November's Challenges

First Meetings

Thanks to Marta for suggesting this challenge idea!

How might a character originating from and living in Valinor react to his or her first meeting with a character just arriving from Middle-earth?

The possibilities for this challenge are vast and encompass all of the ages and Tolkien's works. Perhaps the first to come to mind are those characters from the Third Age who travelled to Tol Eressëa at the end of The Lord of the Rings. However, this challenge also contains the possibility of working with characters well beyond these obvious examples. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fanged Geranium has a current work-in-progress that takes a humorous look at certain Elves' arrival in Valinor and the government's response to it. Check out "Welcome to Valinor" here.

If you have ideas for compelling story hooks for this challenge or know of any good examples of stories that satisfy this challenge (either your own or someone else's), please feel free to share them in a comment or in a post to the group.

Differing Perspectives

Thank you to Tarion Anarore for helping me to develop this challenge idea and for lending her talents to illustrate it.

Choose a drabble or another work by an author that illustrates a single character's perspective. After seeking the original author's permission, write the same event--using all of the author's original conventions--from a different character's perspective.

Tarion's and my drabbles that inspired this challenge may be found here. Please be forewarned that these drabbles include violence.

News and Announcements

Progress on Our Archive Site

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, our archive site has experienced a bit of a setback. I am hoping to resume work on our site soon so that we have a home for our Silmarillion stories and resources in the New Year. I owe great gratitude to Maedhros (Nelyo), who has given me great help on this project, and to the other members who have offered their expertise and assistance.

Reminder: Posting Format for LiveJournal Community

Just a gentle reminder to all members of the silwritersguild community that our posting format must be used when sharing stories. Please find details on our posting format here.

I am less concerned that writers follow this format to the letter than I am that ratings and warnings be clearly displayed. Please be aware that stories posted in the silwritersguildd community must include the following:

These items are covered in greater detail in our posting guidelines, available through the community.

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