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SWG News

Fifth Birthday Event

Our birthday party is in full swing!

We have been reading and enjoying the most fantastic compilations and fabulous new stories! If you’ve missed any, why not catch up now?

But the fun continues in September with these themes:

Through the Ages: Stories or artwork featuring characters that belong in more than one age of Arda such as Galadriel or Elrond and who influence more than one age of history.
Posting date: September 2

The Songfic That Wasn’t: This theme is for 'songfic' in which you use a line from a song once in your story (it may be the title, in the dialogue, in the description - wherever you like). You are expected to credit the original song or poem, of course, but you may not quote the entire song in your story.
Due date for older works: September 1
Posting date: September 4

What Would Socrates Say?: For stories in which characters question their own or another's philosophy or beliefs and thus challenge the status quo.
Due date for older works: September 4
Posting date: September 7

The Lays of Beleriand Reloaded: Or, "Poetry in Motion." A theme that celebrates verse inspired by The Silmarillion and ancillary works.
Due date for older works: September 6
Posting date: September 9

Into the Woods: A celebration of stories focused on the denizens of Doriath.
Due date for older works: September 8
Posting date: September 11

To My Dear…:The distances between certain characters are enormous, but they somehow maintain close friendships. Why not publish the letters they used to stay in touch?
Due date for older works: September 11
Posting date: September 14

Our birthday page has forms for sending in work for the themes or awarding tokens to your favorite authors and stories!

We want to remind you that for the compilations of older works you may submit ficlets, artwork, poetry, and excerpts from longer stories or essays up to 300 words on the due dates at the latest.

You may also create new fiction, essays, poetry, and artwork for the theme. However these original works may be turned in at any time during the event. We will add them to the compilation and include a link in the daily summary that is posted to the website, email list, and LiveJournal community.


Site Etiquette/Terms of Service Change

The majority of authors who archive with us use the site to add new stories as they write them. However, occcasionally, a member decides to use the site to archive her or his older works. This is perfectly acceptable; after all, the archive is just that: an archive! However, large uploads often have the unintended effect of bumping new works so far down the Most Recent page that visitors may not be able to find them. In talking with authors who have archived their story collections with us, as well as the general membership, many have expressed that this is not an ideal scenario.

The site mods have put their heads together over the past few months and decided to update the Site Etiquette and Terms of Service in order to strike a balance between the two uses of the archive. Effective immediately, authors who wish to upload more than ten older works at a single time are encouraged to contact us so that we can backdate them slightly in order to move new stories to the top of the Most Recent list. Likewise, we may contact authors who upload large numbers of older works at once without first contacting us and ask for permission to backdate some of the stories so that newer works can remain on the first page of the Most Recent list. Here is the precise wording of the SE/ToS addition, under Author Etiquette:

The SWG archive is that--an archive--and we encourage new members to archive their older Silmarillion works with us. However, in order to achieve a balance between these works and new stories by other authors on the Most Recent List, we ask that authors who plan to add more than ten stories all at once to the archive, to contact the moderators first so as to work out a schedule for the posting of these stories. If you have added more than ten stories to the archive at once, the archive moderators may contact you for permission to backdate some works so that new additions can remain on the Most Recent list.

I think it's important to note that authors who don't contact us before doing multiple archive uploads are not breaking any rules or in any sort of trouble. We are simply trying to strike a balance between the authors who want to store their collections with us and those who are using the archive to reach readers for their new works. Both uses of the archive are equally acceptable and, as always, we welcome all Silmarillion-based writing and writers on our site. Questions or concerns should be directed to the site moderators at

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New at the Archive

Completed Works

A Dragon Tale by Pearl Took [General] (1450 words)
Summary: Where did the Dragons come from?

A Kind of Poetry by Independence1776 [Adult] (1044 words)
Summary: Indis can't help but fall in love with Finwë-- and his wife Míriel. When the couple brings her into their relationship, everything changes. Finwë/Míriel/Indis, with an emphasis on Míriel/Indis.

A Minor Talent by Lyra [General] (4422 words)
Summary: Young Findekáno develops a passion for a song that continues to follow him as the events of the Silmarillion unfold.

A Parting Gift by Silver Trails [Teens] (1869 words)
Summary: Near the End of Time, Maglor tells a stranger about his people.

About Love by Silver Trails [Teens] (1955 words)
Summary: Maedhros speaks with Maglor, and with Nerdanel about Fingon.

Acceptance by Silver Trails [General] (2578 words)
Summary: Fëanor accepts Findis at last.

Admission by SurgicalSteel [Teens] (1898 words)
Summary: Zamîn and Nemir (two of my OCs) meet after the Last Alliance and discuss their losses. References my other Second Age fics archived on this site.

Aftermath by Silver Trails [Teens] (1462 words)
Summary: Findekano speaks with his mother about Maitim

Atop Bald Mountain by Iavalir [Teens] (2664 words)
Summary: A letter speaking of the doom that awaits this universe, goes on for thousands of years without ever reaching its recipient. One day it is picked up by some humans, and its perilous message is finally revealed to the world.

Beloved by Silver Trails [Teens] (1099 words)
Summary: Arakano is out of the Halls, waiting for his lover to come out.

Choices by Silver Trails [General] (1660 words)
Summary: Gil-galad and Elrond speak about Maglor.

Cuiviénen by Silver Trails [Adult] (2064 words)
Summary: Finwë and Ingwë speak about duty.

Drizzle by Silver Trails [Adult] (1052 words)
Summary: Ulmo and Manwë talk about the past

Erestor by Silver Trails [Teens] (2156 words)
Summary: Erestor's life in ten drabbles.

Feelings by Silver Trails Teens (1899 words)
Summary: Findekano realizes why he is not interested in elleths.

Five Bells by Dawn Felagund [Teens] (1543 words)
Summary: The people of Tirion learn of Miriel's death. For the Five Things challenge for SWG's fifth birthday.

Ghosts by Silver Trails [General] (1458 words)
Summary: Nolofinwë tries to understand why Fëanaro is drifting away.

Honi soit... by Lyra [General] (2640 words)
Summary: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is by many considered one of the greatest works of English medieval literature, yet its author is sadly unknown. Of course, a brilliant work of poetry must have been authored by a brilliant poet... A crossover between The Silmarillion and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Hymn of the Trees and Stars by Lady_Roisin [General] (3686 words)
Summary: Daeron's daughter Meriliel desires to follow in her father's footsteps and learn to play beautiful music.

I see you by Silver Trails [Adult] (1794 words)
Summary: Erestor is waiting for Ereinion to leave the Halls.

In Death's Shadow by Silver Trails [Adult] (13827 words)
Summary: Caranthir meets those he will love forever.

In Lorien's Gardens by Silver Trails [Adult] (1976 words)
Summary: Caranthir and Namo make love.

Kin No More by Ellie [Teens] (7377 words)
Summary: During the War of Wrath, remnants of the king’s guard bear a badly wounded Finarfin from battle only to find themselves ensnared in an even older conflict.

Lalwen's Box by Silver Trails [Teens] (1241 words)
Summary: Erestor dreams of a possible future.

Livinlävidä by Russandol [Teens] (1600 words)
Summary: In the bliss of the Blessed Realm, Legolas makes a wager with Gimli and does something that has never been done before. Manwë is not impressed.

Lost Home by Silver Trails [General] (1028 words)
Summary: Gil-galad stops Gildor from leaving the Isle of Balar.

Lover's Leap by Ellie [Teens](1433 words)
Summary: Princess Eärwen successfully managed to turn a young Finarfin into a suitable candidate for husband for a Telerin bride, but just how far is he willing to go for her?

Music and Hounds by Silver Trails [General] (1514 words)
Summary: Maglor and Celegorm go hunting together.

Opportunity Discovered and Seized by Lady_Roisin [General] (3334 words)
Summary: On the day Tar-Meneldur announces Aldarion as his heir, a beautiful maiden captures his attention

Our Love by Silver Trails Teens (1395 words)
Summary: Maedhros and Findekano speak about their love.

Parallels by Silver Trails [Teens] (6057 words)
Summary: Feänaro wonders why Findekáno is always following Nelyo, just like Nolofinwë used to follow him.

Rain by Silver Trails [Adult] (9222 words)
Summary: Valar and Maiar learn of physical love.

Scion of Kings by Silver Trails [General](1313 words)
Summary: Cirdan tries to explain Gil-galad why his father sent him to the Falas..

Separation by Silver Trails [General] (1196 words)
Summary: Nolofinwë tries to understand Findekano.

Siblings by Silver Trails [Teens] (5966 words)
Summary: Feänor and his siblings.

Starlit Sky by Silver Trails [Adult] (2085 words)
Summary: Ingwë and Elwë speaking about Finwë.

Storm by Silver Trails [Adult] (31441 words)
Summary: Ulmo and Manwë must remember their duty.

The Cave in the Echoriath by Iavalir [Adult] (3560 words)
Summary: During a masquerade Legolas tells Haldir the tragic tale of the Gondolinian elf named Legolas.

The End of Days by Silver Trails [Teens] (1028 words)
Summary: Eru muses about Melkor's fate.

The Facts of Life by Silver Trails [Teens] (1033 words)
Summary: Tyelkormo tries to explain the facts of life to Carnistir.

The Greatest Torment by Still Anonymous [General] (1570 words)
Summary: After his rescue from Thangorodrim, Feanor's eldest dreams of the kinslaying at Alqualondë.

The Jinn by pandemonium_213 [Teens] (4223 words)
Summary: While leading his tribe into the deep desert to escape the inevitable war between the Zigûr and the Sea-kings, Sharif finds a woman -- injured and unconscious -- among the rocks. He discovers this is not a mortal woman, but one of the pale-skinned immortal demons of the north. He is ready to kill her, but the tribe's priestess stays his hand, warning him that slaying the jinn would bring terrible misfortune to his tribe. His wives care for the jinn, who recovers and aids the tribe as they journey to the East in search of a mysterious land where they hope to find sanctuary, the jinn no less than Sharif and his tribe as she flees from the Zigûr.

The Wars of the Valar by Fiondil [Teens] (163942 words)
Summary: Before the Coming of the Children, before Arda was even created, the Valar labored in wastes unmeasured and unexplored, and in ages uncounted and forgotten while Melkor sought to dominate all to his own desires and purposes. This is their story.

Time of Trial by Lyra † [Adult] (7451 words)
Summary: Sauron has become Ar-Pharazôn's most trusted advisor, but it is not an easy job even for a cunning Maia. An unknown intruder in the palace gardens, however, enables him to set some of his more ambitious plans in motion...

Truce by Silver Trails [General] (1466 words)
Summary: Finarfin tries understand Fëanor.

Warmth by Silver Trails [Teens] (1509 words)
Summary: A few months after Fingon rescued Maedhros, they have an argument about the oath.

Yours Forever by Silver Trails [Adult] (10677 words)
Summary: Sauron in Valinor after the End of Time

Works in Progress

Bard Rising by Rhapsody [Teens]
Summary: It is said that Maglor composed the Noldolantë before he was lost, but none was said about his personal accounts. The warrior bard wants to take you on a journey, a story that will tell you the tale on how a musician became a relentless kinslayer and warrior.
Chapters added this month: Prologue, Chapter 1: Homecoming and Chapter 2: And Darkness Fell.

Chasing Mirages by Russandol [Adult] †
Summary: A 'what if' tale of darkness, light, love and betrayal over the Ages of Eä.
Chapter added this month: Parley.

Chasing the Stag by Amaranth [Adult]
Summary: An elusive presence haunts Celegorm on a solitary hunting trip and lures him from his path into a mystery-ridden chase where it is unclear if the son of Fëanor is hunter or prey…
Chapters added this month: Chapter 1 – Rituals of Many Years and Chapter 2 – The Pursuit.

Copper and Flame by Araloth the Random [General]
Summary: A sweet and light-hearted story in which a young Feanor discovers new feelings for the daughter of a craftsman. Slightly AU.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

Elegy for Númenor by elfscribe [Adult] †
Summary: Chronicles the last days of Númenor from the time Sauron "surrenders" to Ar-Pharazôn to the fall of the empire.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 15 - The Uneasy Road to Umbar

Fëanaro by Idril_Vanimedle [General]
Summary: For the "Do Something That's Never Been Done" Challenge. Sibling rivalry has been taken to a whole new level as Fëanaro and Fingolfin but heads for the title of Crown Prince of the Noldor. May become a larger story.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1: Contest.

Five Times That Nerdanel Said 'Yes' and One Time She Did Not by oshun [Teens]
Summary: This was written for the SWG 5th Birthday celebration based on the Theme: Five Things. The title says it all.
Chapters added this Month: The Begetting of the Heir Apparent to the House of Fëanáro, The Mightiest Singer of the Noldor is Conceived The Night They Begat The Fair Woodsman and The Dark Finwë.

Flickers by Meril [General]
Summary: Drabbles of varying multiples focused on Nerdanel, Feanor, their family and their lives.
Chapters added this month: Intentions, Freedom, Break, , Mastery, Fëar, Gatherers (I), Edged, Gatherers (II), Distinction, Strength to Save, and Reality.

For Love or Money by Lady MSM [Teens]
Summary: After an argument with his stepmother, Feanor runs away from home, adopts a new identity, and finds a new life with master craftsman Mahtan and his family. Everything is perfect...that is, as long as they don't find out who he really is.
Chapters added this month: Nerdanel and I Go Down Below and The Harvest Festival gets Prepared For and I Screw Up Completely, and Bril Helps.

Rise Again From Ashes by Independence1776 [Teens]
Summary: After spending millennia wandering Middle-earth, Maglor returns to Valinor, where he attempts to adjust to both his Valar-imposed restrictions and living once more with the Eldar.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 10, Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

Shiny Little Things by Meril [General]
Summary: My Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales-based drabbles.
Chapters added this month: A Gift of Friendship and A Gift of Love (Aldarion/Erendis), The Noble Task and Come Home (Teleri), Forsaken Kin (Finarfin/Eärwen), Leave It Unspoken (Galadriel & Finrod), Momentary (First Age Boromir, an Elf), Guardian (Beleg & Lúthien), Equal (Tuor & Annael), True/False (Tar-Míriel), The Solution (Tar-Míriel), and Legend and Truth (Nerdanel & students).

Tainted Light by Eldalie [Teens]
Summary: Silme loved and followed Maedhros from the peace of Valinor to his fiery end. Now Galadriel, her cousin and friend, reads her memories, and the exile and downfall of the Noldorin Elves live again through the tale of this doomed love.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 21: Healing.

The Consort by Lady_Roisin [Adult] †
Summary: Not every important figure makes it into the historical records and not all the great stories are told from those who lead lives of virtue or did heroic deeds. This is the story of Isilmírë and how she played into the greater history of the late econd and early third age. This is book two of The Prodigal Series and it concerns Isilmírë's arrival in Armanelos and the royal court. She quickly becomes entangled in the dangerous web of events and machinations taking place there, especially after befrending a certain advisor to the King.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25 and Chapter 26.

The Shipwright Shrugs by Kitt Otter [General]
Summary: Short whatnots and nonsense about Círdan, spanning from Cuiviénen to Forever.
Chapters added this month: 1 – Rhyme of the Finwion, 2 – Nowë’s Ark and 3 – Lavender’s Blue.

The Tempered Steel by Lyra [Adult]
Summary: Yes, it's yet another variation on the good old "Maedhros in Angband and what happened afterwards" theme! Because the Silmarillion is so brief about it that fleshed-out retellings never get old..
Chapters added this month: Part II, Chapter II, Part II, Chapter III and Part II, Chapter IV.

The West Wind Quartet by Himring [Teens]
Summary: Emlinn, a Sinda, becomes Maglor's student and experiences the end of the Siege of Angband and the Battle of Sudden Flame.
Chapters added this month: Arrival and The Retreat from Maglor's Gap.

Through Sorrow to Find Joy by Dawn Felagund [General]
Summary: This series will include small thinglets that do not fit in my other series. New: Speak Faster. Nerdanel meets Ælfwine on Tol Eressëa. A double drabble.
Chapter added this month: Speak Faster.

Vairë's Tapestries by Fiondil [Teens]
Summary: A collection of my short stories originally published on Stories of Arda. Most of the stories are rated for Teens, but any stories that have an "R" rating will be duly noted.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 6: CONTEST: Power Play.

Short Works

A Special Day by Silver Trails [Teens] (738 words)
Summary: Namo worries about Morifinwë's boldness.

A Walk by the River by Elfique [General] (439 words)
Summary: The grief of Finduilas and Gwindor, as each considers the loss of the other.

All the Answers by Himring [Teens] (395 words)
Summary: Maedhros and Maglor each answer a question at the Mereth Aderthad. "Musician" was a stand-alone, until I decided to pair it with "A Word In". The two parts are rated differently: see Chapter Notes.

Allies by Silver Trails [General] (350 words)
Summary: Elrond tries to stop Thranduil from leaving the council before the last battle against Sauron.

Cross-overs Are Harder Than They Look by oshun [General] (897 words)
Summary: SWG 5th Birthday Theme: Perfect Matches: Whether humorous or serious, this theme is for cross-overs of all sorts. Fingon tries to write fanfiction and Maedhros tries to help him. (Cross-over of The Silmarillion with Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint, Disney classics, fairy tales, and BBC's Merlin.).

Dangerous by Silver Trails [General] (754 words)
Summary: Three elflings cannot sleep...

Darkness by Silver Trails [Teens] (685 words)
Summary: Oropher speaks with Thranduil about the darkness taking over the woods.

Doomed by Silver Trails [Adult] (782 words)
Summary: Sauron is seduced by Melkor.

Duty Calls by Ellie [General](125 words)
Summary: Sometimes serving the Lady of the Golden Wood isn’t all it is cracked up to be..

Ehtelë by Silver Trails [Teens] (281 words)
Summary: Ecthelion and Glorfindel share a quiet moment in Gondolin.

For You by Silver Trails [Teens] (384 words)
Summary: Maglor accepts Omar's company.

Grandfather by Silver Trails [General] (938 words)
Summary: After the Dagor Dagorath, Fëanor and Nerdanel meet Caranthir's children.

Home by Silver Trails [General] (306 words)
Summary: Elros realizes that he has a new home.

Hopeby Silver Trails [General] (244 words)
Summary: Amras and Amrod say good-bye to their mother.

Hours by Silver Trails [Teens] (964 words)
Summary: Findekano and Maitimo say good-bye.

In Amon Lanc by Silver Trails [Teens] (657 words)
Summary: Amdir and Oropher speak about the darkness in Eryn Galen.

In Lindon by Silver Trails [Teens] (696 words)
Summary: While they wait for news from Eregion, Erestor helps Gil-galad to relax.

Left Behind by Isil Elensar [General] (500 words)
Summary: A series of drabbles connected though a family. Each drabble is a look at how certain family member handle being left behind..

Letter 1: Our Dead by Silver Trails [General] (483 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to her mother about Fëanor's betrayal, and their first battle in Middle-earth.

Letter 2: Hope by Silver Trails [General] (521 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to her mother about her life in Hithlum, about the Siege on Angband, and about Duilin.

Letter 3 – A Flame of Deathby Silver Trails [General] (613 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to her mother about the Battle of Sudden Flame, and the death of Nolofinwë.

Letter 4 - Gondolin by Silver Trails [General] (620 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to her sister about her betrothal to Duilin, and about Glorfindel, who is Findis' son.

Letter 5 – Erestor by Silver Trails [General] (469 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to her mother about her son, Erestor.

Letter 6 – The Fall by Silver Trails [General] (709 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to Arafinwë about the fall of Gondolin, and the Third Kinslaying.

Letter 7 - Fear by Silver Trails [General] (645 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to her mother about the War of Wrath.

Letter 8 – Erestor's Decision by Silver Trails [General] (422 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to Arafinwë, telling him about Erestor's decision.

Letter 9 - A Letter from Tirion by Silver Trails [General] (438 words)
Summary: Already in Aman, Lalwen writes to Erestor, knowing her letter will eventually reach him.

Letter 10 - Missing you, Papa by Silver Trails [General] (272 words)
Summary: Lalwen writes to her father, telling him that Erestor finally came to Aman.

Loss by Silver Trails [General] (293 words)
Summary: Glorfindel tries to comfort Ecthelion after Arakano's death.

Moonlighted Gardens by Silver Trails [Teens] (632 words)
Summary: Oropher distrusts the children of Finarfin.

Morgoth by Silver Trails [General] (357 words)
Summary: Melkor turns into Morgoth..

No Regrets by Silver Trails [General] (641 words)
Summary: Curufin and Tyelkormo speak about the Oath.

Pyrrhic Wedding by Himring [Teens] (257 words)
Summary: The future of her ladies-in-waiting becomes a counter in the marital conflict between Tar-Ancalime and her estranged husband Hallacar. Hallacar shames Tar-Ancalime into permitting them to marry. We are allowed to assume that they all were unreservedly grateful for this opportunity. But were they?

Shadow and Flame by Esteliel [Teens] (653 words)
Summary: Glorfindel meets his fate at Cristhorn.

Similitude by Isil Elensar [General] (517 words)
Summary: Someone thought long forgotten is found by someone he never expected to find..

Song of Summer by pandemonium_213 [General] (787 words)
Summary: While visiting Imladris during the 20th year of the Fourth Age, Radagast overhears an elf-woman singing in the kitchen gardens of the House of Elrond. There he finds Mélamírë bending to pull weeds, but when she stands straight by a row of tomatoes, she sings a song in Radagast's mother tongue. When the wizard observes that she has used a Song of Making, she informs him of her purpose and priorities. Inspired by a peculiar confluence of recent discussion of Lúthien on The Heretic Loremaster and ripe New Jersey tomatoes.

Soulmates by Silver Trails [Teens] (353 words)
Summary: After the Halls, Oropher and Amdir enjoy a time together.

Spirit of Fire by Silver Trails [General] (998 words)
Summary: In the Halls of Mandos, Fëanor speaks with Finwë.

Swan Song by Ellie [Teens] (862 words)
Summary: It is said that elves dwell much in memory. For Maglor son of Fëanor, not all of those memories are pleasant..

The Handmaiden's Rainbow by Isil Elensar [General] (603 words)
Summary: A series of drabbles (five in total) depicting a young elf-maiden who takes pride in her work and service for the Lady Galadriel..

The Power of Evil by lindahoyland [General] (100 words)
Summary: Morgoth is at once defeated and triumphant.

Under the Stars by Silver Trails [Adult] (368 words)
Summary: Ulmo and Salmar near Cuiviénen

Unprecedented by Lyra [General] (678 words)
Summary: At Finarfin's wedding feast, young Fingon surprises his family by announcing that he intends to marry Maedhros..

Winter Solstice by Silver Trails [Adult] (471 words)
Summary: Oropher and Amdir make love in the forest of Neldoreth.

Wish Fulfilment by Himring [Teens] (684 words)
Summary: Once again, Maedhros steals a boat, but this time he's got Fingon with him. Holiday-ish.Fingon/Maedhros, but nevertheless Teens (anything else must be supplied by your own imagination...)


Ainulindalë - I by Idril_Vanimedle [General] (37 words)
Summary: An interesting attempt at creating a poem that can be read in more than one way. About the destruction of the Lamps and the flight of the Valar from Middle Earth..

At the dawn of the world by Ithildae [General] (105 words)
Summary: A poem, based on my impressions after reading the book for the first time.

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Character of the Month Biography



According to the published Silmarillion, Aegnor was the fourth child of Eärwen and Finarfin (1), followed only by his sister Galadriel. Like all of his siblings, Aegnor was born in Valinor during the Years of the Trees, more likely than not in Tirion. His Sindarin name Aegnor is not true Sindarin because there is no "adjective corresponding to Quenya aika 'fell, terrible, dire', though aeg would have been its form if it had occurred" (2). The Quenya name of Aikanáro can be translated as "fell fire" or "sharp flame" (3). In earlier texts, Tolkien also used the spelling Egnor (4).

Aikanáro was called by his father Ambaráto. The Sindar form of this would have been Amrod; but to distinguish this from Angrod, and also because he preferred it, he used his mother-name (which was however given in Quenya and Telerin form). Aika-nār- meant 'fell fire'. It was in part 'prophetic' name; for he was renowned as one of the most valiant of the warriors, greatly feared by the Orks: in wrath of battle the light of his eyes was like flame . . . . (5)

In addition to the reputation of the Noldor for their achievements in craft and lore, we also know them as a restless, questing, and highly opinionated people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first citation relating to Aegnor in the published Silmarillion is political in context, i.e., one which explains his relationship among the various factions and sub-factions of the Noldor at the time of the departure of their majority from Tirion in Valinor to return to Middle-earth.

The sons of Finarfin were Finrod the faithful (who was afterwards named Felagund, Lord of Caves), Orodreth, Angrod, and Aegnor; these four were as close in friendship with the sons of Fingolfin as though they were all brothers. (6)

Along with his brother Angrod, the mention of his particular friendship with Fingon is repeated again in the following chapter, ". . . and with Fingon stood as they ever did Angrod and Aegnor, sons of Finarfin. But these held their peace and spoke not against their fathers" (7). This second reference is included as part of the narrative describing the moment in Tirion when the sons of Fëanor swore their father's oath and the remainder of their people each made their own decision about whether to stay in Valinor or follow Fëanor to Middle-earth. Interestingly, however, the earliest references to Aegnor which appear in the less frequently read segments of Tolkien's legendarium place Aegnor much closer to the Fëanorian brothers, Celegorm and Curufin, than to the sons of Fingolfin. Among other sources, The Later Annals of Valinor emphasize this connection of Aegnor and some of his brothers to the sons of Fëanor.

Inglor* (who was after surnamed Felagund, Lord of Caves) and the other sons of Finrod* went forward also; for they had aforetime had great friendship, Inglor with the sons of Fingolfin, and his brothers Orodreth, Angrod and Egnor [Aegnor] with Celegorm and Curufin, sons of Fëanor. (8)
[*Inglor is Finrod Felagund in the published Silmarillion; Finrod, in this passage, refers not to Finrod Felagund, but is an early name use for Finarfin.]

Aegnor is further described in The Later Annals of Valinor as being a passenger on the ships which crossed the sea at Losgar, carrying only the followers of Fëanor and select few of those closest to them.

Fëanor and his folk seized all the ships and sailed east across the sea, and they took none of the other companies save Orodreth, Angrod, and Egnor, whom Celegorm and Curufin loved. (9)

Tolkien often uses physical descriptions to reinforce personality or character traits of his significant characters. One would naturally assume that Aegnor is blond because "[t]hey [the Noldor] were tall, fair of skin and grey-eyed, though their locks were dark, save in the golden house of Finrod [later changed to Finarfin]" (10). Tolkien also informs the reader that Aegnor is a fierce warrior, reinforcing this by noting the effect that his eyes produce upon those who encounter him, i.e., that "in wrath of battle the light of his eyes was like flame, though otherwise he was a generous and noble spirit. But in early youth the fiery light could be observed . . ." (11).

The same reference, nevertheless, simultaneously reinforces the point that Aegnor is a true son of Finarfin by referring to his "generous and noble spirit" (12). This could be seen as reflecting the intention to distinguish him from the fierce pride of the sons of Fëanor or the stubborn willfulness of Fingolfin's sons. Of the offspring of House of Finarfin, it is interestingly enough Galadriel who is specifically described as being "proud, strong, and self willed" (13). However, apparently all of Finarfin's children who left Aman for Middle-earth, even the noble Finrod Felagund, were ambitious and "had dreams of far lands and dominions" (14).

The other detail of Aegnor's physical appearance most often referenced is the one describing the unusual quality of his hair which is described as ". . . notable: golden like his brothers and sister, but strong and stiff, rising upon his head like flames" (15). That is an interesting visual effect—spikes of golden hair standing up around his head might tend to remind one more of a modern punk rocker than a one-quarter Vanyarin, one-quarter Noldorin, one-half Telerin member of the Eldar. One wonders if this description of Aegnor of the wild, spiky hair more appropriately fits the earlier, presumably somewhat rake-hellish, puissant follower of the Fëanorians than the milder and more prudent sons of Finarfin of the later texts.

Angrod and Aegnor rule over Dorthonion, almost due west of Maedhros's outpost of Himring and to the east and north of the larger part of Finrod's realm of Nargothrond (16).

South of Ard-galen the great highland named Dorthonion stretched for sixty leagues from west to east; great pine forests it bore, especially on its northern and western sides. By gentle slopes from the 'plain it rose to a bleak and lofty land, where lay many tarns at the feet of bare tors whose heads were higher than the peaks of Ered Wethrin; but southward where it looked towards Doriath it fell suddenly in dreadful precipices. From the northern slopes of Dorthonion Angrod and Aegnor, sons of Finarfin, looked out over the fields of Ard-galen, and were the vassals of their brother Finrod, lord of Nargothrond; their people were few, for the land was barren, and the great highlands behind were deemed to be a bulwark that Morgoth would not lightly seek to cross. (17)

Near the end of the years of peace, during which the Noldorin princes extend their influence throughout the northern part of Beleriand and develop their system of defenses against Morgoth, Fingolfin becomes aware that their siege must necessarily be regarded as only temporary. While the Noldor fortify and form alliances, he believes that Morgoth also makes good use of that period to devise new evils and plot his next attack.

Now Fingolfin, King of the North, and High King of the Noldor, seeing that his people were become numerous and strong, and that the Men allied to them were many and valiant, pondered once more an assault upon Angband. (18)

The plan of Fingolfin is not wholly without wisdom, especially considering that the Noldor do not yet comprehend the potential strength of Morgoth. Or, as Tolkien puts it so heartbreakingly, neither did they "understand that their unaided war upon him was without final hope, whether they hasted or delayed." Most of the princes of the Noldor, however, were focused upon the development of their wide kingdoms spread across that "fair land" (19). And they wished to continue as they were for as long as they might.

Among the chieftains of the Noldor Angrod and Aegnor alone were of like mind with the King; for they dwelt in regions whence Thangorodrim could be descried, and the threat of Morgoth was present to their thought. Thus the designs of Fingolfin came to naught, and the land had peace yet for a while. (20)

Early in the First Age (FA 60 [21]), Morgoth tries to surprise the Noldor by sweeping down into Dorthonion in the Dagor Aglareb (Glorious Battle, named by the Eldar in recognition of it as a clear and swift victory over Morgoth's minions). Morgoth's forces, not anticipating the strength of the newly-arrived Noldor, are easily crushed in the Dagor Aglareb between the forces of Fingolfin from the east and Maedhros from the west. This leads to the uneasy peace usually referred to as the Siege of Angband. After almost 400 years of only occasional outbreaks of violence, contained more often than not by Fingon, the Siege is broken suddenly, without warning, in a maelstrom of fire and flame.

The Dagor Bragollach or Battle of Sudden Flame (FA 455 [22]) ends in the total devastation of the northernmost territories held by the Noldor and their allies (23).

Morgoth's offensive in the Dagor Bragollach includes eruptions of the volcanoes of Thangorodrim, sending out rivers of flame, noxious fumes, and clouds of smoke. Other fires had been caused by Glaurung the Dragon, who survived Fingon’s first repulsion of him several years earlier. The grassy plains of Ard-galen are destroyed.

The war goes badly for the sons of Fëanor as well, although not without "great cost to the hosts of Morgoth"(24) at the hands of the Fëanorians. They manage to hold the fortifications of Maedhros at Himring. Fingon and Fingolfin are cut-off, however, unable to come to the aid of the forces of Finrod and his brothers. Finrod narrowly escapes with his own life, rescued by Barahir and his men. The defensive structure of Noldorin outposts facing the north is thus completely broken apart, loss of lives is accompanied by surrender of vast stretches of the northern lands and the capture of significant numbers of men and elves.

Both Aegnor and Angrod are killed and their lands ruled rendered uninhabitable. Finrod loses a large part of the extensive territory ruled over directly by him or held in fealty to him by his brothers. The deaths of Aegnor and Angrod are the first in the long series of deaths of the pugnacious grandsons of Finwë in Middle-earth. In despair and anger at their losses and the devastation of their lands, Fingolfin rides to his death in his solo challenge against Morgoth. The battles of the "long defeat" (25) that Galadriel speaks of in The Lord of the Rings begin with the deaths of her brothers Aegnor and Angrod.

Aegnor and Andreth

The published Silmarillion holds no further information relating to Aegnor. However, in the Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth, a tragic and romantic aspect of Aegnor's life is revealed. In those pages, writers seeking to expand the tale of this son of Finarfin may find ample inspiration.

Finrod the Wise (26) engages in a lengthy theological and philosophical discussion with Andreth, herself considered to be a wise woman among of the mortal House of Bëor. They each share their own opinions relating to the differences and similarities among the Eldar and mortal Men and the possible nature and origins of their final fates. Andreth grows, inexplicably at first, more passionate and agitated at Finrod's conclusions. Eventually, Finrod directly addresses with compassion and sympathy what he knows to be the cause of her disquiet.

'I have not asked for comfort,' said Andreth. 'For what do I need it?'

'For the doom of Men that has touched thee as a woman,' said Finrod. 'Dost thou think that I do not know? Is he not my brother dearly loved? Aegnor: Aikanár, the Sharp-flame, swift and eager. And not long are the years since you first met, and your hands touched in this darkness. Yet then thou wert a maiden, brave and eager, in the morning upon the high hills of Dorthonion.'

'Say on!' said Andreth. 'Say: who art now but a wise-woman, alone, and age that shall not touch him has already set winter's grey in thy hair! But say not thou to me, for so he once did!' (27)

Andreth takes particular exception to Finrod's gentle attempts to comfort her, responding with heat and an admirable strength of character before the placid and oh-so-judicious Finrod, with the following heart-wrenching lines:

'Speak of neither to me!' said Andreth. 'I desire neither. I was young and I looked on his flame, and now I am old and lost. He was young and his flame leaped towards me, but he turned away, and he is young still. Do candles pity moths?' (28)

Finrod answers:

'Or moths candles, when the wind blows them out?' said Finrod. 'Adaneth, I tell thee, Aikanár the Sharp-flame loved thee. For thy sake now he will never take the hand of any bride of his own kindred, but live alone to the end, remembering the morning in the hills of Dorthonion. But too soon in the North-wind his flame will go out! Foresight is given to the Eldar in many things not far off, though seldom of joy, and I say to thee thou shalt live long in the order of your kind, and he will go forth before thee and he will not wish to return.' (29)

The fates of Beren and Lúthien, Tuor and Idril, or Aragorn and Arwen are not to be granted to the one couple in Tolkien's texts in which a male of the Eldar loves a woman of the Edain.

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Correction (5 October 2010): The original reference list published was reference 22.

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