movie Fan Video Trailer

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Timeline of the Elves in Tolkien’s Works

A visual representation of how the Elves identified themselves and migrated throughout Arda over time. A handy reference that provides a lot of information in a visual form, the Timeline of the Elves in Tolkien’s Works is good for the beginner seeking to keep all those groups of Elves (and their migrations and alliances) straight, as well as the expert looking for facts at a glance.

"Elves by the Numbers" by Michael Martinez

While we're talking Elves, perhaps a fitting text for the visual aid above is Michael Martinez's Elves by the Numbers. Pulling from a range of published sources, Martinez discusses the early division of the Elves at Cuivienen; speculates on the generational placement of Finwë, Olwë, Elwë, and Ingwë; and considers issues and possible numbers for Elven populations at various points in history.

"Tolkien's Cosmogony" by Professor Ralph C. Wood

Professor of English at Baylor University, Ralph Wood's article describes the cosmogony or ordering of the universe in Tolkien's world. Those new to The Silmarillion will appreciate his concise descriptions of the Ainur and other key characters.


The My Slashy Valentine Archive Is OPEN!

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Reading LOTR Aloud: Book 3, Chapter 5, The White Rider

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LOTR Community March Challenge: The March of Power

The Challenge theme for March, 2013 will be "The March of Power." Writers may choose their own prompt(s) from a list of prompts on the group's community. The Prompts will be an event from the Tale of Years for March, T.A. 3019. Stories are due in the queue by Friday, March 15th and will be revealed on Saturday, March 16th. Make sure you sign up for which prompt you are choosing so we can strike it out!

Teitho: March Challenge--Promises

The views on vows and promises vary. There are marriage vows, oaths of fealty, and simple everyday promises to clean our room, weed the garden, or visit the sick. Often, we mean to keep our promises, but unexpected circumstances interfere. Sometimes we listen to the counsel of others rather than our own conscience. At other times, we simply take what appears to be the easy way out. So the theme for March is "Promises". Tell us of promises kept or broken, of shattered trusts, and strengthened bonds. Aragorn or Legolas must appear in stories written for the challenge but not art. The deadline for this challenge (both art and stories) is March 25th. For instructions on how to submit your work and more information on the topic, visit the Promises challenge page at the Teitho website.

Queer Fest 2013

The purpose of Queer Fest is to celebrate and examine the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, asexual, intersex, and trans* characters through fanfic. Characters do not have to be canonically queer in order to qualify. This is a multi-fandom event. Please read the Queer Fest rules before signing up. Participants can submit prompts through March 15; prompt claiming runs from March 19 through April 2. Suggest prompts for Queer Fest here.

Fancake Round 27: Family

Fancake is a thematic multifandom rec comm where all members can post recs, and fanworks of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Our theme for this round is family. You this theme you can recommend fanworks that focus on parents, children, siblings, adoption, extended families, family bonds, family holidays, found families, families of choice, dysfunctional families, incest, and anything else family related you can think of. The round will stay open until March 15th. See the Fancake community for more information on how to participate.

J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fall of Arthur Available for Pre-Order!

Christopher Tolkien has resurrected another of his father's abandoned scholarly projects: the translation of a text about King Arthur. The Fall of Arthur will be released on May 23, 2013 and is currently available for Amazon pre-order.

Oxford Tolkien Spring School

J. R. R. Tolkien is one of the best known authors of the twentieth century, and his books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have entertained and intrigued readers alike for decades, becoming some of the most popular books of all time. Many people will have read these novels, or seen the filmed adaptations, but have had little opportunity to take their interests further. To meet this need the Oxford Tolkien Spring School is being organised by the University of Oxford's English Faculty (where Tolkien taught for most of his career), aimed at those who have read some of Tolkien's fiction and wish to discover more. A series of introductory lectures by world-leading Tolkien scholars have been assembled, to take place in the English Faculty, University of Oxford, over the 21-23 March, 2013. See the Oxford University site for a list of speakers and registration information.

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