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SWG 10th Birthday: And the winners are ...

The winners of our 10th birthday celebration contest are:

Congratulations to our drawing winners! And a big heartfelt thank-you to all the writers who wrote stories for our birthday celebration!

Our 10th birthday may be over, but remember that the Silmfic prompt generator is open for everybody to roll and write!

Welcome to Our New Members!

This month we welcome heget, carbonfibre, sambam16, Pineapple3000, TheGoldenSong, and Bad_Wolf to the Silmarillion Writers' Guild.

We hope you enjoy reading the stories, poems, and reference material, and listening to the podcasts you can find in our site. If something moved you or gave you food for thought, write a review to let its author know. If you are a writer, we hope to see you posting soon.

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New at the Archive

Completed Works

A Journey to Lothlórien by Ysilme † [Adult] (6318 words)
Summary: Glorfindel, reborn and sent to Middle-earth not so long ago, does not want to travel, particularly not to Lothlórien. But he finds the Golden Wood has much to offer to him.

A Vulture With the Sun in Its Talons by heget [General] (3112 words)
Summary: A new star has risen in the sky, a great army from the West has come to war with Morgoth, and the survivors of the Bór make their choice for honor and hope.

And Borte Did Gather Her People by heget [Teens] (6400 words)
Summary: Of the People of Bór in the aftermath of the Fifth Battle, for the side that lost the Nirnaeth Arnoediad was comprised of more than just the elves and Edain. Of the Easterlings, both the family of the sons of Bór left defenseless after defeat and the incomplete victory of the followers of Ulfang. Of an old woman who must save who she can and face more than a few unwelcoming receptions.

Arátellë by Scribe of Mirrormere [Teens] (2687 words)
Summary: Aredhel’s experience in Alqualondë. “I shall be known by no other name than Arátellë,” she told Turukáno.

Fight to the End by just_jenni [Teens] (2997 words)
Summary: A twist to the Beren, Luthien, Celegorm and Curufin story.

Bledda and the Beast by heget [General (1529 words)
Summary: A young man of the Bór stumbles across a strange animal in the refugee camps of Balar in the early days of the War of Wrath.

Cousinly Bonding by Klose [General] (1441 words)
Summary: While on a family holiday in Balar, Idril has a beachside chat with Gil-galad about their family.

Forever - Give or Take by IgnobleBard [Teens] (7368 words)
Summary: Gil-galad and Celebrimbor have a great life together in Aman, until a certain person from the past shows up.

Grief is an Undertow by heget [General] (1438 words)
Summary: Ships leave the port of Alqualondë for the shores of Middle-earth to begin the War of Wrath, and the niece of Olwë recounts her grief and cries for vengeance.

Hold Fast Ere Night Comes by heget [Teens] (4249 words)
Summary: Loving mortals will end in death. Angrod knows this.

Homecoming by swampdiamonds [Teens] (1490 words)
Summary: "In those halls in the hills at that homecoming mirth was mingled with melting tears" (The Lay of the Children of Húrin, Canto III:1999-2000)

In Dor-Cuarthol by Himring [Author Chooses Not to Rate] (1001 words)
Summary: They were former outlaws who under the leadership of Turin and Beleg, the Elf from Doriath, turned to fight against the Shadow in the North. It was more of an idea, really, than a homeland--or a period of time, too short to call an era--but they gave it the name of Dor-Cuarthol, the Land of Helm and Bow. Those former outlaws--Algund was one of them. He and Beleg had something in common, but there was more that divided them from each other.

In the camps of the Bór by heget [General] (2546 words)
Summary: After the Third Kin-slaying, Maglor and Maedhros return to their camp in Ossiriand with Elwing's sons. A human woman learns of what happened and must make hard decisions.

Isilmë's Gift by Talullah [GGeneral] (2519 words)
Summary: Isilmë has a visitor.

Luminous Any Dark Place by Elleth [Teens] (2557 words)
Summary: In dire straits in Araman, Aredhel and Elenwë struggle with more than just the cold.

Neighborhood Watch by heget [General] (1007 words)
Summary: Finrod frets while helping the People of Bëor settle Estolad. He desires a safe home for his new friends (and some elves are safer neighbors than others).

Passage by Agelast [Teens] (5593 words)
Summary: Túrin goes down another path -- and changes everything for those he loves. Written for Rarepairs 2015.

Remembrance Is All by Agelast [Adult] 95999 words)
Summary: Here lies ficlets, meme responses, and things that are too short to post on their own.

Revenant by heget [General] (1744 words)
Summary: During the War of Wrath, one of the survivors of the people of Bór must deal with the enemy who occupy Dor-lómin. Another peak into the fates of some overlooked Easterlings. Yet again Bledda has an unexpected encounter.

Running Around The Sun by Calithiel [Teens] (1003 words)
Summary: That moment when the smalest thingd from life leave a mark that will remain far longer than we imagined...

Save The World by Amy Fortuna [Teens] (1519 words)
Summary: Nimloth is on her way to visit Luthien. She's caught in a summer mist and hears a beautiful voice singing. Who will she meet?

Skin by Scribe of Mirrormere [General] (1189 words)
Summary: During a visit in Doriath, Aredhel and Eöl get caught up in a trivial argument.

The Bride's Jewel by Scribe of Mirrormere [Adult] (30540 words)
Summary: The tale of enduring love, which began by the shores of Cuiviénen, that will set forth the events that impact all of Middle-earth for ages to come.

The Brides of Death by heget [General] (2278 words)
Summary: "Nóm has many questions, but he never asks about the wreath Andreth wears in her hair." A story of the Edain and their first interaction with the elves, of courage and defiance and most of all the Gift of Men.

The Bull and the Tides by heget [Teens] (1520 words)
Summary: The story of the first companion of Finrod and Beren to die in the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth.

The Coming Flood by Friendsheyho [General] (1693 words)
Summary: Two women stand as the funeral procession of everyone they've ever known rolls by and they hold hands. The Valar have much to pay for. Amarië/Elenwë, modern AU dystopia.

The Curse by Robinka [Adult] (2380 words)
Summary: A True Blood/The Silmarillion crossover fic written for the 10th Birthday Celebration Contest. It is not entirely serious, you get the idea.

The Maedhros Incident by Cheeky [General] (2182 words)
Summary: What happened to Maglor and Erestor after " A Song For My Beloved"? Why did it all go wrong? How could Maglor ever forget about Maedhros's claustrophobia? And will the Son's of Feanor EVER take a day off?

The Night the Wolves Were Silent by Lingwiloke [General] (1267 words)
Summary: Elrond, and a quiet night at the conclusion of the War of Wrath.

The Prisoner by Uvatha the Horseman [Teens] (1952 words)
Summary: A fanfic of elfscribe's "Elegy to Numenor" in which Sauron, recently taken prisoner by Ar-Pharazon, puts terrifying visions into the minds of his guards. (He's being a jerk because he's bored.)

The Smell of Raindrops and Lightning by heget [General] (1447 words)
Summary: A quiet moment between the King and Queen of Beleriand long before the rise of the Sun and Moon, the building of Menegroth, or the birth of Lúthien Tinúviel. Plus Science!

the wise & the lovely by Agelast [Teens] (1882 words)
Summary: Galadriel takes care of an unwanted suitor in her own inimitable way.

Three Letters by Talullah [General] (1591 words)
Summary: Three letters Almarian receives from the men in her life.

Until the Stars No Longer Shine by Independence1776 [Adult] (1361 words)
Summary: During the Great Journey, on the bank of what will become known as the Anduin, Finwë, Míriel, and Indis marry.

Walls of Night by LadyBrooke [Teens] (1088 words)
Summary: Celegorm knows the Sinda has no real power to do anything to them. If it wasn't for his brothers trembling next to him, and the Sinda smirking, he would be utterly convince this was a dream. Afterall, that made more sense than a Sinda somehow dragging their souls along with his to this cursed place. Mild violence warning for mention (and description) of future Silm events.

Wall the Heart by heget [General] (4291 words)
Summary: After the first battle of Beleriand, more unexpected tragedy strikes in the heart of Menegroth, and a Girdle must be raised.

What Is Love? by just_jenni [Adult](4440 words)
Summary: Earwen has an idea to help Nerdanel recover from her grief over Feanor's demise.

Works in Progress

Aredhel and the Marring of Bliss by just_jenni [Teens]
Summary: Aredhel, Celegorm and Curufin used to play together as youngsters and were great friends. This story concerns that friendship and Aredhel's desire to leave Gondolin and meet her cousins again after much time and many events have passed.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1-Fateful Wishes.

Bloody silmarils by Dilly [Teens]
Summary: In Gondolin, Turgon is depressed... A Silmarillion comedy. [Translation by Scythe-Lyfe]
Chapter added this month: The 'Hug'.

Book of Hours by heget [General]
Summary: Various one-shots about the Valar and Maiar. Most are very short and come from requests on my tumblr.
Chapters added this month: Girdle of Starlight, Weaver of Time, The Kindly Man, Desirers, Gabriel and Wizard's Duel.

Burning Bright: Answers in the Dark by Keiliss [Adult]
Summary: In which Galadriel goes to Lórien, Erestor visits Númenor, Elrond is under siege in a valley somewhere in the Misty Mountains, and Glorfindel doesn't get to go anywhere.
Chapters added this month: Obscure Truths and Farewell to Balar.

From door to door by Chiara Cadrich [General]
Summary: From a doorstep to another, a hobbit tale and petty fairy romance.
Chapters added this month: The gates of the mother, The door slams and Welcome to the pleasure door!.

Home in the Highlands by heget [General]
Summary: Drabbles and short stories about the House of Bëor and their elves. Mostly light-hearted addendums to Hold Fast Ere Night Comes and other stories set in Dorthonion before the Dagor Bragollach.
Chapters added this month: Gone Fishing, That Summer When Aegnor And Angrod Had To Intervene In The Inception Of A Clan Feud and Boromir and the Swamps.

Morning Mist and Silver Sun by StarSpray [Teens]
Summary: A place to store drabbles and drabble-series; most written for tolkien_weekly prompts.
Chapters added this month: Memories, wide-eyed and wonder-filled, Faces, Spellbound, and Let There Be Light.

One Star in the Sky by VCalien2015 [Teens]
Summary: The Dagor Dagorath approaches, and nearly all of those slain in the wars of the past Ages have been reborn to prepare themselves for the Last Battle. Among them is Curufinwë Fëanáro, last to leave the Halls of Mandos and tasked with earning his redemption. Fëanáro and his kin begin together the days which will lead them to the End, the guilt of the past mingling with joy long-lost, recalling at last what it is to truly live.
Chapter added this month: Formenos - Part V.

Rise Like the Break of Dawn by Amy Fortuna [Teens]
Summary: Lalwen witnesses the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and leads as many as she can to safety in its aftermath.
Chapter added this month: Home No More Home.

Some Futile Hope by Friendsheyho [Teens]
Summary: It is the Second Age of Middle-earth. Sauron is regrouping, the Rings are being forged, the Numenorians are beginning their descent into madness, and Glorfindel has been sent back to Middle-earth for...for what? Only time will tell, and when it does, all of Middle-earth will rise up to fight.
Chapters added this month: Part Two: Chapter Eleven, Part Two: Chapter Twelve and Part Two: Chapter Thirteen.

Taking Readings by Himring [Author Chooses Not to Rate]
Summary: Archiving a couple of short, slightly experimental pieces together.
Chapters added this month: The Unnamed Dead and The Foresaken

The Condensed Silmarillion by Cheeky [General]
Summary: The Silm you read when you are not really reading the Silm. Everything you wanted to know without all the boring bits.
Chapters added this month: The Valar Do Something, Men, It All Goes Wrong , And Then It Gets Even Worse, The Sad Tale of Maedhros and Fingon part 2A, The Sad Tale of Maedhros and Fingon part 2B, Thingol, Gondolin and Hunting for a Man.

Whom Thou Namest Friend, Part One by ElrondsScribe [General]
Summary: I'm a bit embarrassed by this story now, but I thought I'd share it with you all anyway. I only got three chapters into it, but I don't think I'm likely to update it. It crosses over with Narnia, and follows Omega. You really have to read Omega before starting this one.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 3: How To Overturn an Established Order.

Short Works

A Brief Early History of Avant-Garde Textile Art by zopyrus [General] (144 words)
Summary: Vairë the Weaver had several tapestry projects going at once, and Míriel Serindë disappeared from them all at the same time.

A Curse of Death by LadyBrooke [General] (409 words)
Summary: This was supposed to be a birth, and Denethor’s wife is dying. And from this, he wonders if he cursed his family for the remaining ages of the world.

Cousins by Silver Trails [Teens] (971 words)
Summary: Aegnor doesn't want Caranthir to bond with anyone...

Family and Wolves by heget [General] (549 words)
Summary: The Great Wolf of Angband leaps, and Thingol thinks of family.

Improvisation by Ysilme [General] (199 words)
Summary: A short vacation is saved by Erestor’s inventive mind.

Into the Darkness They Go by Amy Fortuna [Teens] (437 words)
Summary: Aranwë paints a significant scene in the history of the Noldor.

Lovers by Silver Trails [Teens] (954 words)
Summary: Aegnor gets lost while following Caranthir

Motherhood by lindahoyland [General] (99 words)
Summary: Galadriel becomes a mother. A drabble.

My Dear Finduilas by Friendsheyho [Teens] (397 words)
Summary: I write you this letter in hopes that I have not forgotten the words to do so.

Pretty Carvings by Friendsheyho [General] (872 words)
Summary: “I am my people, Caranthir.” Haleth doesn't trust most Elves, but she trusts this one enough to show him their culture.

Reborn by Silver Trails [Teens] (545 words)
Summary: Caranthir is out of the Halls and Aegnor comes to him

Shadows by Friendsheyho [Adult] (462 words)
Summary: Who are you, Celebrimbor?

The Fire by Silver Trails [Teens] (551 words)
Summary: My version about Amras' fate and the burning of the ships in Losgar

Thralldom and Pearls by LadyBrooke [General] (354 words)
Summary: She is just a servant, and her lover can't be a thrall - for why would Morgoth want such an unimportant person as one?

Whispers by Friendsheyho † [General] (709 words)
Summary: Betrayal, the Dark One had told him. He cannot work through it, not when the wind blows through soft drapes while his mind screams.

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Character of the Month Biography



Aranwë is a Noldorin Elf of Gondolin, most notable as the father of Voronwë (who plays a significant role in the story of Tuor's coming to Gondolin in the First Age). The references in the texts to Aranwë are limited to less than half-dozen or so. One is grasping at straws to draw any hard conclusions for additional information drawn from those few mentions of his name. When Voronwë arrives at the gates of Gondolin bringing Tuor with him, he introduces himself as the son of Aranwë.

Then he spoke proudly, saying: ‘Know you not whom you see? I am Voronwë son of Aranwë of the House of Fingolfin. Or am I forgotten in my own land after a few years? Far beyond the thought of Middle-earth I have wandered, yet I remember your voice, Elemmakil.’

Readers have speculated that when he says, "of the House of Fingolfin," he does not necessarily mean that he is a close kinsman of Fingolfin. Instead, they suggest that this nomenclature means, more likely than not, that he was one of those who followed Fingolfin's host out of Aman and into Middle-earth, as opposed to those counted themselves among the faction of the Noldor loyal to Fëanor.

Aranwë is mentioned only twice in The Silmarillion. The first is in a passage within the story of Tuor's quest for Gondolin:

But in the morning when the storm was passed, Tuor came upon an Elf standing beside the walls of Vinyamar; and he was Voronwë, son of Aranwë, of Gondolin, who sailed in the last ship that Turgon sent into the West.

The other time his name comes up is in the "Index of Names."

Aranwë Elf of Gondolin, father of Voronwë.

Aranwë is not even mentioned in earliest version of The Fall of Gondolin published in The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, wherein his son Voronwë is sometimes called Bronweg. The wife of Aranwë, mother of Voronwë, is mentioned in the Unfinished Tales version and said to be a kinswoman of Círdan. Voronwë tells Tuor a little of history own history in the Unfinished Tales' version of Tuor's story, saying,

I was born here in Middle-earth in the land of Nevrast. My mother was of the Grey-elves of the Falas, and akin to Círdan himself – there was much mingling of the peoples in Nevrast in the first days of Turgon’s kingship – and I have the sea-heart of my mother’s people.

For one who is not a language expert, references to the construction of Aranwë’s name in the texts are indirect and/or difficult to ferret out; in other sources, they are at times direct but largely not footnoted. Most sources indicate that it is possibly a combination of the Sindarin or, more likely than not, Quenya noun aran (meaning king or noble) added to the not uncommon ending of -wë, which is used for both male and female names (for example, Finwë or Elenwë, among others). Another possible root is ara, meaning noble.

The name construction would not necessarily seem to be of great importance on the surface. However, a number of readers use it as the linchpin of an argument that Aranwë might not have been simply a noble from among the followers of Fingolfin who ended up finally in Gondolin, but could possibly have been an actual member of Fingolfin's immediate family. The aran component of his name has been used as the basis of an argument that Aranwë is somehow of a line of kings. This suggestion has surfaced again and again over the years. In the discussion thread of an article posted on Tumblr written by Erunyauve called "Elven Royal Roots," Curufinwefeanaro states it simply: "There’s been an interesting suggestion of Aranwë being son of Lalwen and thus Voronwë being Ñolofinwë’s grand-nephew." Lalwen, of course, is Fingolfin's sister [see SWG bio Írimë (Lalwen)]. As a nephew of Lalwen, Aranwë could be considered of royal blood but not in the direct line of succession, since Fingolfin had surviving sons.

This suggestion is not new. Michael Martinez touched upon it in his well-known article, "It’s All in the Family: The Finwëans," originally published in 2001.

As provided in the Shibboleth, Irien (originally called Irime, the third daughter) was born between Fingolfin and Finarfin. She was also called Lalwende, and it was this name which was Sindarinized into Lalwen. She and Fingolfin were very close and she accompanied him into exile. We hear nothing more of her, but some people have wondered if Aranwe, the father of Voronwe, might not be Lalwen’s husband or son.

Clearly the Lalwen speculation is interesting, proven by the fact that it has captured the imagination of more than one generation of Tolkien readers, but there is no direct canonical basis for it.

All that we actually know from the texts is that Aranwë is Noldorin, almost certainly of noble or lordly status, that he lived in the city of Gondolin, that he fathered a son named Voronwë, and that his unnamed wife was related to Círdan.

Works Cited

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  7. Michael Martinez, “It’s All in the Family: The Finwëans,", referenced August 31, 2015.

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Current Challenge

Of Stories Left Untold

A story must be told or there'll be no story, yet it is the untold stories that are most moving.
Letter to his son Christopher (30 January 1945) - in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (1981), p. 110

In The Silmarillion, many things get a slight mention but are never properly explored. We challenge you to create a gap-filler where you explore an event, a character, or perhaps an item that The Silmarillion makes clear must have existed but where the full story is never told. Think about an adult character's childhood, for example, or how a famous weapon or treasure came into the hands that won it renown. All art forms are welcomed.

Challenges Revisited: With a Bit of Fairy Dust

No matter on what continent you might be at this moment, both spring and autumn are times of change making you look at life and the world around you from a different perspective. So why can't we look at The Silmarillion in a new way? This challenge gives you the opportunity to try and see how your favourite character would star in a fairy tale! Give it a try with the following fairy tale writing prompts as an example!

Unleash your imagination by looking at fairy tales of old and mix them with Tolkien's own Mythopoeia. Or make up your own fairy tales featuring your own characters or such stories told by your characters! There is a multitude of possibilities to explore and we challenge you to find one. No holds barred regarding your imagination, that this challenge about!

Quote of the Month

"He was walking into Faerie, in search of a fallen star, with no idea how he would find the star, nor how to keep himself safe and whole as he tried. He looked back and fancied that he could see the lights of Wall behind him, wavering and glimmering as if in a heat-haze, but still inviting."

- Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Want more challenges? Check out our complete challenge listing for more than three years' worth of challenges to inspire your writing!

Have an idea for a challenge? Some of our most popular challenges have been created by you, the members of SWG! If you have a plotbunny gnawing at your ankle, a favorite quote, or a favorite character that you think might inspire others as well, please send an email to and we'll try to include your challenge in our next newsletter!

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Tolkien's "The Story of Kullervo" Published

The Story of Kullervo, Tolkien's early treatment of Kullervo, Finnish mythological anti-hero and literary ancestor of Túrin Turambar, has been published in an edition edited by Verlyn Flieger. Read the original press release at, or the BBC's investigation into Tolkien's fascination with Finland.

Smaug to Go into Space

NASA‘s New Horizons proposals will use fictional characters and locations, including from Tolkien’s Middle-earth, to name features of Pluto and its moons. Read about the proposals on the Tolkien Society's website.

Heretic Loremaster: The Quenta Silmarillion Death Post

Dawn Felagund explores the frequently violent deaths and their various causes in the Quenta Silmarillion at the Heretic Loremaster.

"Artist's Statement Part 2" by The Pale Rook

Artist's Statement Part 2 by The Pale Rook is about valuing your creative works-- not in a monetary sense, but a personal and emotional one-- and not apologizing for or minimizing them. SWG member Independence1776 wrote a fandom-specific response.

August Non-Fiction Challenge Essays at the LotR Community

The essays for the LotR Community's Nonfiction Challenge have been posted to LJ. The essays include: Aerin and Éowyn by Himring, Transformative Before Transformative: Creativity in Tolkien and Led Zeppelin by Talullah, Why I Believe "The Last Goodbye" Is the Perfect Last Song" by Dreamflower, and Evil and Free Will, with Examples from Lord of the Rings by Linaewen.


2015 Ardor in August Stories Revealed

The 41 stories of the 2015 round of the Slashy Santa Exchanges' Ardor in August have been revealed. Read the Ardor in August stories on AO3.

Call for Volunteers to make banners/icons for The Tree and Flower Awards

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Trick or Treat Exchange: Nominations Are Open

Trick or Treat is a low-pressure Halloween panfandom gift exchange for either horror/occcult/supernatural (trick) or sweet/sexy/fluffy (treat) gift fics. Read the Trick or Treat FAQ here, and Trick or Treat nominations are open until September 8.

September 13-19th is Valar Appreciation Week on tumblr

As with all Silmarillion appreciation weeks, we encourage everyone to post what they can--fic, art, closet cosplay, headcanons and meta, photosets, you name it. Find the schedule and more information at the Silmarillion Appreciation Week tumblr.

Announcing the Fandom Then/Now Webproject

The Fandom Then/Now project is designed to facilitate fan conversations and collect ideas from fans about fan fiction’s past and future. Please visit the Fandom Then/Now website to look at the project and share your thoughts.

New Tolkien Journal: Waymeet

A brand new Tolkien journal, "Waymeet", has been announced. The online journal is aimed at providing resources for teachers to help them teach about Tolkien’s works in a post-secondary education environment. For more information visit the Waymeet website.

5th Tolkien Conference in Hungary

The 5th academic conference of the Hungarian Tolkien Society carries the title "J. R. R. Tolkien: Individual, Community, Society". Co-organized by the Institute of English and American Studies at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, it will take place in Budapest on 3-4 September 2015. Find the conference details on

Evil in the Shining Light Tolkien Artshow

Running from September 2-26 in Sheffield, "Evil in the Shining Light" will feature a range of artwork inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien from artists including Ted Nasmith, Jay Johnstone, and John Cockshaw. Find details about the art show on the Tolkien Society's website.

Oxonmoot 2015

Oxonmoot is an annual conference hosted by the Tolkien Society and brings together Tolkien scholars and students of all genres. Held in Oxford, the venue has changed over the years and this year we are going back to St Antony’s College. In 2015, Oxonmoot will last an "extra" day again, from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th September. The two full days of the conference will include a range of papers and seminars exploring the works of Tolkien. Read more on the Oxonmoot website.

Sarehole Mill Tolkien Festival

On Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6, Sarehole Mill hosts the Birmingham Tolkien Festival, a family-friendly event with living history camps, a medieval market, food stalls, weapon displays and activities in the area Tolkien lived in as a child. Cosplay is welcome. Find details on the Sarehole Mill Tolkien Festival website.

Mythgard Midatlantic Speculative Fiction Symposium (MidMoot) 2015

Signum University has opened registration for MidMoot 2015, a one-day conference in College Park, MD on October 3, 2015, featuring Professors Corey Olsen and Verlyn Flieger. Please register for Mythgard Midatlantic Speculative Fiction Symposium here. Cost is only $10 per person.

Urbana Theological Seminary's Tolkien Conference

The fourth annual Urbana Theological Seminary's Tolkien Conference will be held on September 19 in Champaign, Illinois. Admission is $25 and a variety of speakers are on the program.

Calls for Papers

Dutch Tolkien Society Magazine "Lembas".The Dutch Tolkien Society is looking for submissions for their English-language magazine on any Tolkienian topic; may be a character study, may be fanfic-related, may be general, may be philosophical or theological; a study of some aspect/theme across various stories, biographical, lit crit, something on the Inklings… See the post for guidelines.

The German Tolkien Society. The Topic for the DTG's 2016 Tolkien Seminar is "Tolkien's Philosophy of Language". See their Call for Papers for details.

Tolkien Studies at Kalamazoo. The Tolkien at Kalamazoo group has been approved for three paper sessions at the International Medieval Congress held at Kalamazoo, Michigan in May 2016. 2016 Tolkien Studies sessions at Kalamazoo can be found here. Also see the CFP for the Asterisk Tolkien session seeking "papers which will further explore the continuum between philology and creation."

Tolkien Studies at Popular Culture/American Culture Association. The Tolkien Studies Area welcome proposals on any area of Tolkien Studies (the Legendarium, adaptations, reader reception and fan studies, media and marketing, pedagogy, medieval, modern, postmodern, etc.) from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective. Proposals are due October 1, 2015. See the Call for Papers for full details.

On the Footsteps of Dwarves: Different Readings of a Mythical Figure in Popular Culture. Chapters may explore different media (literature, movies, art, video games, comics, visual arts, television, etc.) and address topics on dwarves. Proposals are due October 15, 2015. See the post about the theme for complete details.

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