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Akallabêth in August Errata

Every year, we post a list of all of the Second Age stories on the archive, and every year, we inevitably miss a few. (To be fair to our mods who work on this diligently each July, they are combing through a list of more than 1,500 stories!) This year, the following stories were accidentally overlooked. Many, many thanks to the sharp-eyed members who help us each year to make sure the list is complete. If your work or someone else's is missing from the list, please let us know at

Allies by Silver Trails
Elrond tries to stop Thranduil from leaving the council before the last battle against Sauron.

Choices by Silver Trails
Gil-galad and Elrond speak about Maglor.

Embers by Elleth
Elleth's stories, drabbles and double-drabbles for Seven in '07 and B2MeM 2008. Please refer to the chapter summaries for further info.

In Lindon by Silver Trails
While they wait for news from Eregion, Erestor helps Gil-galad to relax.

Lalwen's Box by Silver Trails
Erestor dreams of a possible future.

Lost Home by Silver Trails
Gil-galad stops Gildor from leaving the Isle of Balar.

Many Journeys by Elleth
A gathering place for ficlets of varying length written in response to prompts, prods and as gift ficlets.

Súlimëo Quentar: March Stories by Elleth
Elleth's stories, drabbles and double-drabbles for Seven in '07 and B2MeM 2008. Please refer to the chapter summaries for further info.

Season of Writing Dangerously

The Season of Writing Dangerously is in its final month! This event allows writers and artists to set their own goals and then try to meet those goals over the course of three months. Some have triumphed already, but many more of us are gearing up for the final push. See our Season of Writing Dangerously page on LiveJournal for more information and weekly motivational posts.

Changes on Yahoo! Groups

As some of our Yahoo! group members have noticed by now, Yahoo! has implemented changes to Yahoo! Groups that are impacting some members in a major way. Unfortunately, so far, the changes have not been good.

There has been very little official information from Yahoo! to group owners and moderators about the changes, but the short form of what appears to be going on is that Yahoo! is rolling out a new format called Neo. This Neo format appears to be motivated by allowing Yahoo! to compete with more cutting-edge social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. So far, Neo has been rolled out for only some members, so some of you, when visiting our group page, will see the old format. Others of you will see the Neo format.

The trouble with Neo is that it is, from what I've heard (since I am one of the lucky ones still on the old format), very confusing to use and extremely buggy. I have heard reports ranging from owners and moderators not being able to access moderator functions, to an inability to search the message archive, to a complete lack of functionality in Chrome. And there is no way to set the display back to the old-fangled, comfortable, and familiar Classic view, so if you're on Neo, you're stuck with it, at least at the present moment.

I wish I could say that we mod-types have a magic ring to toss into a volcano and make this whole mess just go away. Unfortunately, this is way over our heads, and Yahoo! has not been particularly forthcoming as far as what their long-term plans concerning the new format are.

Several of our moderators have been ported over to the Neo format, which means that their moderator functions, at the present moment, are largely inaccessible. I (Dawn) have not been switched over yet, thankfully, and so I am able to function fully on the groups I mod. If you have been switched over to the Neo format and you need help with settings that you cannot currently access in Neo (such as changing your message format), please contact us, and we mod-types who are on the old format will do our best to help. As we hear and learn more and gain a greater understanding of how our group will be affected by this long-term, we'll keep everyone in the loop. In the meantime and as always, please do not hesitate to contact the mods with questions or if you need help at

Welcome to Our New Members!

This month we welcome a good number of new members who have registered in our site: essie-essex, John Cowan, mina, Saeriel, Nightshade, The World Wide Spider, Donegality, Sakurazukamoryt, Winterwitch, and walden. We hope you enjoy the Silmarillion Writers’ Guild!

We would love to know a little about your interest in The Silmarillion; perhaps you might wish to share a few facts about your fandom persona by updating your bio. In all likelihood you have already begun to explore the archive and other sections of our sdite, but if you still have any queries, you may wish to browse our Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find the answer or if you need any help at any time, do not hesitate to contact us at

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New at the Archive

Completed Works

A Dream That Words Can No Longer Define by Independence1776 [Teens] (1600 words)
Summary: Elrond on the night before he sails to Middle-earth to search for Maglor.

A Symphony for My Father by Dawn Felagund [Teens] (2478 words)
Summary: Maglor is charged with an impossible task: to write a song for Fëanor's hundredth begetting day. Initially, he refuses, but his memories of Fëanor and their tulmultuous relationship eventually inspires him to the impossible and his greatest accomplishment yet as a musician.

Deterioration by a7s4t6r5i6s [Teens] (2767 words)
Summary: A soldier of the King in the Caves of the Forgotten, slowly losing his mind. (Indirectly about how terrible the Valar are.)

Discovering Love by Dawn Felagund [Teens] (4329 words)
Summary: On his way to a tryst with his betrothed, Maglor discovers something unexpected about the relationship between Maedhros and their cousin Fingon. When Maedhros reveals his love for their cousin to Maglor, Maglor has to decide how he feels about this unconventional relationship, eventually realizing that the commonalities of love outweigh the differences.

Everything In Its Own Time by a7s4t6r5i6s [General](1626 words)
Summary:Caranthir wants to go hunting with his older brothers, but they won't let him. Set in Valinor. Oneshot.

Fëanor’s Mistake by Dawn Felagund [Teens] (1417 words)
Summary: After becoming lost while on a hunting trip with Celegorm and Oromë, Fëanor discovers something unexpected about his son's relationship with Oromë ... or he thinks he does. A humor piece about double entendre and misunderstanding.

His Russet Hair by Friendsheyho [General] (1214 words)
Summary: It is the Mereth Aderthad, the Feast of Reuniting, and Maglor is enjoying good food, fine wine, and, well, rather mediocre entertainment. He does not expect the minstrel to begin singing a cruel song about his brother, nor the reuniting to actually happen.

Hold You Tonight by a7s4t6r5i6s [General] (4331 words)
Summary: He's not really sure why he keeps coming back. Maybe he just wants to put this broken Noldo back together. Or maybe that's impossible and he's just wasting his time. But it's always easy for him to find Maglor - he just has to follow the music.

keep you in light by a7s4t6r5i6s [General] (1220 words)
Summary: Thingol sits by his daughter's side, and waits for her to return to him.

Lacrimosa by Friendsheyho [General] (4231 words)
Summary: "You hate picking flowers," I said suddenly, remembering something from long ago. " least you did." She smiled again, and it was brilliant. "I still do." Maedhros/Idril Friendship Fic.

let the rain wash the blood away by a7s4t6r5i6s [Teens](1585 words)
Summary: "[The sons of Feanor] came at unawares in the middle of winter, and fought with Dior in the Thousand Caves; and so befell the second slaying of Elf by Elf." Maglor, in the aftermath.

Maglor Plays For His People After Doriath by Himring [Teens] (2382 words)
Summary: The Feanorians have retreated to Amon Ereb after the Fall of Doriath. The first night after their arrival, they assemble in the hall, waiting for Maglor to play for them. Includes a flashback to Maglor's encounter with Daeron at the Mereth Aderthad.

Maitimo by Friendsheyho [General] (1020 words)
Summary: By the time she saw one of her sons again, the world was nearly at an end. She did not expect him to return so scarred.

Memories of Cuiviénen by Dawn Felagund [Teens](3348 words)
Summary: Long ago in Aman, Finwë told his young grandsons the legends of Cuiviénen, hoping that the lessons learned by the Elves in Middle-earth would guide them morally. Many centuries later, in Middle-earth, the sons of Fëanor have lost sight of those lessons, but the rising of a new star suggests all hope is not lost.

Mercy by Dawn Felagund [Teens] (2759 words)
Summary: Celegorm fell first at Doriath and heard not the call of Mandos. He watches his two brothers fall in turn, and then his spirit finds two children in the forest, where he will realize his final purpose.

For My Only Love by a7s4t6r5i6s [General](3349 words)
Summary: "What if the one you love is already promised to another?" Indis and unrequited love - but not with someone you might expect.

Reforging by a7s4t6r5i6s [General] (1365 words)
Summary: Maedhros recovers after Thangorodrim.

The Bait by semper_eadem [General] ( words)
Summary: Sitting together for tea, Curufinwë reveals that he actually cares and Artanis realises that she does not know. A story of the Time of the Trees.

The Dying of the Light by a7s4t6r5i6s [General] (1936 words)
Summary: The breaking of the Silmarils. (Alternatively: Fëanor at the end of the world).

The Gift by Dawn Felagund (2442 words)
Summary: Once, in the blissful years in Valinor, Celegorm and Curufin loved the same woman. On the eve of the Winter Festival, Curufin makes an exchange with Celegorm that leaves him with the woman who will become his wife, but Celegorm is left wanting. Many years later, on the long march to Middle-earth, Celegorm finally finds joy in his half of the bargain.

The Last Night of the World by Dawn Felagund [Adult](3899 words)
Summary: On the night of the fall of Gondolin, Laitameldë, the King's librarian, weds Glorfindel, lord of Gondolin. Despite what comes after, their love persists across time.

The Puppet by Dawn Felagund [General] (2669 words)
Summary: On the eve that Fëanor presents the Silmarils to his family, Fingolfin mourns for the inadequacy of his own accomplishments. Comforted by his sister Lalwen, he recalls the comic puppet shows that she put on as a girl, that reduced the overlarge presences in her life to decorated socks. From Lalwen and his memories of her, Fingolfin learns much about managing his anger toward Fëanor and his own sense of duty.

To Be A Son of Feanor by Friendsheyho [General] (2386 words)
Summary: Findekáno glances at his cousin, his best friend, the one he's risked life and limb to find and save, only to bring him back to find he hasn't saved him at all. Maitimo's dull eyes are unfocused and don't react to the voices speaking in hushed tones around him. The Maitimo he knew is gone, replaced by a puppet with empty eyes.

To Dream of Fire by Dawn Felagund [Adult] (3224 words)
Summary: Fëanor was young when he first saw Arien, the Maia who tends Laurelin. Over the years, his thoughts of her become obsessive and lead him into dreams of forbidden intellect and sensuality. Newly wed, Fëanor hopes to be rid of dreams of her but finds she still enthralls him. Arien/Fëanor.

To Love What Is Mortal by a7s4t6r5i6s [General] (2510 words)
Summary: Thuringwethil pays a visit to someone she once knew. (Rather onesided Lúthien/Thuringwethil).

Works in Progress

Aerin and Broddun by Himring [Teens]
Summary: The story of Aerin of the House of Hador and Broddun of the Easterlings, Brodda's sister. After the crushing defeat of the Edain in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the Easterlings have occupied Dor-lomin. Brodda has taken Aerin to wife by force. Aerin and Broddun find ways of dealing with it and with each other.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 5: A Degree of Creative Accounting and Chapter 6: Don't! .

Almaren by Silver Trails [Adult]
Summary: The last days of Almaren
Chapters added this month: Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 and Chapter 14.

Approaching Rivendell by Winterwitch [Teens]
Summary: 100 drabbles with Elrond Half-Elven through the ages, focussing on the creation of and the living in Rivendell.
Chapters added this month: First Growth, A Thousand Years, Sunrise, Sunset,Delicious, A New Home , Luxury, Reality and Victory.

Drabbles for Tolkien Weekly by Winterwitch [General]
Summary: Small drabble sets about three pairs of brothers, inspired by the prompts of tolkien weekly, the Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales.
Chapters added this month: Big Brother , Changing Perception , Lost, Gobbledygook, Sea-longing and The Last Letter .

Expeditions into Anti-Fanon by Lyra [Teens]
Summary: Mostly prompt responses and other random things that take beloved fanon assumptions and flout them. Inverted fanons so far: - Maglor + Daeron = BFF
Chapter added: Unforgiving .

Golden Days by Lyra [Teens]
Summary: Nerdanel recounts the development of her relationship with Fëanor - from the earliest days to the estrangement. Pride and Prejudice in Valinor, really, with perhaps a helping of Much Ado About Nothing.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 10, Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

Motionless in Time by The Wavesinger [Teens]
Summary: A collection of fixed-length stories of less than 1000 words, each based on a line (or lines) of a poem/play.
Chapters added this month: The Selfish King and The Dancer.

Of Love and Duty by Silver Trails [Adult]
Summary: Fingon returns to Tirion after ten years of absence. Written for the SWD 2013.
Chapters added this month: Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

Some Futile Hope by Friendsheyho [Teens]
Summary: It is the Second Age of Middle-earth. Sauron is regrouping, the Rings are being forged, the Numenorians are beginning their descent into madness, and Glorfindel has been sent back to Middle-earth for...for what? Only time will tell, and when it does, all of Middle-earth will rise up to fight.
Chapters added this month: Part 2: Prologue, Part 2: Chapter 1, Part 2: Chapter 2 and Part 2: Chapter 3.

Strange Fates by PerpetuaLilium [Teens]
Summary: Eregriel and Síreth are two young elves of Lothlórien in the later years of the Watchful Peace. They are in love and in fact betrothed, yet they have chosen to put their ceremonies off for many years, until they can come to some conclusion about what implications the unusual features of their union may have for its validity, in accordance with the local application of the Laws and Customs. Then, during a sudden spate of instability, Síreth, with Eregriel, is chosen to take part in Lórien's first extensive diplomatic interaction with the realms of Men in centuries. They must manage their relationship and cultural expectations across the years and leagues that follow.
Chapter added this month: Interlude in the Brown Lands.

The Book of Short Tales by Lyra [General]
Summary: A place to store short ficlets and challenge responses that don't really warrant being archived on their own.
Chapter added this month: B2MeM '12 - N38/I27/B4 - Proud Craftsmen.

The Lords that Fell by Taylor17387 †[Adult]
Summary: Tells the story of the rise and fall of the two dark lords, from the collapse of the fortress in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, to the collapse of Barad-dûr, and what came next. Mainly told from Melkor and Sauron's perspective. Continuation of my other fic: "The Burnt God", though it may be read separately. Occasional slash.
Chapter added this month: The Lady on the Stone Bridge.

The Supreme Artist by belegur [General]
Summary: The Darkening of Valinor from Melkor's perspective.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 1.

The Tempered Steel by Lyra [Adult]
Summary: The story of Maedhros' captivity in Angband, his rescue and his recovery is in the Silmarillion treated in a few paragraphs. This is a fleshed-out account of the events that may have befallen between Maedhros' imprisonment and his return to his old life... as far as that is possible.
Chapters added this month: Part III, Chapter VI and Part III, Chapter VII.

The Writhen Pool by pandemonium_213 [Adult]
Summary: When the Istyari of Second Age Ost-in-Edhil deny her a place in an important new initiative to be taken up by the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, a young master smith struggles to make her mark in the man's realm of the forges. An opportunity arrives when the smith is offered a commission that will present challenges of both mind and heart. Pandë!verse-centric. Rated Adult as a precautionary measure. Specific advisories will be posted per chapter as needed.
Chapter added this month: Chapter 8: The Poisons That Lurk in the Mud.

While These Visions Did Appear by oshun [General]
Summary: These are my responses in graphic format to B2MeM 2013 prompts.
If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
--Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream
Chapter added this month: Fingon Approaches Thangorodrim

Short Works

A Sense of Place by mistrali [General] (66 words)
Summary: Prompt by blondebabe800 at comment_fic - "Any, any, is this the place that I've been dreaming of?" Turgon considers Gondolin.

Before You Wake by a7s4t6r5i6s † [Teens] (963 words)
Summary: This was not love, it was battle of a different sort, two wolves circling each other and searching for a weakness. Curufin never made the mistake of thinking of it as anything else. Curufin/Finrod.

Choice by mistrali [General] (50 words)
Summary: Maedhros has choices aplenty. 50 words, M/F.

Dissent by mistrali [General] (75 words)
Summary: Melkor, doubting.

Evolution by mistrali [General] (101 words)
Summary: Morgoth and dragons.

Harvest by mistrali [General] (101 words)
Summary: A lesson for an impatient young Maia.

Hoary by mistrali [General] (101 words)
Summary: An explanation for Cirdan's beard at last?

Industry by mistrali [General] (101 words)
Summary: Erendis is kept busy.

Numb by Friendsheyho [General] (807 words)
Summary: Findekáno's fingers, rough and calloused (but never as rough as his skin, never as worn and tan as five years of hanging on a mountain make you), trace his bare arm. He knows this because he can see him doing it. He cannot feel it. Maedhros/Fingon.

Rapture by mistrali [General] ( words)
Summary: Thingol, Melian & music

The House of a Friend by Himring [General] (100 words)
Summary: Narvi and Celebrimbor work on the Doors of Moria.

The Ring by Silver Trails [Teens] (592 words)
Summary: Oropher writes to Amdir after the sack of Eregion. I think this qualifies for Akallabeth in August.

To Linger by LadyBrooke [Teens] (674 words)
Summary: After Beleriand sinks, Celeborn and Oropher have one last discussion before parting.

War of Wrath by belegur [Adult] † (591 words)
Summary: Melkor's capture and execution.


Many Journeys by Elleth, Read by: grey_gazania [Teens]
Many Journeys was originally published in August 2007 and was the Featured Podfic in the August 2013 newsletter.
Summary: A gathering place for ficlets of varying length written in response to prompts, prods and as gift ficlets. Click the link for summaries for individual ficlets.

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Character of the Month Biography


Silver Trails

Annael was a Grey-elf who lived with his people in the Ered Wethrim, the mountains west of Lake Mithrim. He is mentioned in The History of Middle-earth and The Silmarillion as Tuor’s foster father and part of the background J.R.R. Tolkien devised for the tale of the fall of Gondolin. In the first versions of the story, Annael doesn’t yet exist and the those who help Rían and foster Tuor are only mentioned as Dark-elves. In later versions, Annael comes up as the leader of a group of Grey-elves who live near Mithrim. When Angrod goes to Menegroth, Thingol mentions that part of his people live outside the city:

"In Hithlum the Noldor have leave to dwell, and in the highlands of Dorthonion, and in the lands east of Doriath that are empty and wild; but elsewhere there are many of my people, and I would not have them restrained of their freedom, still less ousted from their homes."1

We know that Annael’s people fought against Melkor in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and that he survived to guide his people back to their dwellings in the northern peaks of the Ered Wethrim.2 Melkor gives Hithlum to the Easterlings, and they torment the people of the House of Hador who still live there. We know that Morwen stayed for a while and that she sent her son Túrin to Doriath. Rían doesn’t stay but leaves in search of Huor, her husband. She is with child and mad with grief. Rían is found by Annael’s people, who take her in and care for her. Tuor is born in the year 472of the First Age, and this time nothing stops Rían from leaving in search of Huor. It is in the Unfinished Tales where we find more about Annael. He tries to convince her to stay:

"Alas, Lady, it is known that Huor fell at the side of Húrin his brother; and he lies, I deem, in the great hill of slain that the Orcs have raised upon the field of battle."3

Rían leaves anyway, only to die when she finds Huor’s body in the abandoned battlefield. So Annael fosters Tuor and teaches him about Elven lore and about the House of Hador. Meanwhile, the Easterlings living in Hithlum make raids along with the Orcs in search of the remaining Grey-elves. Those who are captured are enslaved in the mines of Morgoth.

Because of the continuous danger, Annael decides to lead his people to the Caves of Androth, and there they live for a while. When Tuor is sixteen years old – in FA 488 – he starts wielding the ax and the bow, the preferred weapons of the Grey-elves. He is angry because of the hurts done to his people, and he wants to help them. Annael forbids it:

"Far hence, I deem, your doom lies, Tuor son of Huor," he said. "And this land shall not be freed from the shadow of Morgoth until Thangorodrim itself be overthrown. Therefore we resolved at last to forsake it, and to depart into the South; and with us you shall go."4

Here we see that Annael had some measure of foresight about Tuor’s destiny, though it is unclear whether he knew the full measure of his role in the future of Elves and Men. When Tuor questions the Grey-elves’ plans to march south through a dangerous road, Annael says that they will march during the night. He means to reach the Annon-in-Gelydh, or the Gate of the Noldor, which was made long ago by Turgon’s people. That way, they would be able to pass under the mountains and reach Nevrast first and then travel further south to the Havens of Círdan.

When Tuor hears Turgon’s name, he feels something that he cannot explain. Annael tells him that Turgon is one of the sons of Fingolfin and the current High King of the Noldor, who escaped alive from the Nirnaeth Arnoediad because of the help of Húrin and Huor:

"Then I will go and seek Turgon," said Tuor; "for surely he will lend me aid for my father’s sake?"

"That you cannot," said Annael. "For his stronghold is hidden from the eyes of Elves and Men, and we know not where it stands. Of the Noldor some, maybe, know the way thither, but they will speak of it to no one. Yet if you would have speech with them, then come with me, as I bid you; for in the far havens of the South you may meet with wanderers from the Hidden Kingdom."5

Tuor goes with Annael and the Grey-elves, but they are waylaid by Orcs and Easterlings almost at once and scattered in the night. Tuor is made captive by Lorgan, chief of the Easterlings of Hithlum:

For three years he endured that thralldom, but at the end of that time he escaped; and returning to the Caves of Androth he dwelt there alone, and did such great hurt to the Easterlings that Lorgan put a price upon his head.6

Ulmo inspires Tuor to leave the Caves of Androth by sending a group of swans across the sky (three or seven, depending on the version of the story) that serve as a "a sign that [Tuor] had tarried overlong."7 Departing, Tuor finds the Annon-in-Gelydh. Tuor comes into Nevrast and reaches Vinyamar, where he finds the weapons that Ulmo had commanded Turgon to leave there.

And Ulmo bade him depart from that place and seek out the hidden kingdom of Gondolin; and he gave Tuor a great cloak, to mantle him in shadow from the eyes of his enemies.8

There, Tuor meets Voronwë and together they reach Gondolin, where he takes the swans as part of his emblem. It is said in The Lost Tales, Part 2 that the swans were the "token of Annael and his folk":

… he found a shield which had "an emblem of a white swan's wing". Tuor already loved these birds, having been fostered at Mithrim, where swans seem to have been plentiful (and Tuor's foster-father, Annael, and his folk, had the swan as a symbol). Departing from Vinyamar, Ulmo's seven swans approached Tuor and offered him one feather each, which Tuor set in the crest of his helm.9

As for Annael, he manages to reach Círdan in the Havens of Sirion with many of his folk, and though nothing more is said about his fate, he still played a part in Tuor’s destiny:

[Ulmo] … knew well of the plight of Tuor, for Annael and many of his folk had indeed escaped from Dor-lómin and come at last to Círdan in the far South.10

We can assume that Annael either sailed to Aman after the War of Wrath or stayed with Círdan in the Havens. He might have gone with Gil-galad to Lindon, but I believe that he stayed in Beleriand where he would feel more comfortable among his own people. As we know, once Gondolin falls, Tuor reaches the Havens of Sirion with what remains of the people of Turgon’s hidden city. Maybe Annael was still there, waiting for him.

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Current Challenge

United They Stand

Throughout the books we see women like Haleth leading their people, or Lúthien doing deeds no other man dared to do. Dwarves meeting elves, or Oromë discovering the elves. Emancipation and equality can be found in the Professor's words, and we would like to challenge you to write about this process. To get you started, here are some ideas to explore:

Challenges Revisited: Canon with a Twist

Have you ever wondered, what if just one thing had been done differently in the canon? Maedhros had decided to hold off on meeting Morgoth? What if Oromë had taken a different road and hadn't discovered the Elves for another five centuries? What if Haleth had taken Caranthir's offer to stay in Thargelion? What would have changed?

This challenge asks you to think about just that. Choose a single moment in Tolkien's canon and have the character make a different choice. How does history change? Or how does fate fulfill itself? The response may be any length and format--poetry, drabble, or fiction--but should ask what might have happened if one thing had changed.

Quote of the Month

"My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite."

― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Want more challenges? Check out our complete challenge listing for more than three years' worth of challenges to inspire your writing!

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Tolkien’s Time Machine: When Literary Worlds Collide—An Article by Michael Martinez

Tolkien wished to create a mythology for England, and to do so, he built a new world, and in it he mixed concepts from previous stories he had written, and borrowed myths from our world. At one point, The Silmarillion was rejected by a reader at Allen & Unwin for being very "Celtic". If you wish to read more about how Tolkien’s world evolved and what influenced it, read this article by Michael Martinez.

Tolkien’s Emblems and Heraldry

The world of The Silmarillion was not only created in words. As a gifted illustrator, Tolkien designed the devices and colours for many of his characters, including Eldar like Finwë, Thingol, and Finrod, and the twelve houses of Gondolin, but also the houses of the Edain, the Haradrim and even, amazingly, the emblem for a Mordor Special Mission Flying Corps! See them all collected in the article by Måns Björkman.

LoTR Plot in Graphic Form

Ever got confused as to what was happening in Gondor while Sam battled Shelob? Or wondered what Pippin was up to while Merry rode to Dunharrow? Answers can be found in this handy "map" to the LotR movie plot.

Now, if anyone is working on a similar concept for The Silmarillion, we would love to hear about it!

One Ring to Rule Them All: The 9th Century Kingmoor Ring

An Anglo-Saxon Ring from the 9th century, found near Carlisle and now owned by the British Museum, may remind avid Tolkien fans of a different Ring. And, like Sauron’s, this one has inscriptions that are believed to invoke a magic spell. Read more about the Kingmoor Ring here.

What Would Tolkien Think about "Twerk" ...?

... not the dance move (which we're pretty sure he'd sternly disapprove of) but the controversial inclusion of the word twerk in the online Oxford English Dictionary. The online OED's recent additions of modern words like twerk and selfie has inspired Internet-wide pearl-clutching about the demise of the English language. Stephen Marche of Esquire magazine invokes Tolkien to defend the new changes to the online OED, even arguing that the inclusion of twerk is long overdue--the word has been in use for more than twenty years! (Who knew??)


Voting Is Open for the Tree and Flower Awards!

The LotRGen Community's annual Tree and Flower Awards is open for voting! The Tree and Flower Awards use a basic ticky-box voting system based on nominations of favorite stories, poems, and essays shared on the Many Paths to Tread fiction archive. Voting continues through September 15. This post includes links to vote in various categories and includes more information about the awards.

Of Elves and Men Big Bang Sign-Ups Open!

Of Elves and Men is hosting their third-annual Big Bang! Details about the OEAM Big Bang are available on their LiveJournal community. Author sign-ups end September 30. A full schedule can be found at the link above.

Sultry in September Stories Posted

The stories written for this year's Sultry in September ficswap challenge have been posted on an Archive of Our Own. See the SinS 2013 collection to read this year's stories.

LOTR Community September Challenge: Special Occasions

The September Challenge will have the theme "Special Occasions". Stories should reflect a special time of celebration and be a recipe!fic. (A recipe!fic is a story in which the recipe for a dish included in the story is given, either separately at the end, or within the body of the story.) The prompt for the challenge will be a type of dish, which must be mentioned in the story. The dish which is your prompt does not have to be the same dish as your recipe, though it can be if you wish.

The September challenge stories will be due Saturday, September 14th and will be revealed on Monday, September 16th. To request an element for the "Special Occasions" challenge or to see more information, please see the LotRGenfic LiveJournal community.

Of Elves and Men Writers' Circle

September is the month for songfic, but not just any songs. We’re doing Beatles songs as our inspiration. Good Luck!

Please submit or post your story (or stories) between October 1-10 on the OEAM LJ community. Stories can be of any length ranging from a drabble (100 words) to a full-length fic. You can also begin a chapter story if you like and submit as much of it as you wish. You may submit as many stories which fit this prompt as you would like. Please format your story (or stories) with a story header when you post.

Teitho: September Challenge--Magic

Middle-earth is, compared to our world, a place of magic and wonder.

According to Tolkien, magic is not good or bad, but is divided by the intentions and motives for its use. It can be used to create a preserve beauty, like the Three Rings of the Elven lords, but also to dominate the wills of others, like the Nine that enslaved the Kings of Men.

In September, the Teitho team invite you to explore this supernatural aspect of Middle-earth - Magic.

The deadline for this challenge (both art and stories) is September 25th. The Teitho website has more information as well as the full rules for this challenge.

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